difference between crude oil and regular oil?

is there such a thing as regular oil, or crude oil is the same as regular oil.

3 Responses to “difference between crude oil and regular oil?”

  1. daSVgrouch Says:

    Crude oil is what is extracted from oil wells. Most petroleum products we use are produced from crude oil using fractional distillation – lightweight products like gasoline comes out first, and heavy stuff like crater grease come out last. We also use catalytic conversion to convert heavier oils into gasoline since that is where the demand is highest. Motor oil is then supplemented with chemical additives so that it does not decompose under heat.

  2. R.S.T. Says:

    crude oil is used to power your car, and regular oil is just any other oil.

  3. Bco4th6th Says:

    Crude oil is unrefined oil. It’s the stuff that they pump directly out of the ground that sells for a certain price "by the barrel" that you hear about. Currently, the price of crude oil is around $85 per barrel.

    The price is determined by oil speculators (investors) who buy "oil futures" – the price that they believe oil will be at a future date. This determines their profit. Unfortunately, the government does not regulate this speculating very well, and so "deep pocket" investors are allowed to manipulate the price of crude oil to benefit themselves at the expense of the consumer.

    "Regular" oil, on the other hand is processed oil that is used in cars and other mechanical devices. This oil is obtained by heating crude oil to extreme temperatures to break it down into its various usable products. These include not just oil, but gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and even material that goes into plastics and other everyday consumer goods.