do you ever wonder if answers is just AI artificial intellegence .?

i get so many canned answers and no real substanative answers .
its like a political who’s who in america left and right and no middle ground for rational annalyses or even thought going on .simple question what is stealing .
YOU can show examples like is underpaying illegal mexican workers stealing or does it go deeper —-to the land owners who avoid taxes and insurance that all legal business pay.
try to define some stealing thats happening in america.

12 Responses to “do you ever wonder if answers is just AI artificial intellegence .?”

  1. csme Says:

    Diffidently artificial intelligence. If I’m gonna ask a question I would like to get a real answer with some real thought behind it. Even if they disagree with others at least I am seeing to sides of a true argument. Instead most of what you get around here is not based on any real thought at all. Case and point more people talked about your leaving out one letter in your question than actually answered your question.

    As far as the stealing goes I would have to say social security comes to mind. The government taxes the crap out of the working class to cover social security. The money was supposed to stay in a separate fund to cover our aging population. It is being used for other things. This year there will be no cost of living increase for social security because they say they didn’t make enough money in investing the money. Where did the money go?

  2. madison018 Says:

    no, im not paranoid.

    i think what you mean by canned answers is b/c so many people are IGNORANT AND STUPID and think they know everything and no one seeks the TRUTH anymore.

  3. smudgeward Says:

    This does not compute…..

  4. Besmirched Tea Says:

    Bush stole a couple of elections…

  5. Rhapsody Says:

    You have horrible grammer and I don’t understand a single thing you just said. Please think our your words before you post them.

  6. armstrong_billie_j Says:

    It also stands for American Idiot

  7. MyNameIsUnimportant Says:

    Please rephrase your question

  8. Mister Truth Says:

    Lay off of the weed, libbie.

  9. flamingo_sandy Says:

    Canned? You mean like copied and pasted from websites? Geez, dude. When someone asks a question I assume they want a CORRECT answer and not some made up "uncanned" bull.

    Find something more important to think about. Like learning capitalization and sentence structure.

  10. onceuponachildsdream Says:

    Your thought patterns are refreshing and require me to actually think. Please rephrase. I’ll look for your question in the morning. Off to work now…

  11. C P R Says:

    Banks in the last 15 years have gotten outrageous with their fees. They hold deposited funds so that debits hit your account before depoits, then charge 34 dollars or more as a fee. This is stealing to me. Interest rates on credit cards going up from 7% to 50% because you missed one payment. This is stealing to me.

  12. Nosy Parker Says:

    Let’s see, there’s pilfering from work, shoplifting, i.d. theft, mugging, embezzling, etc, etc, etc.

    I don’t think this site is just AI, because there’s ‘way too much weirdness in here!