Celebrating 60 years of occupation, Will the Israelis give back occupied land?

to its original owners? or will they keep manuevering to keep it to the end of time?
What about millions of Pals in refugee camps? what about the pals who fled the war zone for their lives? What about the daily violation of human rights? What about the daily killing of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank? Is the Israeli Democracy only for Jews? Will the peace return back to the Middle East after 60 years of violence? What is the solution for all that evil?
Good joke, By the way, Moses did not make to Palestine. He died in the desert waiting for Pharoh to die so he can show up again. he died but pharoh did not and this is why the passover took them 40 years

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  1. Nada Says:

    Do you think after 60 years of killing and oppressing the Palestinian people the zionists will hand back the land? They don’t care what they’re doing to the Palestinians, the Zionists will use any means necessary to keep them off their "promised land". And why should they worry about violating human rights? They have America backing them up, telling everyone that what they’re doing is right, and it’s the Palestinians who are wrong to want their land back. The only solution is to get the land back from the Israelis, and they won’t give it up without a fight.

  2. sara f Says:

    i agree with you

    the solution would be in the judge day

    i`m sure

  3. Maya Says:

    Negotiations are under way for the return of the Golan; a truce is possible,indeed likely in Gaza. The fate of the West Bank appears sealed; the zionists will retain it and the Palestinian enclaves are evidently to be modeled after American Indian reservations. Democracy is indeed only for members of the select ethnic group in this or any other ethnic-based state; it is a badly dated concept,alien to that of the modern state and arguably a throwback to tribalism. The solution is a long-term war of attrition,as in Vietnam,which emerged victorious after a mere ten-year battle with the world’s largest power.

  4. bunnny121 Says:

    not sure

  5. Bahira Says:

    Perhaps the Golan but not the West Bank,at least not willingly. A new intifada is called for there,one that will cast a giant shadow over past efforts,one that will arm every single Palestinian over 15,if necessary with broken bottle necks,which can be a vicious weapon. The zionists must be driven out of the West Bank,and perhaps further.

  6. iip Says:

    Israel is abot to return Golan heights to Syria.

  7. Cher Says:

    The real question is: will the Palestinian Arabs choose/accept a country over their goal of ridding the world of Israel? And the daily bombs into Israel. And the daily lies about what has & is going on.

    The passing over referred to by the name Passover was a 1 night event. The holiday is 7-8 days. The 40 years is a separate event and separate holiday.

  8. Pazit Says:

    The fact that there are Arabs in the Knesset proves that Israel is for Israelis, not just for Jews.

    Go ahead and block me now 😉

    It seems like you all resort to the same tactics.

    PS: You ask "will the Israelis give back occupied land?"

    "Give back" to who? Britain? The Ottomans?

    Maximus – LOL!!! An oldie but a goodie.

  9. Bravo Sierra Says:

    Zionists will never give it back peacefully, you want it back, you prepare yourself and get it back by force.
    "Wa a3iddo lahom ma stata3tom min kowwa wa rabat el-ja2sh", (sadaka ALLAH al-3azim)
    Don’t believe that they gave back Sinai, it’s a piece of desert that is too expensive to control and protect, they gave it back to Egypt, but they still control it indirectly, (through people like H.Mubarak).

  10. ivri_anokhi Says:

    Your use of the term "occupation" is unfortunate and inaccurate.

    Israel was attacked by the neighboring Arab states as they attempted again to destroy Israel in 1967, and were humiliated in only six days, in which they lost the lands that they had usurped in 1948.

    The occupation? In those 19 years of ARAB OCCUPATION of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, neither Jordan nor Egypt suggested to create a "Palestinian" state, since the still non-existing Palestinians would have never claimed their alleged right to have their own state.

    These territories, now under Israeli control (except Gaza, which is under total Arab control) were not under the sovereignty of any state prior to 1967, so that they are not now occupied according to international law.

    Thus, the criterion for transfer (and not "return") of any territories to Arab entities should be whether Israel can continue to exist with armies within walking distance of its capital and major cities, given that these terrorists are sworn to eradicate Israel.

    The answer is that any such ceding of territories to the "Palestinians" would be suicide on Israel’s part.


  11. Gam Zo Letovah Says:

    No occupation.

    No sovereign state to return anything to.

  12. Loyal P Says:

    "Original owners"?

    The original owners were the Jewish people.

    Good solution!

  13. DANIEL W Says:

    Your title gives away your question, to paraphase "Is it time to disestablish the State of Israel?"

    60 years is the age of the state not the occupation of the West Bank which started in 1967.

    As stated by previous posters "occupation" is a disputed term. Jordan didn’t want back the West Bank in 1994, Egypt specifically refused the Gaza Strip in 1979.

  14. zion no more -zion whisperer Says:

    What is the solution?

    Just one solution. Just one way for peace to be established. That is for justice to be done.

    How would just be decided? Just follow the existing international laws. Follow the directions of the World Court.

    Ersatz israel has broken international law. have them face the courts, suffer the consequences of their actions, pay the reparation, give back what they stole Right the wrongs, ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW.

    Only once justice has been done, can peace develop.

  15. phillybud Says:

    Do you mean "the Palestinian Territories" or the entire country of Israel, including the Negev Desert, the Galilee, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc.

    I think almost all of the territories before 1967 will be given to the Palestinians. Not all, but probably 95% Israel will revert back to it’s 1967 bordors with a few minor exceptions – like Jerusalem, which they (the Israelis) cannot tolerate as a divided city again. I believe an independent state of Palestine will be declared very soon – within the next 5 years if not sooner.

    There will be two states, one Palestine and the other Israel. They will have to learn to live side by side.

    I believe Israel should pay some kind of reparations to Palestinians who lost their homes, or innocent (non-combatant) family members in the years of violence going on over there. I believe the Palestinians must make a solemn pledge to cease all terrorists acts against Israel, and recognize the right of Israel’s existence.