Did America stole the land from the Mexicans?

I was reading some history and i read that some parts of usa belong to the Mexicans(Like Texas),and that for years,years,years,they have been fighting for their rights (This Land) and you know what is the interesting part,They will be the owners of this land,years might past but it will eventually happen..

History books leave some parts out,but come on if every thing was fought for and paid legally and it was a clean deal,as we say.why has it always came back to haunt America? something was not right, it was a dirty deal. and you have to admit that with all the illegals coming in,millions and millions in our future they will finaly have their land back,because it was stolen and it belongs to them. The thruth always comes out, know matter how much time passes if they are the true owners they will get their land back.

So Mexicans are real North Americans with all the rights to keep living in America, as their ancestors have done for ages…

Don’t give me that crap to go read history(I have read them),I know that in no history book will they admit it was a dirty deal or that it ever belong to them..but if you put everything together it boils down to them being the true owners..

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  1. judith r Says:

    yes, Mexicans, and native americans who they killed or pushed into Mexico and Canada

  2. Cheri Blossom Says:

    i dont know

  3. Diesel1907 Says:

    America stole land from mexicans? You don’t "steal" a land. You fight for it and earn it.

  4. mahesh_smahajan Says:

    Yes !

  5. Jolly1 Says:

    You’re an idiot.

  6. above-average Says:

    paybacks a bitch

  7. Walter Says:

    Well, America provoked the war and foisted the terms of the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (including the penny-an-acre land scam) upon the nation it forcibly undermined. Fairness did not play into this at all.

    In regards to jb_freq’s reponse about Texas: You forgot to mention how Mexico abolished slavery, and the settlers in Texas didn’t like that one bit. Of course, when Mexico forbids slavery, its seen as an infraction on settler’s freedoms :-/

  8. hicham a Says:

    when you steal a land, the owner should fight and earn it back not the opposite….
    and the answer is yes usa stole land from mexico

  9. david.goldsworth@sbcglobal.net Says:

    Much of the southwest including California was ceded to the US by Mexico after they lost the war in1848

  10. billybetters2 Says:

    Those who the land was taken from (or their ancestors) are still in the U.S. as citizens for the most part. The simply moved to a different area.

  11. Jorge V Says:

    Neither the Mexicans, Whiteys or Native Americans are the right owners of the land. None of them really originated here in what we call "America" and evidence has demonstrated that they migrated out of somewhere. Best way to look at it is by the dominant culture rule, big fish eats small fish and so on. Mexicans kicked the natives out, US kicked the Mexicans out, I can’t wait to see who kicks butt next!

  12. dcw13 Says:

    No one is the true owner.
    All lands were fought for in the past.
    Where did the Mexicans came from? Spain?
    What about the indians that the Spainsh had killed to get the land.
    We have to learn to live together, we already stop fighting over land. Well, most of us anyway.

  13. KrystaliiiNa_Xo Says:

    What history books did you read again?

    I’m from Texas, and I know for a fact that The United States annexed Texas when Texas was it’s own country.

    So how was Texas stolen from Mexico?

  14. jb_freq Says:

    Yes the Texans did come from America, but if you read close you would have seen that they were invited to settle in an unforgiving waste of land. The Part of Texas that was setled by Americans was not good. There was nothing there! The Mexican Gov’t had asked for help top settle the land, to become profitable. But Americans as always wanted freedom of choice, becaues the Mexican gov’t wanted everybody to be Roman Catholic. So people said no and then came the Texan Mexicain war. If Mexico really wanted that land don’t you think they would have fought longer instead of giving up so easily

  15. tabby Says:

    I don’t know why you’re making this declaration to an internet forum. No one here can do anything about it one way or the other. If you want to make some serious waves, contact your local authroities and tell them. Or write the capitals of these states and tell them. Or go march in DC. No one here can do anything for you. You are wasting your time. But feel free if you consider arguing with people an idea of a good time.
    No one in an internet forum can help you.

  16. gokart121 Says:

    I’ve done some research on that one, and no, Mexicans have no lawful ‘right’ to be in the United States. What’s really pathetic is that they’ve failed to build up their own country to be as economically successful as the US has become, and now would like to partake of such blessings as are still left in our country and to top it off come across with this entitlement attitude.

    Mexico lost a war to the United States in 1848. Lost. To gain a better understanding of that, research the Treaty Of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Subsequent to the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a Purchase was made in 1853 BY the United States. This helped build the map for the 50 states we now recognize today.

    Mexico, on the other hand, is, for the most part, a festering, poverty-stricken hole, despite it’s 1 trillion dollar annual GDP.
    Mexico has 110 million people in it, a number their economy is apparently unable to support. As a result, the people that can’t make it in Mexico end up in the United States. This has now been going on literally for decades, and our politicians have coddled and encouraged all of this instead of standing Mexico up by its’ belt and challenging them to take issue with their own domestic problems.

    I’m for nailing the border shut, and tripling the number of ICE agents at work today. I’d 10 times rather see the book closed on our #1 domestic problem than see em buy one more bomber, personally, at some point, Mexico’s going to have to be responsible for its’ own problems, accountable for its’ people, and stop trying to sweet-talk its’ way into the United States.

    Mexico COULD have it all, instead of trying to enrich itself at US taxpayer expense through use of specious claims and sheer force of numbers. America does not ‘OWE’ Mexico one thin dime. If anything, the reverse is true, the United States has showered BILLIONS and BILLIONS, truly Sagan-esque numbers, of dollars on Mexico, only to be rewarded with MORE crime, MORE imported poverty, NO clear agreements on many issues, apparently now including abandonment of long-standing border treaties with the United States.

    I am disheartened by Congress’ slow response on all of this.
    I think they know full well there’s a Big Problem in our southern states, but I think they’re loath to act for fear of antagonizing this administration, which truly appears to be pro-mexican. I think it’s very illuminating that the Border Patrol has lost members now, due to fraud, fraudulent documents, etc.
    Mexico is very weak in terms of the law. If that were not the case, Mexico would not be a breeding ground for drug dealers, gang members, and all the other wonderfulness that’s come across the border. My question is WHEN are the CITIZENS of Mexico going to demand change, reform, progress etc? Fix your OWN problems and stop making demands of the United States. A frequent piece of rhetoric used is how ‘hard working’ mexicans are. Great. Do some hard work, and build schools and hospitals. IN Mexico.

    I’d like to see a new border treaty signed between our countries. I think it’s time to breathe some fresh air into this, to clarify for all and sundry what’s lawful, and what’s unlawful, and when we’re seeing our jails and prisons fill up with foreigners from Mexico, I think Mexico should start paying direct compensation to the US to cover all of this. I think when Mexico becomes financially accountable for the actions of its’ citizens when they’re in our country, it’ll be an Important Social Change In Our Times.

    America doesn’t have to carry Mexico anymore. This is the 21st century. 2006. Mexico needs to be independent now. America can help, but america can’t do it FOR you. If you don’t like our country, please stop trying to carve off our states, and just leave.

    Border fence, border patrol, ICE!

  17. .45 Peacemaker Says:

    Due to the ancient rite of war the victor keeps the land. Mexico lost everything it had control of after we beat them south of the Rio Grande and the treaty for California was signed.

  18. burnet_redneck_cowgirl_2003 Says:

    QUIT COMPLAINING. have you heard of the phrase, only the strong survive?????

  19. Jesper Says:

    The worst thing was when Americans stole the land from the English king, who had kindly allowed outcasts to get a life there.

  20. David T Says:

    It was not stolen it was gin=ven to the US in the Treaty of Quadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican American War and Mexicans were given the chose to stay and become Us citizens or to go to Mexico. Some stayed and some left. Also the Mexicans can be said to have stolen the land from the Indians too. So what would you do now over 100 yrs later give it back to Mexico because they say it was stolen and want it back. They only want it back because it is now developed and industrialized in a way they couldn’t do on their own. Mexico had not incorportated the land of Texas it was considered a frontier when the Mexicans began to attack USsettlers, precipitating the war.

  21. HOUSTON 713 Says:

    Yes they did but dont want to admit they just like they did with the native americans they only believed in manifest destiny

  22. DAR Says:

    Did the Spanish steal the land from the Aztecs?

    The Mexican government agreed to the deal, and there were no funded schools or health services then. In fact, if Mexico had kept the land, no one would be trying to get into it.

    Mexico has no gentler history than America, so it has no moral argument at all.


  23. yars232c Says:

    your going about this all wrong. What you have to do is find an indian family and convince you and your family to give up all your posessions, futures, real-estate or whatever you have, and give it to them by your own free will. Then, in a moment of true justice just to show how terrible you feel and should be punished for the crimes commiteed by Puerto Ricans for killing so so many Indians and other people, you should have a mass suicide as to never bother those indians again.

    If you or your family will not do this, then when it comes to Mexico and US land – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK SO SHUT UP.

    When you say steal, you mean either they woke up one day and there was no ground under their feet or we did not pay them for the land. NEITHER IS TRUE.

  24. PAUL W Says:

    You are a bottom feeder liberal who can’t use English properly.
    Even if what you say is true Mexico is a toilet and every time I flush my toilet I think of Mexico

  25. warriorbabe Says:

    Here’s a page in history you missed sweetie.

    The Mexican Cession is a historical name for the region of the present day southwestern United States that was ceded to the U.S. by Mexico in 1848 under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo following the Mexican-American War. The cession of this territory from Mexico was a condition for the end of the war, as United States troops occupied Mexico City, and Mexico risked being completely annexed by the U.S. The United States also paid $15,000,000 ($297,310,309 in 2005) for the land, which was the same it had offered for the land prior to the war. Under great duress, Mexico accepted the offer. (wikipedia)

    GL America had every chance and all the necessary power to take ALL of the Mexican territory. A gracious purchase was made instead and Mexico was able to keep a large piece of land for themselves, a good deal of money was made. Without this purchase there would be no Mexico at all. America doesn’t "owe" Mexico anything. America purchased the land you’re grieving over…….fair and square.

  26. HistoryGradStudent Says:

    Mexicans are NOT of the same people as the Native American Indians of the US South West.

    First off… what “Indian” blood there is in some Mexican people is of a totally different cultural stock… and secondly… Mexicans are a mix of different ethic groups including Spanish, African, French, and Native Central American.

    Many Mexicans are more White than anything else… and almost all have white in them.

    The Mexicans raped, butchered, and murdered the Native American Indians of the US South West long before the North American Whites arrived there.

    The Apache (Apachean) peoples who dominated the US South West HATED the Mexicans and fought as viciously against them as they did the USA decades later.

    Mexico paid bounties for Apachean scalps… signed treaties and then violated them… raided and destroyed their villages… etc.

    The Apache fought back effectively… even more so than they did against the US decades later… raiding into Mexico itself in retaliation.

    The Apache hated the Mexicans so much that during the Mexican-American War the Apache promised safe travel to US soldiers traveling through their lands to fight the Mexicans.

    The Mexicans were trying to conquer and colonize the area but failed due to a number of reasons including the fierce resistance of the Apacheans, an unstable Mexican government and an inability to get enough of their own citizens to effectively colonize these areas (which is why they advertised for white North Americans to come to Texas and settle there).

    Mexico CLAIMED these regions… but they never really “owned” them.

    Claim… Conquer… Colonize… Own.

    Mexico never got beyond claiming these lands.

    Mexico TRIED TO STEAL these lands from the Native Americans of the South West… and largely failed.

    To say that these lands were stolen from Mexico by the USA is ridiculous.

    The land did not belong to them either… and they never really held it.

  27. soeluri Says:

    Yes, it was stolen. Santa Ana was imprisoned in Cuba and President James K. Polk bribed him to get him out of jail in Cuba by getting him drunk and then making him agree to supposedly sell Mexican territory to the US in exchange for his freedom (Treaty of Guadalupe) Santa Ana was tricked because the US never gave him the money they promised in exchange for the land. Native Americans were still kicked out and killed by Americans, while Mexico allowed them to reproduce and live freely within its territory. Texans were actually inmates from England who the King allowed to settle there provided they stole that land from Mexico.

  28. soeluri Says:

    The US claims they “died” for our freedom, but honestly America was already free and beautiful before the Anglos got here. They only died for greed, hate, and racism in order to steal land from Natives. They are assassins and know it, they just try to play it off by acting all patriotic. They should have stayed in England and tried to make something of themselves there, not come here and have sex and reproduce themselves. Every time I flush the toilet I think of Anglos.

  29. Fred Says:

    The idiot who wrote this article is not even America once again you buy or you fight for land

  30. Anthony Says:

    The Mexicans were the ones who stole it from the Native America.

  31. phyllismurphy Says:

    Herbert E. Bolton authored The Spanish Borderlands 1921 Yale University Press. When the nobles and gentry of Spain began to dwindle, the monarch’s need for gold was auscpicios and Sparin began looking to the New World for their wealth…Adventure, conquest, piety and wealth were the ideals of those Spanish explores sponsered under the banner of the Queen..They planted the Cross and the baner of Spain in the swamps of Florida and New Mexico…The conquistadors from Spain threaded their ways through the American wilderness…They were men loyal to king and Mother church…Jesuits soon began exploring and trying to conver native american indians..Of course france becam interested ..Reformation was spreading Hueguenots were powerful in domestic politics of Frande and France was threatening Spain’s American possessions…This little book is full of the frontiersmen and Indians moving steadily across country killing, pillaging and Indians trying to fight back and save THEIR LAND NOT MEXICO’S LAND….In time foreign intrusion made i necessary to occupy the region called Texas and encompassed some of Louisiana then…Spain was busy encroaching northward and by1670 England had planted strong centers of clolonization from Jamaica to New England…French traders were very busy branching through the south wildnerness….English, French and Sjpanish territorial claims and settlements clashed. France became very strong pushing through the hinterlands to the gulf Spains conquistadors to take action..So in my readings of this book back and forth and the Mexican War of Independence caused Americans to lead expeditions into Texas to aid in the struggle…1821 Mexico won independence from Spain…American settlers revolted 15 years later in 1848 and New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California went the way of Texas. According to this accounting it was a continuous story of hispanic borderlands not be effectively occupied..It is a brutal epic of years of invasion, brutal murdering of the true owners, the native americans spread throughout America. According to this history book California bers, indelibly stamped upon it, the imprint of Spain…..not Mexico in the final analysis.

  32. Pancho Villa Says:

    I want you Gringo!

  33. Bri Says:

    okay the real truth is they captured him and made him sign the contract to sell the land thats when the government of mexico sayed he didnt have the right to sell it thats when they went to war and sadly that is when the aztecs lost of course why fight a poor country that didnt have weapons?? but what is fishy about it a year later that is when they started finding gold in california hmm did they take it in purpose? well at the end that was mexicans land and will keep being no matter what

  34. Texian Says:

    No! Too many of you are taught a certain way to think without researching both sides of the issue.
    Texas won its indendence from Mexico and later was annexed into the United States.Upon its being
    annexed a border dispute by only ONE province of
    Mexico which claimed land up to the Nueces river.
    At this time the President of the U.S.(Polk)sent a
    small detachment into this area.The Mexicans who lived in this province contacted officials of this invasion.The Mexican Army was sent out and
    upon first contact began to kill the soldiers from the U.S.. This began the war.The Mexicans were defeated and pushed all the way into Mexico City. Here, the Mayor of Mexico City as well as the President of Mexico ran for their lives. Upon hearing this President Polk instructed his negotiator,Trist,to take ALL of it.Trist said that this would make the U.S. a conquering nation and this is not the way we wish to go.So a deal was made in which we would take what is now the western U.S. for a price of $15,000,000.In the 1820’s the U.S. had offered twice this amount for the same land.As far as Mexicans living for centuries in this land,it is simply exaggerated.There wer a few SPANISH garrisons and more SPANISH missions in which Mexicans lived by because they worked for the SPANISH.
    How do you believe the Anglo population came into Texas? They were INVITED. First by the Spanish,then by the Mexicans.They even put ads in the newspapers for FREE LAND. Don’t believe me,look for yourselves.

  35. Just Cris Says:

    Texian, I’m of American, Latina, and some Indian my history AKA thanks to my great, great, great, great, great grandparents made me this way. This “Issue” is no longer about reading a history book because we all know rumors are poison to our ears, right? Well, every one has a mind of their own and again has nothing to do with not knowing your history. Think about it we all seem like smart people and are smart enough to leave our real thoughts POSTED for the world to see and think we are making a difference when infact it doesn’t change a thing. So ok and this is for every one, we all have different colored friends, right? And some may say a different cultured friend is even considered family, right? If so why beat yourself over who did what, why, or who stole what. Don’t any of us see all this WARS around our home land even some and by some I mean many others live in it. Point is, what’s been done is done. To Whom it may consern, Mexico could of been taken, stolen, or purchased does this matter!!! NO!!! Not unless all the Mexicans that are being punished because of “HISTORY” rise up and make a stand and take, kill for it, or purchase their land back may do so if they’d like. On behalf of Martin Luther King Jr he once stated some thing that has opened hope for millions, said ‘I have a dream that one day every Valley shall be exalted, every Hill and Mountain shall be made low, the Rough places will be made plain, and the Crooked places will be made straight, and the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and ALL FLESH SHALL SEE IT TOGETHER!!! If no one believes in this then it shouldn’t be a holiday!!! I don’t want to sound rude but…… who said only the strong survive… who substituded killers for strong???? AKA ” ONLY THE KILLERS SURVIVE” This might be true but more in your face later in the future if we keep this up between ourselves, it’s easy to say than it is to do. Plus one more thing what’s up with people trying to call WAR upon Mexicans when this land which dead people once killed for isn’t anyones to begin with??? You didn’t fight for this land or buy it so why claim war over some thing that’s not ours. We’ll die and not hear of it again, so all this must STOP!!! Peace only for the potheads and Hate for those who don’t know how get along, some thing we all would like to teach our children some day and not be hypocrites about it!!! Gee,,,, we have lots of growing up to do!!!

  36. The Perfect Slut!!! Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about!!! All of you suck!!!!!!

  37. JAcksfmr Says:

    what the hell bullshit fucken us hates mexico we should all be united fuck us they ruin kids add smoke and stupid stuff like apple also endanger animals fuck us why cant we just live like pioneers with all the NEEDS! not dumbass ipods!

  38. BrownEyes Says:

    I just want to say that regardless of who was here first. Mexicans contribute alot to this country as least they work for there money unlike some lazy ass americans who get welfare SSI and and worst of all protect all these dirty sex offenders and even put them in homes and pay for them. In Mexico I have seen young children work for food unlike these americans here on the corners grown ass men and women begging for money SHAME ON YOU!So before you talk about other people work on your “American People” and GOKART121 ERES UN IDIOTA!!!

  39. ashley Says:

    I would agree too with u browneyes because it seems to me that gokart121 doesnt know the least bit of how his own country acts. My parents are from mexico and they say that atleast they work over there. My dad tells me that he even used to go in the woods ALL BY HIMSELF to get wood for the fire. My mom says that the schools over there are more stricter, so kids get better education.Unlike here, some teachers dont really care that much if a child doesnt understand what they went over in class. And gokart121? ur insulting mexicans. LOOK AT UR OWN COUNTRY U IDIOT.

  40. JT Says:

    The person who pen this paper, truly needs to go back and re-read their history. First, in this war the Mexicans people living in TX where the ones who was fighting at first. Santana after taking over as the so called President of the Mexicans, he replaced the laws with his laws. He was killing every body just about. But after the war was over, America gave back all land south of the border that we have today. America also paid Mexico 18.25 million dollars for all the other land in the Southwest but not TX because they where already a state. So all this PC stuff going on today about America talking the land from Mexico is just BULL and is not true in any way that you can look at it. All these people talking the way they are, they need to learn their history before they start talking about some thing that they know not a thing about. All you PC and leftist out there talking, please stop and read your history. Mexico did not have to sale the land, they wanted to. They did not think that the land would ever amount to anything like it has. Also Mexico never really truly own TX, Spain left and just let the land go. Mexico as a gov: was never there, only the people came, the where fighting the Gov: and the people that livid there started fighting when Mexico came up and taking land away. The America Gov did not even take in the R of TX until years later.