Do Americans know democrats/liberals are to blame for the mess we are in today?

democrats/liberals are to blame for the mess we are in today with their socialist policies,the high price of oil,gas,food,the home loan defaults,and iraq,are results of democrats/liberals policy of denying americans the ability to develop oil reserves on U.S. soil all the problems we have today can be traced back to the lack of oil production on U.S. soil if only 50% of U.S. oil needs where supplied by american sources oil would still be at or less per barrel because it would be a secured,reliable source,and eliminating all middleast imports and gas would be a .50 or less,but thanks to democrats/liberals the U.S. is close to collapse,remember democrats need poor people to survive they are more than happy to destroy this nation to regain their slavemaster status if this were not true why are they not demanding oil drilling begin today to help the poor the nation,why because a healthy nation does not elect democrats/liberals!

11 Responses to “Do Americans know democrats/liberals are to blame for the mess we are in today?”

  1. dumdum Says:

    Lol, no-accountability Bush should hire you as his press secretary!

  2. Dude Says:

    The ones that are paying attention, yes.

  3. Ed J Says:

    Yea, we were the ones that sent all those troops to Iraq to die, yea we are the ones that sent them into harms way.

  4. Neoclowns Warmonger Says:

    lie, lie,lie!!!
    its regan, bush 1, & bush 2 that have destroyed the country.
    if you can’t see the truth of this, then you are lost in own weird version of reality.

    you have to seek medical help ASAP. until then, please stop posting lies.

    right people?

  5. dinodino Says:

    No, because everything you said is false. We don’t have enough oil reserves in the US to meet the demand.

  6. Rune B Says:

    Ahhh… pure, unmoderated ignorance! Fantastic :)

    High price of food? The US has some of the cheapest grub in the industrialized world. The increase in food cost is GLOBAL and has to do with a globalization charge that american corporations (who donate republican btw), have been driving through investment, outsourcing, purchase of goods and services etc.

    High price of oil? The US has some of the cheapest fuel in the industrialized world.. not to mention that whole Iraq catastrophe certain helped to nearly DOUBLE the cost of crude oil…

  7. tbunny1us Says:

    This is your OPINION which you are entitled to however as far as blaming anyone for the situation we are in it is my OPINION that politicians are to blame. People like you are the reason I still refuse to vote for politicians. Fingerpointing, namecalling, backstabbing, no accountability.

  8. planksheer Says:

    But what party has held the White House for the past 7 years and what party had control of the House and Senate for 6 years?

    What did it accomplish?

    Your rant is laughable.
    I think Americans are very unhappy with the president, his policies and the GOP in general.

    How’s that war working for you?

  9. Hannibal B. Rules Says:

    I blame stupid people.

  10. firewomen Says:

    Gosh, here I thought your hero bush (republican) has been in charge for how long…………oh yes the last EIGHT years!!!!!

  11. AZ Says:

    No one believes people like you anymore. You really think we’re that stupid, don’t you?

    You and your kind have fooled the rest of this country for the past several years. But you’re so unbelievably incompetent, that you simply can’t hide it anymore. You have your chance in power, and you failed miserably at it. Step aside and let someone else try, and don’t make a scene about it.

    Go back and listen to your Conservative Talk Radio, so you’ll know how to think. You freedom loving, democracy embracing, American patriot that you are. LOL!!!