Cant find oil and gas well drilling consultants,-WHY?

Looking for consulting firms that work in the oil&gas drilling industry, also known as drilling consultants,drill site managers,and company men. Texas and Oklahoma prefured,but nation wide is fine.

3 Responses to “Cant find oil and gas well drilling consultants,-WHY?”

  1. MICon Says:

    My experience is in Michigan but we have many local companies which work nationwide. Check with the Michigan Oil and Gas Association website and Michigan Oil & Gas News publication.

  2. Glen D Says:

    Here is a partial list of worldwide consultants.
    I have used Lewco several times and was satisfied with their services.

  3. sprouse99 Says:

    You havent looked in the right places. The drilling industry has grown so fast that it is difficult to find experienced help at any level. However, there are some excellent consultant firms out there, two of which are Lindsay Services, Inc. out of Vernal, ut and Newtech Engineering out of Denver, co.
    I myself am an independent drilling consultant, you just have to roll up your sleeves and start calling. Service co.s are a great source of information. Talk to bit salesmen, mud engineers, anyone that is waist deep in the oilfield.