Conservatives what should be done with this 350 ACRES OF FOREST IN MISSOURI STOLEN BY THE STATE?

Camp Zoe, famous for schwagstock was raided by the FBI and DEA and may face state seizure by the state of missouri, which the land is 350 acres of forest land right next to Mark Twain National Forest. The owner is fighting for it back but I doubt he’ll win so what should happen to the land if you had a say so in the matter? Should it be sold off to businesses for development or should it be added onto Mark Twain National Forest, seeing as how its quite a large piece of land and so close to mark twain national forest?

9 Responses to “Conservatives what should be done with this 350 ACRES OF FOREST IN MISSOURI STOLEN BY THE STATE?”

  1. Evie Says:

    It will most likely be made into a state park. It’s not stealing if the government can prove that illegal activities occurred on the property and the own of the land let it occur. That’s the law. Judging from the article you cited, there has been a lot of drug dealing and usage going on there. I don’t blame them for taking it away.

    I have never understood why grown adults need alcohol or drugs to have a good time. If you’re not enjoying whatever event you are at with the people you are with then you need to choose better places to go and people to be with.

  2. Worried Says:

    If it was stolen it should be returned.

  3. Islam Delenda Est Says:

    The liberals keep shooting down the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage site. I propose this place.

    Does bald eagle soufflé give you gas too, or is it just me?

  4. The Circus Bearded Lady Says:

    The north and the union has been robbing Dixie blind since 1865. When the English did that, they were shown the door – to the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. katmandu_85219 Says:

    350 acres is not very much land. It will probably be sold at public auction.

  6. Johan Stanislaus Says:

    could you maybe learn to link, then I could have read the story and formed an opinion. 350 acres, I have spare cash, maybe I can buy it.

  7. Golden Says:

    hands off that schwag!

  8. letfreedomring Says:

    They should add it to the Mark Twain National Forest.

    Wow, no one seems to care if they seize a old house used to sell drugs but they cant seize wooded property?
    The law is the law and when people know full well there property is being used for something illegal it should be seized.
    They also need to spend time in jail.

    When your out of jail you should be free to purchase new property some where.

    Its no different then seizing a car or anything you own being used to sell drugs.

    How are we supposed to stop the drug flow from Mexico if we just let people sell all they want on there own property here in the USA?

  9. Danny Says:

    It should be given back to the owner. I don’t think our corrupt government officials have any right to it, regardless of how many drugs were sold there and I can’t believe more people don’t have a problem with this. Think about it, the government is seizing this fellows land, because he refused to stop a crime. Since when is it mandatory that citizens stop crimes?