Do you believe that dipping into our oil reserves to lower gas prices is dangerous for our nation.?

These oil reserves have been held back for an emergency. i.e. If the nation has to mobilize for a war or to react to a natural disaster. What if we use up our reserves in an era where drilling for new oil is prohibited.

Incidentally. Gas prices in San Franscisco are .25 a gallon…highest in the nation. I think they deserve that because they have imposed Nancy Pelosi and her policies upon the rest of us. te te te te LOL

7 Responses to “Do you believe that dipping into our oil reserves to lower gas prices is dangerous for our nation.?”

  1. fried crickets Says:

    Is anybody waiting in a big line to buy gas? Is gas being rationed? The answers are NO. There’s plenty of gas. The speculators are driving up the prices and the oil companies are making huge profits. Go ahead, dip into the oil reserves. This nation isn’t going to war with Russia or China or Germany again any time soon.

  2. gibbon_mss Says:

    Oil is depleting sooner than we think. By dipping into oil reserves at such a time might resolve a short-term problem of rising gas prices but there is a huge risk, based on the past few years of oil prices, that the oil price will keep on increasing and your country will have to pay more for more oil for your country’s reserves.

  3. Jim Says:

    We are al paying more because of speculations, not disruptions in delivery. Once again, people fleece us based on what might or could happen if………

    It’s just wall street being wall street again.

  4. Craig C Says:

    We need to move away from oil fast because it is quickly depleting and one day, very soon nations will begin fighting for the last drops.

  5. johntrottier Says:

    The idea that we "dip into the strategic reserve" would be useful if the current increase in the price of gas was due to inadequate supply.
    However this is not the case. There is plenty of oil available and there is excess capacity available to handle any disruption caused by Libya.
    Inadequate supply is not the problem.

    The problem is the devaluation of the dollar by the Fed, printing Billions every month and flooding the system with paper that has nothing to back it up.
    This program is called QE2 – look it up – it’s real and happening right now.
    Bernake will tell you that they are "stimulating the economy"
    Hey – Main street – Do you feel stimulated?
    Do you see 50 Billion Dollars a month flowing into your pocket?

    But Wall Street does. All this money is pouring into Wall Street, blowing a huge bubble in the stock market and making Benake’s buddies on the street richer than they already are. This is "stimulating" the economy!!!

    In the meantime, our dollar buys less, because it’s worth less. The worlds oil markets trade in dollars. The value of the dollar goes down, and the price of oil goes up, which means it costs more to fill my tank.

    We are being stimulated alright – as in a cattle prod on my a**

  6. cbjack Says:

    Selling some of the oil in the reserve will drop the price of oil. Then the oil can be bought back at a lower price. Making a tidy profit and saving the economy from another recession.

    But Obama is no smarter than Bush was.

  7. Boris Catrell Says:

    Whatever we do;

    We will be screwed.