Do I have Rights to a spring on someone else land that ive used for years?

Ive used this spring forever and i moved away for about 5 months and i came back and the land owner wont let me use this spring. do i have rights to this spring?(its the only water source i have)
it doesnt flow into my land and yes it is the only water source close 2 my house. we tryed to dig a well 2day and nothing so what should i do people??? please help fast

4 Responses to “Do I have Rights to a spring on someone else land that ive used for years?”

  1. Libraryanna Says:

    Depends on local and state laws. It’s called Riparian rights. But generally that means they can’t stop water flowing from their land onto your land. If it’s entirely on their land and not flowing onto yours, then they probably don’t have to let you use it.

    Dig a well.

  2. mercedes Says:

    Probably not but consult a real attorney for an answer you can depend on.

  3. Landlord Says:

    You may.

    If there is some reason why you can not have a well of your own (needs to be a legal reason, not that you are too cheap) then yes, you can get an easement to the nearest water source to your property (may not be this spring).

    You need to talk to the planning commission, find out why you do not have a well..

  4. Quizzard Says:

    No, you have no rights. Even if you had somehow acquired so called ‘squatters rights’ (and few places allow such a concept) by moving away you lost them.