Congress passes legislation to sue OPEC for restricting the supply of oil??

While the same Congress prevents access to 10.4 Billion Barrels of oil in a 3.13 sq. mile patch of ANWR??? I think I should be able to sue CONGRESS for high gas and oil prices. What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

Domestic oil production has declined, to 1.9 billion in 2007 from 3.1 billion barrels in 1980, while imports increased to 3.7 billion barrels from 1.9 billion. We now importing about 60% of the oil we use.

Public policy has forbidden offshore oil drilling for much of the estimated 85 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas (an 18-year supply) that are on the Outer Continental Shelf!!

So America has large amounts of oil and gas, but our efforts to extract it have been significantly reduced by the federal moratorium on drilling. America remains the only nation in the world that has curtailed access to its own energy supplies. Meanwhile China will soon begin drilling for oil off Cuba and in Venezuela.

7 Responses to “Congress passes legislation to sue OPEC for restricting the supply of oil??”

  1. patchouli4279 Says:

    Yes there is enough to power 60 million homes for 60 years or more.

    That’s not counting the 6 trillion barrels of shale oil we have.

  2. lonnie Says:

    Term limits, the only answere.

  3. artilleryman89 Says:

    Congress are a bunch of idiots. Why do they have the right to sue OPEC. OPEC should just say fine sue us, but once you do we’re not selling to the U.S anymore. I mean sure their profits would sink like a butt load, but it would teach congress a lesson.

  4. martinx07 Says:

    You’re right. They’re also spending wildly, with taxpayers money, overseas to spend on the wars, and other government operations. Congess even let’s the FED print out money like crazy too, which only inflates the dollar even further. It’s not OPEC’s fault that our dollar is worthless, we should be blaming this on Congress, they have the Constitutional authority to cut off funding, to stop the draining of the dollar, and to change our foreign policy onto others, but they ignore it. How pathetic.

  5. smedrik Says:

    By 10.4 billion barrels of oil in ANWR do you mean 0.9 billion barrels which are economically viable to collect, less than one years supply.

    America is not the only nation in the world which limits is access to natural resources, most developed nations do. As they realize that in order to keep their people safe there has to be a balance between industry and nature. Have you been to China recently? Their urban centers are so over developed and the air quality so poor that you have innumerable outbreaks of disease and chronic ailment.

    America is not even sitting on close to enough natural gas and oil to self sustain, take into account that it takes about 10 years to develop a site and about 20 to be producing at full capacity it is a huge investment of time, money and resources for something with little return, like ANWR.

  6. rainmaker Says:

    sueing OPEC is a bunch of liberal bull manure. Congress needs to act at once to open up US oil fields and build US refineries, May be we will them open before gas & oil reaches $20 a gallon.

  7. gomanyes Says:

    lol, this is pretty funny. What foreign country is going to honor an order by an American judge? If a foreign judge ordered the US to pay his country billions of dollars, what are the odds we’d do it?