Do u realy HAVE to beleive the israeli excuses for the GENOCIDE in Gaza ,or can u have ur OWN opinion?

Can u look at the FACTS ,numbers & live PHOTOS coming from Gaza and have ur OWN conclusion as to what REALY israel is doing against the UNARMED Palestinian ppl without being TERRORISED with the famous "Anti Semetic" word (by the way,Arabs r also SEMETIC race),
Or do u have to take what the israeli says for GRANTED and beleive them blindly,even if ALL the FACTS on ground says somthing else

.The FACTS say that:

-israel is occupying Palestinian lands (more than what was given to them by the UN with no right at all) since 1948 & in violation to more than 40 UN resolutions,refusing to give the land back to the Palestinians.
-israel built settlements on those STOLEN Lands ,which means they have NO intention to give it back.

-israel take the most advanced weapons from the us,
while the Palestinians r denied any weapons,which make it totaly UNBALANCED between the occupiers (israelis)& the real Land owners according to the UN(the Palestinians).
-The Palestinian resistance(Hamas) shoots small rokets on those ILLEGALL settlements (which is not on israeli Land according to the UN,its occupied Palestinian land),to force those land thieves settlers out,which is the right of everyone to resist occupation .
(Note that those rokets killed only 9 israeli settlers (3000 rokets) in 3 years,while israel killed 1400 Palestinian in the same period!!!)

-israel say that Hamas r terrorists & attacking israel?,and that they have the right to "defend themselves"?! while the fact is they r the occupiers & the invaders?!?
-israel also puts a BRUTAL siege on Gaza for about 2 YEARS,causing a humaniterian crisis & trying to starve the Palestinian to break their resistance will & force them to stop annoying the SETLERS on the Palestinian lands?!?!?!?

-The Palestinians refuse to GIVE UP,and kept resisting even under the siege.
-israel asks for a truce with the Palestinians for 6 Month,saying that they will take the siege off & stop attaking & in return the Palestinians should stop firing rokets on the occupied lands,

-The Palestinians agreed, to give the 1.5 Million Palestinian in Gaza a break to breath after 2 years of being under siege,so they stoped firing rokets.

-israel in return,did not take the siege off,and killed 40 Palestinians in the truce period with assasenations?!?!?!

So,Of course after the truce period ended,the Palestinians resumed their resistance .

-israel then started the worst MASS Massacres on Gaza last saturday,
Bombing the dense populated strip with tons of bombs & guided missiles,
Killing more than 570 Palestinians(30% of them women & Kids?!?!?!?),

Injuring about 3000 Palestinians(40% of them women & Kids),

Bombing Hospitals,Medical storages,Houses,Fams & Mosques while ppl r PRAYING inside?!?!?

and then israel say they r defending themselves???!!!!???!!!!
and all the world have to beleive & agree with the HOLOCAUST they r commiting against the real victims (the Palestinians)who had their land stolen for 60 years , gets bombed & called terrorists for trying to free it from the REAL TERRORIST,the israeli.
(Note,u can check those facts from any "neutral" news source)

Now,whats ur OWN opinion?

12 Responses to “Do u realy HAVE to beleive the israeli excuses for the GENOCIDE in Gaza ,or can u have ur OWN opinion?”

  1. Blard M Says:

    What’s the difference between Israel and Ted Bundy?
    Here are a few of my observations

    – Ted Bundy no longer kills women and children

    – Ted Bundy never clamed to be our ‘only friend’

    – Ted Bundy never got endles billions in tax dollars

    – Ted Bundy never attacked on of our ships

    – Ted Bundy never spied on the USA

    – Ted Bundy never got us into wars

  2. ivtecpakiness83 Says:

    israel is a big bully

  3. Slowhand Says:

    All is fair in love and war..

    The Israel’s haven’t been the good guys for a while…but come on…stop shooting rockets at them.

  4. Mr. Derp!!! Says:

    Palestinians are big bullies.

    Freaking whiny cowards…

    EDIT: Btw, homie, if you wish to be taken seriously, cut out the ranting, make a succinct point, and follow some of the basics of capitalization and sentence structure.

    Your statistics are worthless, also. Just as many can be thrown back at you showing Palestinian atrocity.

  5. vasiliki 。◕‿◕。 Says:

    Wow I couldnt have said it better than this.

  6. Obscure Says:

    haha, you are not gonna get proper answer for this because at this time of the day all the israeli trolls roam around the current event page.

  7. Justice!! Says:

    I totally 100% agree with u all the way….Hamas did NOT start this …for some of u who do believe so…..israel has started this since 1948…so how can u start something again when it has already begun 60 years ago and not ended….all the above what this person said is all true…if u really have thick heads and no hearts and just not human then just turn ur heads away and plz dont post ur ridiculous opinions when u know nothing of the truth…

  8. Mark S Says:

    I believe that if Hamas, a known terrorist group, wouldn’t have won the election that none of this would have ever happened. When the Palestinian Authority was in charge of Gaza there were no blockades by Israel. If the country next to you had a group in charge who’s own words are "destroy you" what would you wand your government to do? I hope you would want them to protect you. Why is it that none of the other territories aren’t having all these problems with Israel? Because they aren’t controlled by terrorist groups. The problem is Hamas. Israel at least warned that they would attack if the rockets didn’t stop.
    Israel only moved into the occupied territories after Egypt amassed 1,000 tanks and 100,000 troops on Israel’s border back in 1967. Every single thing Israel has ever done has been in response to Arab aggression. Israel was created by an international body. Jordan was also part of Palestine but I never hear anyone saying Jordan stole the land. The Arab countries didn’t threaten to destroy Jordan after they were created like they threatened Israel. It’s all because Muslims can not accept any other religion than theirs living in the area. I like they way after your long rant you say now what’s your opinion? Like you are daring someone to disagree with you.

  9. Trader G Says:

    Are you going to give your property back to the descendants of the original natives in the land where you reside? Of course you won’t. The government of Gaza knew the risks when they lobbed rockets into their neighbors yard; they are ultimately responsible for the collateral damage that ensues.

  10. Politically Incorrect Says:

    since when did muslims
    care more about land and borders
    than allah?

    i thought muslims were supposed to
    defend themselves
    not attack.
    how firing rockets at israeli civilians
    is defense,
    i’ll never know.

    i thought allah considered
    forgiveness as BEST.

    the best defense

    under the palestinian authority
    when the borders were quite relaxed
    what did the palestinians do?
    they robbed israelis of their
    high-priced cars and chop-shopped
    ’em in gaza.
    they smuggled drugs
    from gaza into sinai
    via that underground tunnel system.
    did the palestinians demand
    law enforcement from their
    nope. they allowed lawlessness,
    and thugs to rule gaza.
    now they are paying the price
    for their apathy.

  11. How_Would_I_Know Says:

    Funny how you forget to mention that the nation of Palestine could have been created 60 years ago, but Arabs refused because they though genocide would be more fun.

    Funny how you forget to mention that it was Arabs who started the wars.

    Funny how you forget to mention that Israel has made concession to further the peace process, and the Palestinians refuse to.

    Funny how you confuse "stopped firing rockets" with actually stopping firing the rockets.. because Hamas didn’t.

    Funny how you forget to mention that it was Hamas who started launching hundreds of rockets daily after the ceasefire ended.

    Funny how you forget to mention that Hamas has the stated goal of genociding every Jew in Israel as part of its charter.

    Funny how everything you’ve said is a lie. And you can see that by checking any credible news source.

  12. cpinatsi Says:

    Everybody has his own opinion. Even those who believe the one or the other side, they CHOOSE to believe that specific side and that is their opinion.
    This is not a matter of personal opinions. There is only one truth. And that is that people suffer and kids die. And regardless of whether Hamas is a terrorist group, if Israel wanted to be anything different than Hamas, it should have made sure that Palestinian people would live decently and not massacred.