Cost to have a Solar or Wind Powered House?

You see these every so often on the news or on youtube. Last Earth day, one of the tv stations interviewed a couple who’s house ran solely on windpower, infact, they had so much excess energy, they were running dozens more appliances than they needed to with no problem.

I’ve heard that people in Germany have solar generators, and actually sell surplus energy to the power companies.

Naturally having a solar or wind powered house isn’t cheap (I’m going to guess at least k) but it would save us more in the long run.

All things were too costly at first (personal CD players, microwaves…) but as a strong market developed for them, and they could be mass produced, they became reasonably priced.

Coal, natural gas, and oil hasn’t been too enviromentally friendly, and we can’t afford to keep destroying the Earth

3 Responses to “Cost to have a Solar or Wind Powered House?”

  1. bwlobo Says:

    Earthships are earth sheltered autonomous buildings made with rammed tire and bale straw and arranged in a horseshoe shape. Windows on the sunnier side of the earthship is what properly heats the underground home. Windows are set up to catch the maximum heat within the winter months.

    Electricity is obtained form renewable energy sources such as solar cells or small windmills.

    The earthship farm is self contained and is selling for $470,000.

  2. xyz Says:

    Now your talking real sense, I wish more people would get into this because it is a real solution, there are a bunch of websites that have all this info, costs and so on…thanks for bringing it to attention here…

  3. STEPHEN R Says:

    Go Online & key in Solar, wind Homes
    plus add Undersea Tidal Farms too.
    Homes on the Sea.
    Or Underground with PV array.