Do only "Judeo-Christians" have property rights?

Or are the owners of park 51 allowed to build their community center on the land they bought? I thought individual liberty was a Conservative principle.
For example, should you be allowed to build a Christian Community center near where an Abortion Clinic was bombed?

7 Responses to “Do only "Judeo-Christians" have property rights?”

  1. chin Says:

    Technically only the state has property rights because if you don’t pay your property taxes they will take your property by force.

  2. Cartman Says:

    That center is going down faster than tower 1.

    Not by my hands, but somebody is going to burn it down.

  3. Southernmost Retired Veteran Says:

    Let the conservative have their fun. There are 600,000 muslims in the critical swing state of Florida that only has 18 million. They have always voted as a block for Republicans. I just looked it up after a YA user told me the same. There are twice as many Arab Muslim citizens in the US as Jews. They tell me that they are going to make Republicans pay. Let the thumbs down begin. I am so going to enjoy it like a pig in mud.

  4. wristshot Says:

    With all the property in New York is there any reason to put it there other than as an insult to America?
    Why has The Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed on 9/11 not been given the permits to REBUILD what was all ready there after 9 years of trying?
    But Mosque oh sure get started right away

    How many times has anyone built a Christian Church on the sight of a blown up abortion clinic?
    And if it did happen you could bet there would be plenty of liberal protesters trying to stop it.

  5. Martinicus The Mighty! Says:

    Why don’t you ask this question to those that lost loved ones in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001! Ask this this question to those that have a vivid memory, that were there! But you see, this is typical of liberals to have disrespect to those that have met their fate in at the WTC, in New York City, on September 11, 2001!

    EDIT: That is where you are WRONG! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a Christian! You see, you are wrong because you have made my point! You have ZERO respect for those that died in those towers on that day!

    How about if I were to go over to Moscow, and spit on Lenin’s Tomb! True, I more than likely would get arrested! But it would piss off liberals over here! I know that they would get a lynch mob on me as soon as my feet touched down on American soil!

  6. Ty Says:

    it’s disrespectful. 5 abortionist have been murdered in the history of abortion..5. Those VIOLENT pro lifers!!! You all are crazy. Islam murdered over 3000 people in one day. Get over it. We won’t destroy the mosque. That’s not our way. We will vote. lol

  7. Poke_the_Bear Says:

    Scarecrow, pay attention. Ok? Nobody is saying they can’t build the center. What people are saying is they shouldn’t build the center because it is a poke in the eye to the US. THAT is it’s main purpose for existing. There are plenty of mosques in NY. Ask yourself why this mosque has to be built there. The Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf presents himself as a moderate. He has published a book in cooperation with two affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, an openly terroristic organization. He refuses to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization and he minimizes terrorist atrocities. He is not a bridge builder. If he were, he would look at the polls and clearly see that a majority of the people do not want the Mosque there.