Do you agree with Bill Clinton?

Friday he said about 0bama’s energy policy "delays in offshore oil and gas drilling permits are rediculous "

Maybe he should get 0bama off the golf course and give him a kick in the butt!

4 Responses to “Do you agree with Bill Clinton?”

  1. Elliott N Says:

    I agree with Bill. He has common sense which is something the present president lacks.

  2. George Clinton Says:

    "The back of your head is ridickalus!"

  3. Reality has a Liberal bias Says:

    I guess you trust Clinton when he agrees with you, right?

  4. fYi Says:

    Bill Clinton has no room to talk. He was the one who left behind an impending crisis with his "Dream Act" that George Bush obviously wasn’t aware of or didn’t care about and that led us now to Obama who is like the blind leading the blind.