Could you please explain this Phrase?

Could you please explain this text:

The ongoing natural gas crisis is exacting a heavy toll on America’s nitrogen fertilizer producers and the farmer customers they supply. The cost of natural gas — which is used as a feedstock in nitrogen production — accounts for as much as 90 percent of the cost of producing nitrogen fertilizer. Since the natural gas crisis began to manifest itself in 2000-2001, 25 ammonia nitrogen fertilizer plants have been permanently closed and an additional five have been idled. When natural gas prices rise rapidly, production facilities are sometimes temporarily idled due to the excessive cost and volatility of U.S. natural gas prices, jeopardizing hundreds of high paying jobs in local communities.

TFI supports federal policies that increase the supply of natural gas and eliminate disincentives for using conventional fuel sources such as coal and other forms of energy, and encourages the greater use of energy sources other than natural gas.

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  1. Ramasubramanian A Says:

    The para in short means the following:
    In view of the high cost of natural gas which forms 90% of the cost of production of Nitrogen fertilizer, many factories producing the latter have closed down or are idle. The TFI wants to encourage greater use of alternative energy sources by eliminating disincentives for using conventional energy sources.
    (There seems to be a contradiction in the last para in the original text)