Cons tell me this – If the price of oil is at record highs, why is the price of gas not at record highs also?

Your talk gods preach that oil companies are above the political fray and that record profits for the oil industry are good for the country.

So, why is the price of gas not skyrocketing? Could it be that it is because there is an election coming up?

9 Responses to “Cons tell me this – If the price of oil is at record highs, why is the price of gas not at record highs also?”

  1. jeeper_peeper321 Says:

    When is an election coming up ??

    The next election is over a year away.

    And were always a year away from the next election, since we have them every two years.

    You want the real reason, because the summer increase in demand, is over with.

    But my question to you, did you complain about the RECORD profits the oil companies made in 1998, 1999, 2000 ??

    Because each of those years, the oil companies made record profits, each and every year.

  2. The ROCK Says:

    Ya hit the nail on the head dude. Stupid Rethugs

  3. czekoskwigel Says:

    The oil companies have been threatened by Congress with further regulation, and that has scared them off. They’ve made so much money over the past year, they can afford to absorb some losses at the moment.

  4. Harley Lady Says:

    Gas is still pretty high where I live.

  5. askbabbs Says:

    Oil hit 90.00 a barrel this morning. The refinerys are changing over to home heating oil now, and still have a surplus of gas. Wait 3 or 4 months and you won’t be asking this question.
    Also, supply and demand…the more we use, the more it costs.

  6. Thorgirls' Master Du! Says:

    How dare you be so skeptical!!! I am shock, shocked I tell you!!!

  7. dpilipis Says:

    You would think that the cost of crude oil would have something to do with the price of gas (since gas is a refined product of crude).

    But do not labor under this misapprehension. The cost of gasoline, for the most part, is controlled by refiners and bilking that occurs by retailers (gas stations). They are always pointing the finger at each other.

    Out of any given barrel of Crude only a small percentage of it ever becomes gasoline. Most of the Crude gets turned into plastics.

    Believe it or not, gasoline was once considered a waste product by the oil refining industry! Life is Ironic.

  8. Daniel T Says:

    Is a 2×4 piece of lumber a house? Of course not. Just because gasoline is derived from crude oil does not make it the same thing.

    There are many costs that go into the production of gasoline besides the cost of crude oil.

    Quit being a conspiracy theory guy.

  9. Rich on Cape Cod Says:

    NO, it has to do with oil refining capacity. Right now capacity is high, so the costs stay low [ I know it’s not really LOW], shortly the refinery’s will go into home heating oil production, and the price of gas will rise….dramatically.

    If we built more refinery’s, drilled more oil, prices would fall, however we are not doing it because of regulations, some good and some plain stupid. Add to this that the amount of oil worldwide is controlled by OPEC, and it all revolves around supply and demand.

    We need to develop personal transportation that doesn’t use oil/Gas such as………..Fuel cells