Chances of working as a Petroleum Engineer in US?


What are the chances of working as a petroleum engineer in US or Canada. I mean is there a high demand for them or not? And how many years of oil are left for each of them?

Also, i wanna know how much, on average, how does each of the following get:

Petroleum Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

Please mention where u got the range for each.


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  1. bonehead2205 Says:

    Petroleum engineers are in high demand in the US/Canada for one very important reason. The workforce at most petroleum companies is aging quickly, and the average age of engineers in those fields is higher than most fields. Petrochemical companies pay big money for new graduates, especially since they have to overcome the stigma of working for "big oil" that many new graduates perceive.

    In general, a petroleum engineer will get $60k-$80k starting in the US, an electrical engineer will get $50k-$70k and a mechanical engineer will generally get $50k-$70k also. There are always exceptions of course. This info is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    However, in general, petroleum engineers don’t have as many opportunities for advancement as the other two, so while their starting salaries are high, it is not out of the ordinary for an ME or EE to eventually pass the PE up later in their careers.

  2. dexprofundis Says:

    There are still many opportunities for petroleum engineers in the USA and Canada, since the oil and gas industry is worldwide. That is, it won’t matter if activities in North America decrease, since besides the Gulf of Mexico you will be working on projects in Russia, Middle East, North Sea, South America Africa, Australia, SE Asia etc.

    It is true that crude oil discoveries will be fewer and further between. But natural gas exploration is going through the roof and will be around for quite some time to come.

    Graduate salaries in Australia for those are:
    AUD 70k
    AUD 60k
    AUD 60k
    (Keep in mind that until recently the AUD was about 0,94 USD, but now has dropped to 0,64 USD).