Did you know the World Petroleum Council links to the UN for data on climate change?


Even the petroleum industry trusts the UN data, not the Heartland Institute, not Sen. Inhofe, not Wattsupwiththat, not Martin Durkin (TGGW Swindle), but the UN.

Why do you think this is?

5 Responses to “Did you know the World Petroleum Council links to the UN for data on climate change?”

  1. Dana1981, Master of Science Says:

    Probably because the council realizes there’s no point in denying that petroleum and other fossil fuels are causing global warming.

    "The Congresses held regularly over the last 65 years have traditionally covered all aspects of the industry from exploration to downstream activities. More recently these topic have been expanded to include petroleum finance, management and environmental issues."

    In other words, they realize that the petroleum industry needs to take its environmental impact into account. Smart group.

  2. Joel R Says:

    I think the UN might have a vested interest in ‘proving’ global warming as a way of commandeering more US sovereignty.

    And you still trust the UN? Stupid much?

  3. jim z Says:

    World Petroleum Council?
    Why are alarmists so enthralled by big sounding names.
    I think I will set up the Solar System Petroleum Council.
    Just because they use or look at the data doesn’t mean it is correct.
    In addition, data and interpretations are two different things.

  4. darren m Says:

    International Planet on Global Warming gave the U.N. their info and also the information includes the oil left on a planet which I think is only 35 billion barrels after which no more oil is there.

    For more accuracy look at doc Crude Awakening.

  5. jeepndd Says:

    It couldn’t possibly be that government policy makers are creating laws that continue to drive up oil prices could it? The alarmists only follow the money trail when someone disagrees with them and even then if they can’t find the trail they pretend they found it any way.