Do people realize Bush is not at fault for the energy crisis?

Read this:

‘Energy has enormous implications for our economy, our environment and our national security," President Bush said in proposing the plan. "We cannot let another year go by without addressing these issues together in a comprehensive and balanced package."

That was in June 2001 — more than seven years ago.

His words came just after he first proposed a comprehensive energy bill that included 105 separate steps the U.S. could take to boost its energy supplies. It was something he promised repeatedly while campaigning for the presidency in 2000. He kept his promise. His first plan included, among many other things:

• New drilling for more oil and gas and new refineries.

• Building of nuclear power plants.

• Revamping the U.S. electricity grid.

• billion in tax breaks to help push energy efficiency and alternative energy.

The fact is, these are remarkably similar to the plans that economists, oil experts and energy wonks say need to be put in place today in order to end our oil crisis.

Yet, those proposals went nowhere — not approved in 2001, not in 2002, not in 2003, not ever. Bush tried repeatedly to get something through Congress. He pleaded. He tried to cut deals with Democrats. It didn’t work.

A New York Times headline from August 20, 2003, sums it up: "Ambitious Bush Plan Is Undone by Energy Politics."

That’s an understatement. Instead, Democrats ridiculed Vice President Cheney for meeting with oil industry representatives to craft U.S. energy policy — and for insisting on finding more oil.

They had no plan themselves, mind you — apart from massively expensive global warming initiatives that would force Americans to lower their standard of living to Third World levels by spending as much as 0 billion a year to cool Earth.

Yet, if Bush’s plan had been put in place in 2001, we’d have replaced millions of barrels of oil, billions of tons of coal and untold trillions of acre feet of natural gas with clean, safe nuclear power.

We’d be pumping millions of barrels more of oil, creating thousands of American jobs, cutting prices and saving literally hundreds of billions of dollars every year —money that today goes to line the pockets of the Saudi royal family, Venezuelan petrotyrant Hugo Chavez, Libyan leader-for-life Muammar Qadhafi and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007, and oil was a barrel and corn a bushel, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised an energy plan. We’re still waiting for it. Today, crude oil is 4 and corn is .50.

It’s pretty clear who’s to blame: Congress. In fact, House and Senate Democrats have obstructed any progress in America’s fight to regain some semblance of energy independence.

"Now is the time for Congress to move and get something done," President Bush said all the way back in August 2003. He’s still waiting, and so are we.

Bush’s original energy plan, derided by the Democrats and so-called progressives as a wet-kiss to Big Oil, was in fact a visionary plan. At the time, Reid joked that GOP now stood for "Gas, Oil and Plutonium." Funny, we don’t hear anyone laughing now.

Such puerile shenanigans, as we’ve said before, endanger our security and weaken our standard of living.

Angry? You should be. Call your political representatives and tell them you want more energy, not less. If they won’t do it, tell them you’ll vote for someone who will.

Then maybe you’ll really get change you can believe in
Well now Chi, if the Democrats listened, we wouldn’t be in this crisis now would we?
You Liberals are retarded. I give you facts, you give me rants.

11 Responses to “Do people realize Bush is not at fault for the energy crisis?”

  1. jxt299 Says:

    Mr. Bush is responsible because he destroyed the value of the dollar. He did that with his unnecessary war, thats $2 billion a week blown out the country’s *** for absolutely nothing, and giving tax breaks to billionaires who never needed it, all financed by borrowing from Communist China. Yes, Communists hold the paper, they will determine our economic future. Thanks a lot. When the value of the dollar goes down, the cost of imports goes up. What do we import? Think hard…

  2. Chi Guy Says:

    Bush’s "words" do not match his policies. He and the GOP led congress had complete control for six years which is plenty of time to effect meaningful change to improve the quality of life for Americans.

  3. Dude Says:

    Liberals will continue to Bush-Bash him for everything. I am interested to see if Obama is elected president, if they will blame him for everything as well, or if they will deflect blame from him some how.

  4. Don P - Keeping 'em Honest Says:

    Bush made much of his fortune in the oil industry.

    Cheney made most of his fortune in the oil industry, and still gets over $9,000,000/year from Haliburton (which, I’m sure by coincidence, was granted no-bid, no competition contracts in Iraq – so much for the free market, huh?)

    Two oilmen in the White House.
    Record high oil profits
    Record high gas prices.

    Sure, no relationship whatsoever.

    And I got this bridge you might be interested in…

  5. Adam B Says:

    So what’s his excuse for not passing these wonderful measures through his rubber-stamp Republican Congress?

  6. Yep I said it! Says:

    uh huh…he is rich white dude with rich white dude parents!

  7. fdm215 Says:

    Because his policies and those of his cronies (see Phil Gramm, Phil Gramm’s wife) played a large role in creating this mess.

  8. Justin Case Says:

    Without Bush, conspiracy theorists wouldn’t have any monkey spanking material.

  9. Sky Says:

    How is drilling for 3% of our total oil reserves going to help us kick off the oil addiction?

    Where do you plan on putting all these nuclear plants in the first place? Which state is going to want another Three Mile Island in their back yard? What do you propose we do with all the generated nuclear waste afterwards?

    It’s all nice and all–defending Bush from his failures–but…YOU REALIZE…that he *was* President for the last 8 years and he didn’t HAVE any kind of energy policy worth mentioning–unless of course…you want to add all those trillions in tax breaks he gave to the energy industry as a way of flipping the bird to the rest of us Americans?

    Blaming Democrats is just another lame attempt to skirt the issue and dodge taking the blame for something you could’ve done WHILE THE GOP WAS IN FULL CONTROL OF CONGRESS AND BUSH WAS RUBBERSTAMPING EVERYTHING THEY GAVE HIM.

  10. fanaticsrscary Says:

    He had a majority Congress and Senate. He also promised to work bi-partisanally and he and his Republican cronies only divided the nation more. They did however, manage to set all time records for attaching pork to the bills they did sign. He pushed this supply issue to the brink with his "war on terror". He also said that the oil from Iraq would pay for the war. I think that was around the time of "Mission Accomplished". Now they have a huge surplus of money in their treasury they can’t figure out how to spend while we suffer record deficits that are helping to send our economy into the tank and weakens our dollar every day.

    All you are doing is making a case and reinforcing the fact that he is one of the weakest and most ineffective Presidents ever. And that’s not even taking into account the corruption of the Republican Party on his watch.

    I’m angry all right. Time for a Democratic House, Senate and WH. Though why they would want to clean up the disaster this administration leaves behind is beyond me.

  11. bigdogva99 Says:

    Bush is in charge of this country, so he take’s the blame.