Democrats, Why doesn’t obama want to Drill Now like McCain does? Won’t it lower the price of oil and gas?? ?

Maverick i’m just trying to get more answers so calm down!

21 Responses to “Democrats, Why doesn’t obama want to Drill Now like McCain does? Won’t it lower the price of oil and gas?? ?”

  1. creole lady Says:

    Yes, but it is said it will not produce any result for several years

  2. I [body part] Mad Libs Says:

    Prices are relatively low right now. Save reserves for.. well, reserves.

  3. A Maverick Like Everone Else Says:

    Asked and answered. Stop repeating yourself.

  4. Kamyrns_Mommy Says:

    In 10 years if we are still as relient on gas then yes it will, but it will take 10 years minimum to actually have any of that oil be usable after we begin drilling.

  5. 8***L Says:

    Obama wants to take down America, this is the best place to strike.

  6. Kaine K Says:

    The oil ban has been lifted for gulf drilling. McCain brought this up because….why?

    Its a moot point.

    And it will take at least ten years for you to see a few cents in price reduction, even if they started building new refineries today. There are not enough of them as it is, which is precisely why the south saw gas shortages the past month.

  7. djresteep Says:

    No, it is very unlikely that it will have any effect on oil prices anytime in this decade.

    In addition, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to think that this oil would ‘belong to America’. IT would belong to the company that extracts it, and could be sold anywhere in the world. So it would not even help out us supply, necessarily.

  8. Oh Boy! Says:

    No, because the speculators are not speculating as much right now. That’s why it’s going down. Don’t buy into the drill now mantra.

  9. Keith Says:

    It will take 7 to 10 years to produce any of that oil and then it will be sold on the international market as all oil is sold. 56% our oil output goes there because our refineries are operating at 100%.

  10. Mladen86 Says:

    If you drill now you do get cheaper oil for lets 5 years but afterwards u are forced to start buying again from foreign countries. The problem with this is that u are actually not solving the problem but just postponing it. That money can be used to develop sources of energy that can sustain the country in the long run.

  11. ned s Says:

    Since when do liberals actually care about anything or anyone through actions and not words? Never. I guess Obama is for us sending money to our enemies and staying slaves to our oil masters like Hugo and the Oil Sheiks. new drilling would constitute MORE NEW JOBS AND TEAMSTER JOBS at that so why do the unions still support and endorse Obama?


    first of all learn about how drilling works

    it takes a lot to drill here. its not like tomorrow gas price will be cheap

    US needs nation wide refineries to take crude oil and make into gasoline. That alone will take 10 years. US simply doesn’t not have major refineries, only a small amount in the gulf near texas and those states.

    Assuming we do drill, by 2020 we will see a drop in gas prices, so what will that accomplish the problems we are havng now?

  13. musicmanvinx Says:

    lower prices? it’ll hardly make a difference.. think about the equiptment it’ll take to drill the oil, the transportation fees.. all that is going to have to be paid for by the oil they drill right here.

    and obama did say he was willing to drill.. but he also knew the facts that there is not enough oil in America to last us forever, the oil we have can probably last a year at most.

  14. lymanspond Says:

    you have the concept all wrong, why do we need to send all of our money to middle eastern regimes that do not have our best interest in mind………the price of oil has more to due to speculation by oil investors than supply and demand……look how crazy electrical prices were in Cali. after Enron manipulated the electricity markets…

  15. Gypsy Girl Says:

    It takes 2 years from the start of drilling to get the first gallon of gas. It will not affect gas prices right away.

  16. doe Says:

    do people not listen???
    He is for drilling..but the fact is its not going to save us $$$ it takes 10 years to build and drill…10 LONG years…I think Obama is cool saying lets talk to other countries and work things out…while we start building !!! Sounds Smart to me what is wrong with people..Obama wants to get prices down now while the idiot Republicans want to just seek war and 10 years from now we’ll be in good shape….WHAT about now People???? Listen ….Learn…..
    There is something seriously wrong with people who don’t hear whats said…and only hear what they want to hear!

  17. K.D. M Says:

    He believes in limited drilling but that the focus should be on development of alternative sources for energy – solar, wind, hydrothermal, etc. and development of more energy-efficient transportation and utilities. We don’t have enough oil reserves anywhere to supply even our current usage, much less future usage, so the smart thing is to find new types of energy and make it affordable to use earth-friendly energy.

  18. mahler1987 Says:

    Its not that he doesn’t want to drill. But let’s start on the acreage that is already leased. This isn’t the only thing we need to do. USA currently has about 4% of the world’s oil reserves but uses over 50%. Other options need to be explored, a new energy network/grid needs to be developed. We need to look at things such a wind solar biodiesel and other technologies. Drilling is not a full solution to our situation.

  19. Alisha Says:

    People are saying both you wont see results for 10 years, then they’re saying lets save it for the future um 10 years, so yes lets not start now.
    We need to stop importing and start using our own resources, we cannot afford to keep relying on other countries this much!

  20. Given2Fly Says:

    No. The cost of drilling offshore is much higher than simply pumping oil out of the ground. America has oil reserves, but what they won’t tell you is that the reserves we have will be cost intensive to retrieve. That means a barrel of oil that costs $4 to extract in Saudi Arabia will cost $50 to $60 to extract offshore on the continental shelf and even more to separate crude from oil shale such as we see in Utah. Even drilling in ANWR will come at a significant cost.
    The world is swiftly coming to the end of the supply of cheap and easily extractable crude oil. Drilling is great but really, it’s like trying to put a band aid on a gaping wound. America needs to put it’s resources into developing alternative energy in order to truly be energy independent.

  21. I don't know Jack Says:

    I personally don’t worry about gas prices after finding info on how to pay much less for gas and groceries – ALL I DID was do a Yahoo search for "1940 gas prices impossible no" a few sites came up and some videos – I watched them – followed thier guides and am now paying unbelievable prices

    I no longer spend time doing searching the net for the lowest prices for gasoline in my area, city, town, neighborhood or looking on the internet for gas stations with the cheapest price.