compressing natural gas?

now, i’ve been wanting to use natural gas for my torch. i’ve heard that at sufficiently high pressures and the right tip, it can braze quite well and even weld aluminum.

so i’ve been looking for a cheap solution for pressurizing natural gas. i found these compressors from g-tec: .
but as of now the price range is far, far beyond my reach.

so i’m thinking if there is a sort of a 2 chamber unit with a linear piston connecting them, but the chambers never leak fuels to each other. then, one of the 2 chambers can be filled with compressed air — pumped, by say, a regular air compressor. this will push the piston and eventually compress the other chamber filled with natural gas. does a solution like this exist??

any other ideas?? has to be CHEAP.
i am aware that if such solution exists, it won’t be able to supply compressed gas for too long. but that’s not much of a problem as i won’t be doing anything too serious. it’s only for diy projects.
thnx robert. but natural gas IS cheaper, right?
i might as well just tap on it using a bunsen burner, huh?

4 Responses to “compressing natural gas?”

  1. oil field trash Says:

    I have installed and operated natural gas compressors of all types and sizes. What you propose is really not a practical way to deal with your problem. In the long run it will not be cheaper than using propane. You need to forget the idea of using compressed natural gas. Even very small compressors designed for natural gas will cost much more that just using propane. The natural gas may be cheaper but it won’t by the time you buy a proper compressor and compress the natural gas.

    Trying to build a small compressor from scratch by someone with no knowledge of gas compression or the detailed design of gas compressors is basically an invitation to an accident.

  2. RobertB Says:

    You are right, natural gas can be used. There are however good reasons why you don’t see people using it. One of the big ones is safety. You do not want to go buy a cheap compressor to compress natural gas. If you do this please post the closest TV station to you that will carry the explosion or fire that will ensue.
    You would be better off to use propane or acetylene for your torch.

  3. Edesigner Says:

    Howdy From Texas, CNG is a viable product for torches and cars and well just about anything that already uses some other hydrocarbon for fuel…Here is the bad side of CNG ..First Natural Gas has a very low flash point and since compression of any kind creates heat you need to avoid the over compression in the cylinder or you now have a diesel…It will dismantle your you either have to cool it or stage compress it slowly ,maybe three stages. In the 90’s a company in Texas (JW POWER) developed the entire process and found that compression temperatures of dry and wet (unscrubbed) natural gas were critical as was the velocity of that gas. If the gas was to wet it flashed off or clogged venturi openings.If to dry it ignited on decompression in an oxygen environment. Now taking the gas from your house and running through a compressor into a bottle up to a pressure that allows volume later.Is going to be tough The compressor needs to as you said free of air crossover. and to compress a gas to that same pressure using a compressor you’ll need at least 15% more pressure than you want to end up with …So the likely-hood of running a compressor on one side and compressing gas on the other means you need what you have already found out a heck of a high dollar compressor…Also the piping valving and capture of the gas is going to be just as expensive. The entire electrical system withing 25ft needs to be class 1 group D hazardous Or explosion proof (refer to article 500 of the NEC) . So I guess the idea of a cheap NG compressor is sorta scrubbed by me ..So I guess you might try buying propane and using a tip for that…
    Take this link and see what we built….From the E…

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