Do John McCain’s connections to the oil industry concern you?

McCain recently tapped William Timmons to conduct a study in preparation for the presidential transition should he win the election.…

Timmons is a lobbyist, and he and his company are currently receiving 0k per year from the American Petroleum Institute.…

More than 20 top McCain advisers and fundraisers have lobbied for the oil industry.…

After McCain flip-flopped on offshore drilling (in May he said increased drilling was a bad idea, in June he was all for it), oil and gas industry executives and employees tripled their donations to his campaign, exceeding million in June.…

Does it concern you that McCain has such strong connections to the oil industry?

11 Responses to “Do John McCain’s connections to the oil industry concern you?”

  1. Rodolfo R Says:

    we’ve live 8 years with an oil president, guess we’re just used to it now.
    I’m more worried about 2932 other things about McCain

  2. Boss H Says:

    That and Palin Running Alaska for the oil companies.

  3. debra p Says:

    Yes. But the vast majority supporting him do not realize that they will NOT be oil magnates one day.

  4. Brian Says:

    A little but not as much as Obama’s connections to Islamo-terrorist groups..

  5. alphabetsoup2 Says:

    No, not at all, and, the oil industry supplys fuel to create value, and, 10’s of thousands of jobs in the process, my friend.

  6. badmotherrucker Says:

    Not really, I’m numb to that now.

  7. Practical Trig Help 101 Says:

    No, what concerns me the most is B. HUSSEIN Obama’s terrorist sleeper cell links and his Nigerian government back agenda. Don’t believe me, look at FOX NEWS

    HUSSEIN Obama wants to strangle small businesses and repectable oil companies. Oil companies care about the environment, just look at all the commericials put by Shell and Exxon.

  8. hdean45 Says:

    Not abs much as Obamas connection to ACRON.

  9. stanleys_2001 Says:

    I’m much more concerned with Obama’s connections.

    1) with a wife – who has known the very best has to offer – and yet has the the audacity to say: "for the first time – I’m proud of America". At AGE 40! and… because HER HUSBAND was nominated… that’s what it took!

    2) his association with REV WRIGHT
    3) Bill Ayers

    I’m concerned with where his MILLIONS of DOLLARS in CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS are coming from.

    and YES McCain did FLOP, not flip flop on domestic drilling… but that’s because he became convinced that AMERICA wanted it and is correct.

    To me – changing from a bad call to a good one… isn’t a flip flop – it’s a "good thing".

  10. michelle r Says:

    oils is the life blood of our country. If We treat them like the enemy or If we tax the hell out of them they will just pass the charges on to the consumer. I would too If i owned a big business, I will sell a pack of Gum for 50 cents. if the government taxes me 25 cents for that pack of Gum I will charge the consumer 85 cents . and I will hire less workers to create the gum. or go to another country to produce the gum . this is why barack Obomas Plan will not work to tax the rich they are the ones who give people jobs . Barack is a good man with good intentions but there are flaws in his plans.

  11. grump56 Says:

    I frankly think big oil has every damn one of them in their pocket. How else could they ignore this obvious monopoly?