Did Obama ban all offshore and onshore drilling to drive up the price of oil?

So he could make Americans send all of our gas money to Obama’s muslim brothers in the Middle East?

How many rigs are drilling in our Gulf now, – is it still zero?

How many new land rigs have been constructed since Obama was elected – is it still zero?

How many new oil refineries have been built since Obama was elected – is it still zero?

Gee – I wonder why that is?

9 Responses to “Did Obama ban all offshore and onshore drilling to drive up the price of oil?”

  1. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    Yes sir and he admitted that under his energy policies energy prices will go up considerably, he planned this all along to force his green agenda in which his friends and political allies have a lot of money riding on it

  2. Primo Says:

    Yes. That has been his plan all along

  3. R J Says:

    Could be, i noticed the price of teleprompters went up 300% since he got in office.

  4. Libertine Saint Says:

    Oil prices are set by futures speculation. You clearly have little understanding of how market prices are set. Obama actually has very little ties to big oil. The Bush family, on the other hand is another story.
    Oil prices spiked under Bush and have since dropped significantly.

  5. Rondo Bonooter Says:

    darn right he did for funds for his campaign
    he has been campaigning since he illegally slithered into the white house

  6. ~kreevich Says:

    Land drilling is unaffected. Offshore drilling goes on, just no more new rigs for the time being.

  7. Le BigMac Says:


    With the whole Bush family in bed with the Saudis for decades & you’re going to throw Obama under the bus for responding to a giant oil leak?


  8. wyomugs Says:

    No. He’s concerned for our wildlife and environment. The rise in prices is a side benefit.

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    2. DISBAND The FED!
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    Republican since before she was born… and PROUD of it.

  9. Mr. Wizard Says:

    The damage Obama’s oil drill moratorium did to those thousands of people in Louisiana well secured my decision to NOT vote for the idiot in 2012. His oil drill ban was NOT called for and made no sense whatsoever. In fact, his oil drill ban order WORSENED the BP / Deepwater Horizion debacle by ten fold.

    It’s bad enough that American Big Oil drooled gleefully at the BP oil spill as their excuse to price gouge us at the gas pump; Obama’s blundering decision to ban oil drilling only served to help Big Oil and NOT Americans!!

    But THOSE affected by the BP oil spill and Obama’s lame brained oil drill ban WILL VOTE in 2012–and I’ll join them!!!