Do we fix '98 Land Rover Disco LE-156K miles or sell for parts?

We are orig owners. The coolant was leaking so engine overheated and ruined cylinder head gaskets and water pump. Plus we have a ton of oil leaks that need fixed so they would reseal the engine. Total repairs would be ,400 but wouldn’t technically fix everything. We still would have transfer case and rear diff leak plus right front swivel house replacement would be recommended in approx 1.5 yrs.

Looked into used cars like Pathfinder, Outback and 4-Runner but we can’t really afford even a used car payment. But we are not sure it makes sense to sink in almost K into the Rover which would all go on a credit card. Desparately need advice! Thanks.

One Response to “Do we fix '98 Land Rover Disco LE-156K miles or sell for parts?”

  1. Jantiz Says:

    Use the money and buy another Disco around the same year with low milage and in much better condition, and keep the old one for future spares so that future repairs are practically free for the new one.

    Sounds like for whatever reason, your 98 is in preety bad shape. I have seen 98s in almost new condition before. Not worth dumping that kind of money and not have it all fixed. So either buy another and keep for spare parts, or find a good certified mechanic that will do the work at a fraction of what the stealership would charge you to fix it.