Did attacking Iraq reduce the price of oil?

I am asking this question, because a lot of people say that Bush attacked Iraq for its oil. If it is true, then why is the price of gas going up?

Also, if America didn’t attack Iraq, how high do you think the price of oil/ gas would have gone?

Are you willing to pay a very high price for your gas? How high?

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  1. bfkegypt Says:

    Let me answer your question with a question….I learned this trickery from the liberals…..How much is a gallon of gas where you live…..is it more today than it was 5 years ago?????

    answer my question and you answer yours……pretty freaking genius…..no?????

  2. Morgan Z Says:

    that is why went to iraq.we could last 60 yrs with just our oil

  3. RayN-here Says:

    Ho yes it was war for oil But when you steal something is it not free guess they well have to rethink that one

  4. martinx07 Says:

    No, it only got worse. And it will skyrocket if we attack Iran. It’s all about ill-advised foreign policy, supply and demand, and the weak and inflated dollar.

  5. Todaysrapsucks Says:

    no attacking iraq made it worse. bush did attack iraq for its oil and thats just one of the reasons. price has gone up because the supply has decreased. not just in iraq but all oil exporting countries. im not willing to pay higher than it is right now, its freakin ridiculous $4 a gallon. cant complain too much though europe has it the worst. london pays about $2.25 for a liter which is like 1/3 of a gallon. so like 6 7 bucks for a gallon, heard folks in norway pay 10 a gal.

  6. mom Says:

    Who do you think is making money off the Iraqi oil fields, Iraq?
    Who is making money from the war itself, are you? Maybe Bush and Cheney just started it because they like wars and didn’t need a deferment to stay out of this one. If it was to get rid of Saddam, they could have sent in a couple of sharpshooters and ended him and then the Iraqis would be fighting among themselves to get the power and the American boys might not be getting killed.

    Todaysra; Europe does have higher prices, but they also have more and better public transportation. Maybe we should work on that instead of invading countries that have oil.

  7. Anthony Says:

    The price of oil is going up because most of our oil comes from opec, which can arbitrarily raise it’s prices whenever it wishes. Also the current recession isn’t making matters any better.

  8. Deb M Says:

    Yes, it was oil…and "He tried to kill my Daddy" said GW Bush!

    The oil companies and the speculators in this country are making BIG profits!! The one candidate that said something about price gouging was Hillary Clinton! Big business and Wall Street are so afraid she will win and their big profit days (at the expense of the people) will be over!

    As to the price of gas…do we really have a choice? The US oil reservers need to be opened up….the last President to do that was Bill Clinton…to ease the price of gas on the American people…

  9. Brad Says:

    I don’t think Iraq really had anything to do with oil. The war came about because of the Neo-Conservative ideology and its belief that there must be a Crusade to Stop the non-existent threat of "Islamo-Fascism."

    Gas prices are going up because of numerous factors. One is that we aren’t drilling our oil reserves or building more refineries because of excessive focus on the Environment. Another has to do with inflation (which is caused by the Fed’s excessively low interest rates). The fact that most of America has no mass transit is also a factor (as we have too much car usage; building a nationwide mass transit system would cut car usage, bringing down gas prices and making the environment healthier at the same time). Gas prices are also going up as a result of hurricanes that have cut off oil supplies and damaged refineries. The current spike is largely because the market is expecting an Iran War that will further devastate the oil supply, so they’ve raised prices to compensate. Presumably, our foreign policy toward Venezuela is also raising gas prices (though Hugo Chavez is obviously a Communist tyrant whom Venezuelans and all Latinos would be better off without).

    To bring gas prices down, we need to end wars, build more refineries, use our own oil reserves, and build an adequate mass transit system (getting rid of the gas tax could also help).

  10. sparhawk7322 Says:

    40% of our oil is produced domestically. Of the remaining 60% most of that comes from Mexico and Canada. About 10% of our oil comes from OPEC member countries. The Bush bashers also love to overlook the fact that if big oil were really politically controlled the price would only be high when Dems were in charge.

  11. AtiaoftheJulii Says:

    No. It backfired. Bush is a fool and McCain is an old fool

  12. celicadude257 Says:

    Attacking Iraq spurred economic insecurity in terms of oil prices for the world. Gas prices have gone up not only in the USA but in the UK, the Far East, and the rest of the world.

    Oil companies, like ExxonMobile, have, of course, flourished. They’re still racking up record profits. (pocketed another record profit quarter for Q1 of 2008)

    Maybe Bush wanted to attack Iraq to decimate some of the absurdly quick economic development of countries like Russia, China, and India by pushing up the price of oil in countries that are adding hundreds of millions of cars to the road in the next several years. Or maybe he was just being greedy. I think it was a combination of both.

    What is his solution to the oil crisis? He wants to drill more for American oil. 3% of the world’s oil reserves are inside the United States, but a whopping 25% of the world’s oil is consumed by Americans. Something doesn’t add up.

  13. freshface2991 Says:

    No. it just made things worse.

  14. melanieb1985 Says:

    It didn’t reduce the price of oil. It did quite the opposite. People say that about bush because it is true. Bush was convinced the Iraq’s oil would pay for the war. The Iraqis didn’t let him take the oil. On top of it, most of the pipelines in Iraq as been blown up. Making it even harder to get oil from there. So because of that the price went up.

    If the US wouldn’t have attacked Iraq the price would have probably stayed the same than it was back then. I’m not willing to pay really high priced gas. I would prefer take the bus.

  15. Lux Lucis Says:

    Perhaps because they sold it to another countries.
    (Excuse my poor english :)

    Bon Voyage!