Do you agree with the Democrats plan to keep gas prices high in order to "wean " us of Petroleum products.

heres an article, I think we should do everything now!!! Drill, for natural gas, oil, invest in wind power, solar, everything. Do you agree? Reps. predict we will be having energy wars in the not so distant future. I don’t think this is a party problem, it’s everyones.
It’s all over the news, I believe what is in front of my face. Seriously, watch the news, read a news paper, you can’t miss it!!!!
Not that I’m a big Bush fan, but Bush warned us 7 years ago this would happen if we didn’t start drilling, but congress overturned it.
Southern is right 75% of Americans want to drill, they should respect the wishes of the people.
People have misconception about drilling, I live in Texas, WE DRILL, they go in drill, get the oil, leave like they where never thier, these are not permenant stuctures like in the movies with the oil derricks spewing oil, they use pump jacks, the derricks are removed after they drill the hole

11 Responses to “Do you agree with the Democrats plan to keep gas prices high in order to "wean " us of Petroleum products.”

  1. jakeb Says:

    You are 100% correct. Unless we want to drastic alter our standard of living, we need it all. Drilling, production, conservation, wind, solar, natural gas, everything. It seems to me that republicans do more for energy development than Democrats, the Dems just use it for political posturing, and they don’t care that it’s hurting the poor and middleclass.

  2. Oreo Schmoreo Says:

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  3. Lame Reality Says:

    Yes they certainly do

    Edit: yes mrjones a democrat definetley said it. look at my link and the op’s

  4. BERn Says:

    humans always work best when we r in stressful situations. If gas prices are high then we will scramble for a new source of energy. Makes sense. But, it could backfire real easy

  5. mrjonessr41 Says:

    Without looking at your source, I know that no Democrat said that they want to raise the price of gas to wean Americans of of it. That is just stupid,although it has been effective,unintentionally.

  6. Carl F Says:

    Generally speaking, I agree that higher prices certainly would provide a disincentive to use oil and gas and an incentive to make other sources of energy more affordable (relatively speaking) over the long term. Having said that, I am a capitalist and I think the more the government stays out of the economy, the better. While I might agree with their conclusion, I don’t like this approach to things.

    We may go to war eventually over energy. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  7. kimber129 Says:

    gas went up because bush is at the end, and he is desperate to scare americans into drilling in Alaska so he has a paycheck when he leaves office, this is NOT rocket science, but as soon as we figured out, that the supply and demand rant was a scam, oil dropped. It has NOTHING to do with the democrats , grow up

  8. southernbelle08 Says:

    I totally agree. We definitely need to do all of those things. I don’t know why the dems are being so stupid. 75% of Americans want to drill and they’re trying their best to stop it!

  9. mutantalbino Says:

    Once again they fail miserably to represent the electorate.

    "The point was underlined by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who said Democrats are not even permitting debate on legislation and amendments designed to increase the supply of oil and gasoline to U.S. consumers.

    "Today, the appropriations markup that was going to include amendments that would open up the outer continental shelf and maybe even shale in Colorado and Utah was canceled," she told the same Bloomberg interviewer. "It wasn’t postponed, it was canceled. So that indicates to me that the majority is not going to try to have an open debate, but I hope I’m wrong. If they have an open debate, and we’re allowed to have amendments, and we have a balanced plan that includes production in all the sectors, then I believe we can meet this problem in a bipartisan way, and that’s what we should be doing for America.""

    Think about it when you are voting.

  10. Jake Rather Says:

    Thats their plan, but I still bet someone takes matters into their own hands before its over, and send’em a massage to start drilling, I’m talking a message that they understand.

  11. ja133 Says:

    the democrats in congress are SCREWED UP. aparently they want america’s economy to go down and down and down. ever since they took over congress gas prices have been going up up and away.