Did liberal anti-drilling policies for oil over the last 15 years have an effect on our $4/gal gas prices?

There is plenty of oil in
1. The gulf
2. Canadian Oil Sands

Yet the dimocrats’ energy policy is conserve and use food for gas. Maybe we can withdraw from Iraq and pay /gal for gas, dimonuts?

The democraps will deny, but you can check democrat legislation over the last 15 years, and the vetoes of Bubba the Clown.

22 Responses to “Did liberal anti-drilling policies for oil over the last 15 years have an effect on our $4/gal gas prices?”

  1. AstrosFan7 Says:

    You are so right we need more drilling.Look at Pelosi she thinks Gas Costs Two-and-a-Half Dollars.
    Speaker Pelosi Tells Larry King Gas Costs Two-and-a-Half Dollars; Shockingly Out-of-Touch with Cost of the Pelosi Premium on Hard-Working Americans.
    Congress is the one that runs the economic.Bush and Congress Which ones worse?Approval ratings for the Democrat Congress worse than those for Bush.
    This website will show those uneducated the CONSTITUTIONAL power Congress has. Read up on what kind of control Congress has on War and Money. Then if you still believe its the Presidents fault, you have moved from Ignorant (unknowing) to stupid (knowing and not caring)

  2. Carpanone Kid Says:

    And it’s not over yet!

  3. Obama 2008 Says:

    STFU bushbot. when obama wins he is going to scale our gas price based on how much we make. I’ll be paying $1/gallon while you pay $15/gallon. enjoy your laugh while you can. change is coming

    Obama 2008!

  4. avail_skillz Says:

    and if you actually bothered to wake up to reality, you would realize there are plenty of plots that have oil under them, that are open for drilling, and nobody has started.

    Maybe you should do more research instead of listening to talk radio propaganda.

    Drilling it isnt going to increase the value of the dollar.

    speculative trading is what is driving up the oil and gas prices. Oil has exceeded market factor in price long ago.

    And if anyone really wanted to bring down the gas prices, methane created by sewage treatment, can be converted to methanol,and quite a bit of it with as much sewage is treated in the USA.

    If you bothered to watch the markets, you would notice that oil prices started shooting up as soon as eery country in the world strted keeping their strategic reserved topped off. Guess when and why that occurs!

  5. wwpetcemetery Says:

    Absolutley…even before the war had we been able to drill for our own oil and build more refineries…it would have been even cheaper than pre war.

    Thanks treehugginenvirolibbabekillingguntakingassholes.

  6. Rick M Says:

    You Fox News viewing repubs seriously need to stop blaming others for your failures and start taking responsibility on your own actions.

    Clinton = peace and prosperity, Bush = war and recession
    Clinton = admired around the world, Bush = universally detested
    Clinton = genius, Bush = imbecile
    Clinton = workaholic, Bush = vacationer
    Clinton = balanced budget, Bush = $4.5 trillion added to national debt and counting
    Clinton = Rhodes Scholar & 1st in his class, Bush = My Pet Goat
    Clinton = gas at $1.15/gal, Bush = gas at $3.18/gal
    Clinton = all indicators of national health up, Bush = everything he touches turns to crap
    Clinton = big man who accepts responsibility, Bush = weasel who plays blame game
    Clinton = higher standard of living, Bush = tremendous step backwards for America

  7. Typical Bitter White Sniper Says:

    You bet it did…….and I love how they seem to blame the war and Bush. We have so many untapped resources that aren’t allowed to be touched because of the liberals environmentalists.

  8. freepress006 Says:

    you mean Bush,s false started wars and endless spending has had no effect on oil prices.!

  9. LARRY J7 Says:

    No… it was the "Conservative"… bed-buddies relationship with the freaking Saudi’s that took us to THIS reality !!
    They (the OPEC ministers themselves) have, within the last two days, stated unequvically…. that shortages do NOT exist.. and, with THAT reality in play… it is simply the GREED factor that has been allowed to run rampant by an administration that knows… its days are numbered !!

  10. snarkysmug Says:

    ANWR is a drop in the bucket and would not help the problem.

    It was republicans that bought the gulf leases back at a loss off the coast of florida, the rest of the gulf is and has been fair game. Did Bush buy those leases back as a favor to his brother?

    it was the liberal canadian government that decided to invest in oil sands which cost billions of taxpayer dollars to get going. when they started, they made a loss per barrel since their costs were so high (about 26$ a barrel). At 100$ a barrel they are making a nice profit now.

    republicans own the leases for the oil shale in the US which would supply the world with oil for 100 years. they pay pennies for the rights. they have sat on them for 30 years now investing nothing in them.

    why dont republicans want to invest in getting our oil shale going?

  11. Fretless Says:

    Not according to any economist, but keep believing Rush instead… it suits you.

  12. thephoneguy1234 Says:

    Of course it does! If there was additional supply to meet the demand we would have never had this problem so suddenly. Oh and dont be fooled the gulf is being drilled right now by Zimbobway (sp?) and others, America b/c of these regulations is the only country NOT going after the domestic supplies right now. Thank you sooo much enviromentalist, not only is the economy crashing from your crap, but if something does happen in the gulf we will be paying for the cleanup of another country’s spill.

  13. Helios Says:

    Man – you’re quick with the lies. Bush was "elected" to raise the oil prices to just bathe the oil companies in money. Li’l Bush has screwed you along with everybody else.

    But you’re already blaming it on the democrats. That’s worthy of Karl Rove!

  14. Andy S Says:

    We already drill off the gulf coast (I assume that’s what you’re talking about?), and we actually get most of our oil from Canada. So neither of those are affected by no-drilling policies.

    As for ANWR… if you drilled it and drained the entire reserve dry, it wouldn’t even be enough to fulfill our oil consumption for a year. That’s just a scapegoat.

    The real reason has more to do with rising demand from other countries (especially China) and shrinking supply, as well as our foreign policy in the Middle East.

    A better question to ask would be: did conservative anti-alternative fuel policies over the last 15 years have an effect on why we still need so much gas?

  15. oeddie99 Says:

    no, it has more to do with finally controlling the supply of oil coming out of iraq. remember, before our unprovoked $5,000,000,000,000 (that’s 5 trillion dollars) invasion of iraq, gas was $1.50 on a bad day. now that the flow of "bootleg" iraqi oil out the backdoor has been stopped the prices go up and all of bush’s markers to his familys oil ties are "paid in full" and america is well on her way to becoming a third world nation with a massive rift between the rich and the poor with no middle class. thanks to the bushes!

    BINGO for rick m

  16. nemesis Says:

    no, Bush did.

    it was less than 1.50/gal when he stole the election in 2000. and it was less than 1,75 when he stole it again in 2004.

    he’s been in office for 8 years – what liberal messed us up?. He said he could fix clinton’s so called problems but he was and is too inept to do what he promised for 8 years now. What did he accomplish as President, dude.
    Zip, zilch, nada, poverty for the masses, war, hate, divide and a looss of basic overall integrity

  17. jcpnum4green@att.net Says:

    The liberals follow the environmentalists advice to the letter, and it sickens me. Gorge Bush tried to push legislation through in both 2005, and 06 but It was met by a democrat filibuster in the senate.

    ANWR once on line could produce up to 1 million barrels a day for 30 years. Our energy policy is a bad one when it comes to oil. No exploration for oil on our home land is permitted as far as I know, and even if we find it, we could not drill it.

    Because of our energy policies, you can’t blame the oil companies for high prices at the pump. The real culprits are the liberals in congress who listen to the environmentalists.


  18. David H. Says:

    No, I believe it’s the unprecedented growth of developing nations such as China and India that are the MAIN cause as to why the price of oil has been going up.
    And it keeps going up even as US demand is at a 5-year low.
    As for our stupid President–just recently, he was told that gasoline might soon go up to $4 a gallon.
    He said, "What did you say? $4 a gallon? I didn’t hear about that! I’ll have to check that out! Are you sure?"
    Just one more indication just how out-of-touch our "beloved" President really is!

  19. Charlie S Says:

    Liberals are personally responsible for all of our gas woes and should be held accountable immediately! How dare they nosy their lazy uptight trivial asse2 into my well being! When will we shun them from society as they deserve? Scums!

  20. Truth B. Told Garlic Nose Says:

    Boy, there are some folks in serious denial here on this thread. I am still ROFLMAO at the Obama supporter who thinks he’s gonna pay $1 gal for gas if Obama gets in; I sure hope this person is a joker…

    The truth is, we are the only developed nation who is OPEC dependent, everyone els drills. And you are correct, thanks a lot Bubba…we could have had our oil by now.

    Wake up people.

  21. Indy Says:

    Well now, I guess it was the democrats that have kept us dependent on foreign oil all these years. Imagine where we would be now if Clinton would have opened up drilling in ANWAR.The left can deny all they want, but all you need to do is check their voting record for the last 15+ years.
    I guess they were wrong about Bush and his war for oil.

  22. Indy Says:

    There is enough oil in this country to last over 200 years. But these leftist clowns think we can live off windmills.It would be funny if it wasn’t so dam serious.They would rather it was up on the Santa Barbara beaches instead of drilling. There are more natural oil seeps that all the spills combined, it’s been going on since there has been oil.Everyone of the liberals that own a car should be banned from ever driving again. Save the gas for reasonable people who know at this point in time it is the life’s blood of this country, until someone comes up with a viable alternative.