Conservatives, according to figures in the Weekly Oil Inventory report, domestic oil production accounts for a?

little less than one third of typical consumption. That means even if all drilling restrictions were lifted, and domestic production doubled, we’d still be roughly 5.5 million barrels per day short of what we need to achieve energy independence.

What measures (conservation or alternative energy strategies) would you recommend to make up for that 5.5 million barrel per day shortfall?

Again, give me a real answer and you get TU, twaddle gets you the TD.

10 Responses to “Conservatives, according to figures in the Weekly Oil Inventory report, domestic oil production accounts for a?”

  1. phil Says:

    if we doubled our production by using the army corps of engineers on federal lands,refine it on old military bases and sell it on open market that would reduce cost and bring down debt. canada could supply us the rest of the oil we need,as far as alternative fuel,we have a huge supply of natural as,we have the infrastructure to use it and we have the technology too. electric cars are not efficient enough and we lack the power grid to go to it
    high speed rail is not the answer,it will be a huge waste of money,our country is huge our population spread out,we can’t use a simplistic european solution ,we are much larger then them and it would not work

  2. Dark Night Says:

    So, since we can’t completely plug the hole lets just do nothing. Is that what I’m understanding? It’s obvious we need additional energy sources on top of oil. First we need reliable technologies that’ll provide those energy sources. A 90 watt solar panel costs hundreds of dollars. Forgive me if I’m not clamouring for something that’ll take a few decades to recoupe the costs.

  3. Sadcat Says:

    Excellent question. Not a conservative here, but I think it’s going to take a combination of strategies, including development of electric cars, conservation, public transportation, and alternative energy sources. It’s difficult to see how all of that can happen without at least some federal government involvement, because private enterprise will not focus on the long term when it can make a fast buck this year.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’m curious to see what conservatives who bemoan high speed trains and alternative energy say in response to this question. One would think that they would not want the United States to be dependent on foreign oil, but we’ll see.

  4. fangtaiyang Says:

    Easy, stop driving. Walk or take a bus, preferably an electric bus, or ride a horse. Oats are currently cheaper than gasoline and are grown in the U.S.

  5. Jo Momma Says:

    I don’t know the answer, but why is this question directed just at conservatives. Is it a big secret that all Liberals know the answer to?

  6. Nightwind Says:

    Well first of all, oil is only "estimated". We don’t actually know how much is in the ground.
    There’s been some new developements in shale oil drilling technology that looks like the Dakota’s would be able to produce oil. I’m sure there have been alot of developments since Obama’s been such a cry baby in regards to letting America be strong and drill for thier own oil.
    We seem to import more and more oil each year, we even import like 13% of our refined gas now, thanks to short sighted politicans (like Obama). If you want to ween a nation of a resource, you do so slowly, you don’t stop up to the teleprompter and suddely announce that "oil is a fuel of the past" and misuse the power of government to manipulate a countries power needs to fit your own agenda.
    There’s nothing wrong with developing alternative fuels or renewable sources. But the left and Obama have been wrecklessly toying with the independance and power source of this country like its thier own little power trip.
    Its politicians lacking fore sight that prevented us from building nuclear power plants in the past. Lately they’ve gotten a clue but it takes time to build them.
    Wind and solar have been experimented with for decades and not only provide a limited amount of power, but waste alot of real estate in the process. And the worlds population is only increasing.
    There is no renewable source that can take the place of oil thus far. And due to the general "jump on the band wagon" stupidity of enviro freaks to seek out a renewable source, we’ve gone in all directions and have no infrastructure for any one resource.
    I’d personally recommend bio-fuels, made from algae…… no stupidity pushing up the cost of food staples. Concentrate more on solar than wind since wind is limited. Build more nuclear power plants.
    Fact is if you look at the drop in interest in recycling, green technology and energy during a recession, you would come to the conclusion that we need to get the economy back on track. That would do the ‘green’ movement more good.

    And with Obama & company always playing with the unemployment numbers just to make himself look good, he’s covering up the bad job he’s doing rather than face it and deal with it. Really, unemployment dropped nearly a full percentage point ? We lost over 8 million jobs in this country, that fool hasn’t come anywhere close to creating that many. Job openings are down 30%. The government is just playing number games with everyone. And the dumb sheep are the only one’s that believe it since he’s lied to us so many times already.

  7. 21 Sextury Mrs Thatcher Says:

    Okay, try to consider your own mind set for a moment. America is a vast country, Russia is a vaster country, businesses are global and the job of business gets more and more difficult because of a lack of international perspective within the ‘culture’ of law. Two choices existed, choice one America is a mutlicultural tourist and business destination that sells everything it produces to very, very rich clients overseas but imports everything it consumes saying as loud as it can, nothing what-so-ever. The clients say it all to their country folk and America consumes what it likes (vast, vast choice, almost as vast as the far seeing country deserves) or what you have based on a jobsworth lawyer’s piss poor advice but that’s internal politics for you but you can buy the book if you are so inclined.

  8. Rich Piggy Says:

    We can go to war with Iran and Libya. What about Venezuela they have all that oil right next door to us. We need it more than Venezuela so why not just go there and free those nations.

  9. Jack Says:

    One thing is get rid of George Soros. George Soros has taken many actions over the years to hurt American oil and gas companies. He has a vested interest (to the tune of at least a billion dollars) in trying to rig the system to make his "clean energy" investments pay off. Since these investments need oil and gas to be high-priced, anything he can do to harm the companies that bring this bounty to the surface help those green schemes.

    One of his favorites among the Soros-funded 527 Astroturf groups is MoveOn.Org, which recently protested against the development of shale gas, America’s greatest hope to wean ourselves off of dependency on foreign sources of energy. He has funded the Sundance Film Festival documentary effortsm and, voila! the festival lifted from obscurity a flawed documentary castigating developers of shale gas. Soros even even admitted that he saw Sundance documentaries as a method to bring about policy changes in America.

    We all know about his "influence" in the Democratic party and on the President. The party and the President have since taken actions that have drastically harmed our domestic energy industry (drilling moratoriums that were so egregious they merited a federal court judge’s decision to hold the administration in contempt; sclerotic permitting processes, placing off-limits to leasing and drilling vast amounts of federal lands and offshore areas; trying to strip away tax benefits that encourage oil and drilling efforts — tax deductions that have helped boost oil production and made oil and gas cheaper for all Americans; the list goes on and on).

    Soros is now attempting to place American oil and gas companies at a disadvantage compared to foreign rivals, who will be more than happy to step up and work out deals with various foreign officials that will allow them to drill and develop while foreclosing the opportunities for American companies to do the same.

  10. RockIt Says:

    My recommendation hasn’t changed since 1975. But, the libs aren’t listening.


    Go to France, see how they do it.