Compressed natural gas can be used as a fuel and can you directly use it to a combustion engine ?

Gas prices here is so expensive now 4$ a gallon it would be much cheaper if I used natural gas. and I want to experiment my experimental engine for testing. by putting pressure regulator to the tank of compressed natural gas and directly connect it with the intake manifold by a hose.

Is there other modification to the engine aside this

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  1. guess78624 Says:

    Yes! The problem here would be getting "safe" compressor unit that could put enough gas (pressure) in your tank to take you as far as you needed to go!

    The regulatror needs to be a "on demand regulator" after regular pressure regulator! This works similar to a scuba diving oxygen regulator, — when ever pressure decreases reegulator opens up and lets more gas in , the more pressure drop, the more gas flows! You simply drill hole in side of carbureter – or possibly air intake hose between air cleaner, and carb, and insert a brass fitting with angled cut – removed part of cut faces to rear,– seal so no air leakage around fitting hole — you may also use this with gas (from regular gas tank), –if car is computerized, as computer will just "lean out" mixture going through injection system, and less gasoline will be burned in proportion to what is used from your natural gas! This would then require no computer or fuel system changes, — and whenever you run out of natural gas, you just continue on with gasoline, – like nothing ever happened!

    "Stove gas" was extensively used in England during the blitz, — however they were "gasifying" coal, but the same pricipal applys! They had a huge bladder type bag on top of car, they loaded it up with gas from stove fitting,– weights were put on top to increase pressure in it,– was filled during night, and then at lunch time -when they went home to eat, this took them to late in afternoon — if the went low, they could go back and get a little more on board, — when it got dark all vehicles were parked or removed off streets so that they would be harder to see from aircraft at night!

    I don’t know where you live, but you can also run engine on "wood gas" if you are in country and have lots of wood available, —- You can probably go to "Mother Earth News" website and research archives and maybe find plans to build Cookers to make wood gas (old water heater tanks are used)! All kinds of things were being tried during the 70s when we had last "artificial fuel shortage", – and gas rose as high as 59-65 cents a gallon!

    Yes you can even run your car on chicken or pig manure– (made into methane gas)!

  2. wlh1us Says:

    alot of people do , big corporations do it, fork lifts in 80% of all the shippers and receivers use it , natural gas burns but not as get up an go,

  3. garywilliams591 Says:

    STOP what you are trying to do can be done but not like that
    first i dont think cng is any real savings over gas as how they come frome the same place
    but they sell kits to convert vehicals over to lpg but be warned they are very pricey

  4. Tee Says:

    Check out a conversion kit. Don’t try to re-invent it.