Do Right Wingers still think that Bush invaded Iraq to free Iraqis and NOT for OIL?

Maybe they could explain why 4 American OIL Companies own ALL the OIL and Gas coming out of Iraq…

Maybe they could explain why there is a pipeline from Iraq through Afghanistan built to convey the Oil….

Maybe they could explain why the Military protect Oil drilling in Iraq and not the people…..

Maybe they want to consider why 9-11 happened in the first place.?
For the dumb, deaf and blind….


33 Responses to “Do Right Wingers still think that Bush invaded Iraq to free Iraqis and NOT for OIL?”

  1. justgoodfolk Says:

    Yes, I guess it makes them sleep at night.

    Launched in the name of "liberating" the Iraqi people the Iraq war has inflicted a catastrophe of world historic proportions upon their country and constitutes the greatest crime against humanity of the 21st century.

    In six years, the Iraq war has, by the most credible estimates, claimed the lives of over 1 million Iraqis, while leaving countless others wounded and maimed. Nearly 5 million people have been driven from their homes, either forced into exile or displaced in Iraq by US repression and sectarian violence.

    The US government and media have extolled the "improved security" situation in Iraq and the "return to normalcy." Such claims can only be made in comparison to the bloodbath that was carried out beforehand.

    US reconstruction efforts have done little or nothing for Iraqis, serving instead as a vast arena of corruption, providing billions of dollars in profits to politically connected contractors and fortunes for embezzlers. As Stuart Bowen, the inspector general for Iraqi reconstruction, acknowledged in a recent television interview, "Thirty-two billion dollars later, we don’t know a whole lot about what’s happened to that money."

    Meanwhile, nearly 30,000 Iraqis remain detained, most of them without charges, in US and Iraqi prisons, where torture continues.

    The majority of the American people opposes this war. Despite the relentless propaganda from the government and the media, they concluded that it was a predatory act based on lies. However, their repeated attempts to end it by means of the ballot box have proven futile, including with the election of Barack Obama as president last November.
    Sometimes the truth is just too much to take and people prefer to believe stories that don’t make them feel as bad


    YES The oil is still there.
    American oil companies are the most equip to deal with it.
    Pipeline is used to transport the oil to where ever it is purchased.
    Iraq is unstable, they need our military to help protect their most valued asset.
    Be gone foolish one.

  3. kathy059 Says:

    Maybe if all this was true gas would be under a dollar a gallon.

  4. aj Says:

    You are a kook lol

  5. [Moderately] Raging Bull Says:

    well, a program that caught my eye was "food for oil"

  6. Mark H Says:

    Do you know that Bush is no longer President? Do you have anything else to do in life?


    The right quit thinking decades ago and just do what Big Brother tells them, long since.

  8. lemontreesg Says:

    could i get a link

    what oil companies are they

    where are your facts so this is not a troll rant

    ROFLMAO at that story you cited

  9. Bruno Says:

    They are too biased, they can’t admit when they are wrong. You’ll see!

  10. Thomas SR Says:

    Bush invaded Iraq because he took the failure of his father to remove Saddam personally. It was a BAD idea. I think the oil issue is just a sideshow. The fact remains that America still has not received ONE DROP of oil from Iraq.

  11. ash Says:

    It’s pretty clear that we went to Iraq because we had lost our military bases in the region and needed a new country in which we could set up a permanent presence near the oil fields.

  12. NIkki Says:


    So johnson invaded Vietnam for rice, maybe?

  13. Henrietta Huges Says:

    If he did it for oil homo why did it go to $4 a gallon a few months ago? Where is all that oil genius?

  14. Trust in God,Not Obama Says:


    Kill tally: Approaching two million, including between 150,000 and 340,000 Iraqi and between 450,000 and 730,000 Iranian combatants killed during the Iran-Iraq War. An estimated 1,000 Kuwaiti nationals killed following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. No conclusive figures for the number of Iraqis killed during the Gulf War, with estimates varying from as few as 1,500 to as many as 200,000. Over 100,000 Kurds killed or "disappeared". No reliable figures for the number of Iraqi dissidents and Shia Muslims killed during Saddam’s reign, though estimates put the figure between 60,000 and 150,000. (Mass graves discovered following the US occupation of Iraq in 2003 suggest that the total combined figure for Kurds, Shias and dissidents killed could be as high as 300,000). Approximately 500,000 Iraqi children dead because of international trade sanctions introduced following the Gulf War.

  15. skonch01 Says:

    A pipeline through Afghanistan to move Iraqi oil? Map time!

  16. lonesailor Says:

    Operation Iraqi Liberation

  17. Lying Republican Moron Says:

    Many of them along with useful idiots do think so.

  18. c.n. Says:

    Good points, but I don’t think it is the right wing DNA to be able to ever admit they are wrong, ever. That’s why when they take a wrong turn, you might not see them for months.

  19. droid327 Says:

    a pipeline from Iraq through Afghanistan would carry oil through Iran (not Bush’s friends) into Pakistan (not Bush’s pockets)….explain to me how that works..

  20. ruth Says:

    Considering "freeing Iraqis" was taken care of when Saddam was captured, I’d say that’s a very limited view of why we went and are still there. I think you’ve posed two narrow views as if that is all the options or reasons we’d go and stay.

    I consider your extreme bias unworthy of further discussion. I’ve been around here for 2 1/2 years and this discussion is way tired.

  21. Dude Says:

    You apparently learned nothing over the last 7 years.

  22. Morpheus Says:

    I’m sure the people on the right still "Believe" that Saddam authorized 9/11 – that’s what Li’l Bush told them.

    A lie is just as good as the truth to a right winger.

  23. Sacra Veritas Says:

    Are you for real? Why don’t you just move on from it. It happened, 25 million people were liberated and are now living in a freedom they have never seen. Yes, oil is a big part of that countries wealth, and they are both grateful and intelligent.


    please move you obviously dont like it here.Why is gas $2.00 a gallon if we wanted the oil it would be free from Iraq ,right.You people never cease to amaze me .You think you are so intellectually superior but your premise is simplistic and conspiracy tinged paranoia

  25. Edward Says:

    No, they think that Saddam was involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. Dick Cheney and Fox News told them so, and those are good Americans who always put country first.

  26. someone has a broken wing Says:

    FREEEEEEEEEDOM all the way

  27. Edg1 Says:

    No free oil in my SUV. Gas is still wildly overpriced too.
    The reasons were not so simple as you think.There were many factors involved in the need to remove Hussein from power.Don’t be so simplistic. Hussein was guilty of mass genocide, invading other countries, planning an attack on Israel, torture, murder and so on.
    Who cares who gets the oil contracts? We are still paying for it.
    Hussein was taken out of power, tried and found guilty and put to death properly, legally and needfully.

  28. Steve M Says:

    Hey Einstein, go back and study the FIRST gulf war and then study the SECOND gulf war. Saddam was taken out because the inept Clinton administration failed to enforce sanctions that Saddam was breaking. Saddam was removed from power to protect our allies AND to protect the free flow of oil that we need in order to live. Why do you continue to make yourself look stupid knowing absolutely NOTHING about the war in Iraq?

  29. stratoframe Says:

    We ,as a collective group,ignore the reality of war,the causes of war,and the ugliness of post war survival in order to once again take it as it comes.Disregarding fiction as fact we move on.Or we live in the past.Would it be wise to implement a free energy society now?Would men and women living to 150 or 200 from right now be a good thing?We know now how,.It may not only skip our generation as well as the next few,but may be buried in history forever if hate is further propagandized.Also 56% of oil brought to Hawaii was directly from Vietnam.The BMW is made there for $i a day.

  30. jbcarl9991 Says:

    No Right Wingers are not worried about that no more. We are worried about Obama shaking hands with Socialist and saying sorry for the way all Americans act. Would love to ship all you LEFT WINGERS to another country. Why do you people still talk about the basics? Why do left wingers keep pointing out the same dumb facts? Are you an American? Do you believe all the garbage you read in the Left wing media? There are many reason the US went over there, just remember that it took both the Right Wingers and the LEFT Wingers to make that war happen. You people need to look for something that will help bring those to parties together or the Tea Party will grow and grow. LOL and you know we in the Tea Party are crazy.

  31. There -Take that Says:

    I think we should take their oil. Let them rebuild on their own dime.

    Why are we paying more now than we did before we went there?

  32. Smarty Kat Says:

    I think it is naive to think oil had nothing to do with it.

    But I also think it is overly skeptical to think oil was the only reason.

    There were many reasons Bush wanted to go into Iraq. And freeing the people from this maniacal torturer was one of the reasons. But establishing power in the middle east was another reason. And the fact that Saddam tried to kill Bush Sr was another reason. And, yes, oil, too.

  33. Napolitano should be fired! Says:

    So you say you are a humanist? Well, then what do you think of the assassination of those pirates by Obama? Humanist is not what you are, more like an Obama propagandist!! Black power, racism isn’t dead dude.

    Who else would we give it to France by your logic? We fight for their freedom, set them free, and do all the work and NOW you want us to give it to those who didn’t work!! To the victor goes the spoils dude, stop trying to fight obvious wisdom. Humanist who is REALLY an Obama ACORN Propagandist!!