compressing natural gas and piping into my home?

I have access to a gas well and can buy gas at well head prices. would it be worth getting a compressor and tanks and piping the tanks into my house? how big of a tank would I need to store say 2000 ccf which is what I use per year based on my gas bill. I can compress it to 4000 psi. \

2 Responses to “compressing natural gas and piping into my home?”

  1. Emasculated Britain Says:

    If you tap a gas reserve it should come out naturally at very high pressures initially. But when the pressures equalise, extracting it would need huge suction fans.

  2. oil field trash Says:

    I do not think it would be economic for you to try to store natural gas in high pressure tanks. I do not know of anyone who does that. Since the flow from the well can be controlled to meet demand, they simply buy and use the gas as needed.