Dentist questions, price, pain. a lot of stuff really?

I have a fear of the dentist and i always have, it started off by needing a tooth out when i was about 6 and the needle hurt sooo much when i was there i never went back

Now about 6months ago i went to the dentist and i had a cavity filled, it was rather bad and it was on the side of my front tooth, he didn’t do a great job because the tooth still seems grey in parts and not the natural colour, i had the needle and it wasn’t as bad as i expected (still hurt a little tho) But he didn’t give me time for my tooth to numb properly so when he started drilling i felt it a little and had to have another 2 injections into the front tooth (couldn’t feel the injections going in cuz it was partly numb) he also got half the injection down my mouth, it tasted like shit lol

So i went back into the waiting room for around 4-5Min’s and he called me back in, then he did the filling and it took around 10Min’s to do, after we finished he told me i needed another filling on my fang tooth but it wasn’t urgent it could wait a little while

So i made another appointment to go back in 2months but i didn’t go because of the past experience and now im affraid to call the surgery because i didnt show last time, now my tooth is becoming worse and i think it needs to be seen before it needs pulling out or causes root damage, it doesn’t hurt me yet so it cant be too deep but its black on the outside so its enough for me to worry and feel self conscious, Im 16 and 17 next month at the moment and its not like im a big wuss i just hate the fact that im going to a guy thats going to shit metal spikes into my gums and then drill my teeth with his tools… kinda scares me :(

I wouldnt mind paying to go private but i would want to know how much this would cost (to get my other tooth redone aswell)

I would also like to have some of the gas that makes u a little unaware of whats going on around you. I also wouldnt mind being put to sleep.

I did take 2 pills to calm my nervs last time that were prescribed to the dentist (didnt work one bit, he couldnt get me into the room never mind the chair)

I just want to know if i can get put to sleep at 16 in england or have the gass, what the cost would be to get it done private? i do get free dental care on the NHS but i doubt they would pay for all the gass + i dont think my dentist does gas. i live in manchester in the UK

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