can you use petroleum jelly as a lubricant to stretch your ears?

pro peircers or pro ear stretchers please! any way im stretching my ears and i was wondering if its ok to use petroleum jelly as a lubricant to slide the taper in.

5 Responses to “can you use petroleum jelly as a lubricant to stretch your ears?”

  1. Miz Manda .... Says:

    M husband has used it to do this. However he prefers deodorant it is less mess and slides easier he says. I am a professional piercer and I would recomend using baby oil its by far the slickest and causes less pain. But its a matter of what you are looking for as you are streching them.

  2. bethany<3 Says:

    baby oil. i use it every time i stretch my ears!

  3. Marissa Horror Says:

    Yes you can, i usually use it. But if you want to be super safe salt wash your ears first. it really all depends on what size gage your going too. small ones aren’t a big deal. Tapers are a pain in the ass to use so yes, use it (: or they will get stuck in your ear and hurt horribly to get out. good luck !

  4. Taylor G. Says:

    I’ve just used petroleum jelly and it worked fine, but the best way to stretch is to do it in the shower so the hot water softens the ear lobves and wets the taper. It is really painful to not use a lubricant i prefer just simply water. I’m currently at a 2g

  5. Lexie H Says:

    I used petroleum jelly for my ears. It worked to get my size 2 tapers in, but then afterwards it REALLY infected my ears. I went from a 4 to a 2 using the petroleum jelly. It infected it the first time, so I kept my tapers out for a few days, and went back to a 4. Today I’m now a 2, and my ears are once again infected.