Do you feel we have a thriving economy as Bush stated?

Frankly, with the housing market crash, the cost of gas prices, and the rising cost of electricity and natural resources, I don’t see what is so good about it. Maybe during 2003-2005 we had a couple good years, but right now it’s a mess.
Of course this is just my opinion. How do you feel about the state of our economy?

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  1. Says:

    As far as the global economy it is good. But what is happening now is the economy is going to crash. I live in Michigan and it hasn’t been good since 9/11. Keep in mind that the economist always look at numbers that are like 2 months old. What we need is the fed to cut rates, so we could get inflation in check and maybe even some Deflation.

  2. Mr. Peabody Says:

    Terrible like father like son.

  3. sagaczar Says:

    no- bush is a disaster for the americans, think about katrina, hows it going there, enough houses?

  4. Johnny Reb Says:

    If you call $8.00 an hour jobs a good economy, then you live in da right country!

  5. Kellie Says:

    No I don’t think we have a thrieving economy. Maybe for those who are already rich! I live in Michigan where the unemployment rate that I last heard of was 7.2 % and in a list of the 10 worst states economy we were at the top of the heap. Somethings not right, because when Clinton was in office we were doing a hell of alot better then we are now.

  6. crushinator01 Says:

    Its good for the rich people, but for the middle class and lower class people that slice of the american dream is getting smaller and smaller.

  7. Senza Says:

    It’s the same in Canada too!!!
    Not good!!!

  8. Goldenrae9 Says:

    I read an article that called this era the new "Gilded Age". It’s thriving for big business and the top 1%. A lot of the more common man is struggling.

  9. Sloan R Says:

    I agree. It is a huge facade. The only thing behind it is printed, paper notes backed by nothing.

    The reciepts for goods in your pocket book are worth more than the money that you used to purchase the products because they are proof of ownership (title) on real property. The money is proof of title to nothing. Money’s worth is directly equatible to peoples confidence in it. That is all it is worth, our belief that it is worth something. In truth it is nothing but paper and ink. By the way I am THE ALL AMERICAN!!!!

  10. Max R Waller Says:

    It depends on your point of view and if you are benefiting.

  11. CluelessOne Says:

    No – I think Bush is a complete idiot! Look at all his right hand, left hand, underhand men backing out on him! Wonder why?

  12. Chazman1347 Says:

    In certain areas, yes. Oil. Tobacco. AMA. But, not when you look at the automotive industry, computer industry, and the other large manufactures that opted out of the country when Clinton gave us NAFTA. Nothing Georgie could do about that one because it has a time restraint on it. But, it is something that needs to come down as soon as possible. We invent or create ideas for 75 to 80 percent of new technology, but we have it mass produced somewhere else. If the companies are getting rich but no one has jobs to pay for what they have to offer, I would say the economy is down.

  13. igi Says:

    for the top 1%

  14. TedEx Says:

    oh, I just miss the double digit inflation and gas shortages of the Jimme Carter administration.

  15. tomjohn Says:

    it’s great if you are wealthy. some people are making a bundle. others aren’t. bush doesn’t care about them, it seems to me. there might be a lot of jobs, but they pay squat. maybe that’s why he wanted amnesty for the illegals.

  16. adio_J Says:

    Tanking Economy Thanks to Clintoon…HaHaHa. I’m waiting for the Bushie Tribe to figure out how this isn’t his fault. Savings and LOans, Banks etc. This is the classic Republican redistribution of wealth tactic.

    Now the middle class will be hit. Of course they will blame Dems. In 8 yrs economy will fllorish, and Pukes will again deride high taxes…and the cycle will repeat…except, what is the elevation of the Capital above sea level? Maybe it will be the same story, but just at a higher elevation.

  17. wazz_up_144 Says:

    we are in a slump thanks to his 1.2trillion dollars that he has thrown away in Iraq, and the oil reserves he has emptied for the army

    i think i could run the country better than bush

  18. lovingdaddyof2 Says:

    Still in excellent shape. Look at the bigger picture. The housing market is a cyclic thing caused by the investors trying to make fast cash.

    I am an economist by training. I have 3 different degrees in two fields.

    Your sector may suck at the moment, that just means that it is time to look to other opportunities or to change your strategy so that you build long term equity rather than short term cash.

  19. Fishguy Says:

    There is no opinion, this is a question of fact. Learn a little about economics and look at the hard numbers and you will see without any opinion or feelings required that it is in fact one the best economy’s the world has ever seen. Period.

    All of the slackers who keep whining about how the sky is falling and how they can’t get a better than minimum wage job are going to be in for a hard reality check when the economy really does take a downturn as it inevitably will. It’ll happen a lot faster and harder if a Democrat gets elected; history has shown it always does.

  20. Bob A Says:

    They’ve been telling us inflation is low..but as long as the Federal Reserves keep printing money..our money value decreases. With the sub prime mortgage crashing, wall street crashing..countries keep printing money and screwing with interest rates.. Its all going to come down hard.

    Keep in mind, our inflation numbers are BS. .since the 3 main elements of life aren’t, energy and housing.. the statistic has become Government propaganda to keep the sheep optimistic. Lets face it.. Wall Street is nothing but "speculation".

  21. commorancy Says:

    Bush is a lame duck President and is on the way out. So, he’s biding his time until he’s shuffled out the door. So, in answer to your question, the economy is coasting without real leadership at the moment.

    Prices are heading higher, the housing market is tanking (but prices aren’t going down like they should be), tech jobs are being sent overseas, the markets are overpriced, businesses are getting rich and the middle class is strapped to make ends meet.

    Other than the housing fiasco, it’s been this way since Bush took office. So, what else is new?

  22. Scott U Says:

    I’m making more money than ever before, and I’m enjoying it.

  23. mr koolaid Says:

    yes, I can feel it trickle down my legs.

  24. housewrkrm Says:

    I know that for me, things are going fine. I have more than I could ask for, my family and I have our health and we get to do whatever we want when we want. I see that as the American dream that my family and I have worked so hard for. Look at how your family is doing, are you in worse shape than you were 7 or 8 years ago? I’m not, I pay more in gas, but here in Washington, we pay taxes on all kinds of stuff that is more than most other states have to pay. I think if we all look at our own situations and not watch the black helicopter media reports, we would be, for the most part, no worse off than we were before. My retirement forcast has gotten better as well recently, the economy is definitely starting to improve. But people will blame our government for anything that will avoid them taking any personal blame or accountability!

  25. margie s Says:

    Its terrible your right everything is costing more and more and wages are frozen. They are fooling themselves there is nothing good about this economy. On TV yesterday they were talking about the unemployment numbers and that they are wrong. Because the way the administration counted them was if you fell off the unemployment roll they counted you as employed how sick is that. When bush came in i paid 22 dollars to fill my car up now it’s more like 60.00 no ones wages goes up that fast.

  26. Ryan_x13 Says:

    Thriving economy?! That’s a joke right? Besides making America more in debt and killing off the people in our military leaving us unprotected and vulnerable for no good reason (the war on terr), the number of unemployed has skyrocketed through the roof! Not to mention as you said the housing market crash, the cost of natural sources and hell a gallon of milk costs more than gasoline!
    Hell, next he might as well suggest what happened in Soilent Green!(if you don’t know, it’s where they recycle the elderly and other "low lives" into pellets for food for the more "upper class) With a president as bad as him, we might be there sooner then we realize.

  27. S G Says:

    Nope, Bush is wearing his Rove…err rose colored glasses.

  28. CAT Says:

    It’s good if you got off your rear, earned a degree and found a good job. Most of the people that gripe in this country don’t have a college education that would allow them to live a better life.

  29. Zman Says:

    we do our employment percent has gone up so much

  30. SalKnows Says:

    The republicans are right. The economy is booming. BUT, the numbers don’t tell the whole truth. The price of everything is going up. That means that companies are making more money. The problem is that wages have not gone up. We are getting paid the same and paying more for everything. This benefits only the people on top. Also the unemployment numbers are down. BUT those numbers don’t tell the whole story either. Many people (including myself) have had to take a second job to make ends meat. That is where the numbers lie. We have the highest deficit in our nations history. We owe other countries so much money. It’s almost like we no longer own our own country. Republicans are either IDIOTS and can’t see because of their loyalty to their party. Or they just don’t really care about the truth.

  31. felixthecat Says:

    You hit the nail right on the head. It’s like a game of smoke and mirrors. We’re hearing how everything is ‘thriving’ and yet, there are the issues you raised and even more importantly — people are living on credit!!! No one seems to own anything anymore — everything is either mortgaged, leased, or being paid off by ‘monthly minimum’ payments on credit cards. It’s very, very scary. I’ve been like Chicken Little these past several years, saying "The sky is falling down." No one seems to comprehend the fact that we need to do the simple math — you can’t keep spending $150 when you only have $100!!! You are absolutely right — the only thing that we can’t do is say that Bush is solely responsible because he is engaging in some false representation here. (Do not take this to mean that I am defending Bush, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that he was the best this country could do — but don’t get me started here — I can’t believe we don’t have any better talent than what’s in the running now either!) No matter who is in charge they will ‘huff and puff’ their nonsense. At the end of the day we are each responsible for our own fiscal situation. We will never have leadership that will be able to insure our financial success. Some of the fault will be on our leadership and their failure to use fiscal responsibility; but we too need to get real!!!!

  32. truth Says:

    Yes we do and the fact that after 911 we came back and hit the highest ever marks on the trade.

  33. Philip H Says:

    You are right about the housing market crashing.
    All who have lived long enough could easily see that coming due to overpaying for real estate by "not-too-sophisticated" investors and loose policies on lending less-than-secure moneys to people who couldn’t qualify for a credit card.
    Before that we had the big "dot-COM" bubble under the Clinton administration which burst near the end of Clinton’s reign, and left Bush wit the tough task of correcting that crash.
    That was caused by "investors" gambling on stock issued by companies that never showed a Profit and never had assets to back their stocks. It was tantamount to gambling, or a pyramid scheme.
    Before that it was the loan fraud that collapsed the home-loan associations. Another "get-rich-quick" scheme.
    These misguided investment schemes date back to well before the "Great Depression" and are always powered by greed and always fail, eventually.
    Be aware of them. Don’t blame Bush, put the blame where it belongs, on people who want something for nothing.
    It WILL happen again, we only have to wait to see HOW it will occur.
    Beware of FAST profits. Few win big time and those who do, do so at the expense of many others.
    The government should NEVER "bail-out" the losers, it only encourages more fraud at the expense of the rest of us.
    They should go after those perpetrating any deception or fraud, but in real estate a "buyer-beware" policy usually prevails.
    Regarding gas prices.
    The competition for fuel is now world-wide.
    China and India have populations in the billions, rapidly improving economies and all want to drive cars.
    No thinking person can assume the gas prices will EVER get back to the pre-boom levels. It is the law of supply and demand and the demand will always be greater than the supply.
    China and India producelittle to NO petroleum.

  34. Kevin Says:

    We have a thriving economy as Bush has stated. Based on unemployment, the value of the dollar, the consumer price index, and the vast majority of all other variables used to measure the economy, we are well into a growth cycle. It isn’t quite as vigorous as maybe 2004, but it’s growth.

    The cost of gas stinks, and so does the cost of electricity, but in general, you are better off with a job and high gas prices, than no job, and cheap gas.

    The housing market hasn’t crashed. Ask someone in LA or North Dallas or Phoenix what their house value has done lately. It’s gone up, more dramatically than it should have as well. New house building has gone crazy in most major metropolitan areas of Texas. There are small pockets where over-building and speculation have dropped the market, but not when you look at the general normal person in a normal town’s house.

    If you were sitting on a house you couldn’t sell, or were laid off yesterday, or were trying to pay for gas on a really low yearly income of something like 18k because you are inexperienced, or working in menial labor jobs, then, $2.50 for gas is going to be painful. However – there’s over 300 million Americans. The health of the economy is based on the overall average.

    Bottom line – Bush is right. It’s not a mess. It’s fine.

  35. BekindtoAnimals22 Says:

    The expensive gas has caused things to take a nosedive. The price is now going down. I’m hoping that has a positive effect. That is unlikely to fix the housing crisis though.

  36. peepers98 Says:

    The thriving economy relates only to the quarterly profits posted by corporations. These strong profits reflect two different scenarios. One scenario is the corporations that are doing work in Iraq. Remember, these companies were given contracts on a no bid basis. No bid basis means unlimited profit. This includes oil companies! Second, companies that outsource your jobs overseas to reap the cheaper labor & then ship the products back to America & charge the American people the same as they did when it was "made in America". Corporate America owes the American people, Thru their hard work they made these companies what they are today. Oh, i forgot one thing, the tax breaks for the wealthy. That in it’s self made their economy thrive!
    As for the working middle class, their economy is stagnate, going nowhere!

  37. Big Daddy D Says:

    The President has very little to do with economics he can appoint people but he can not set loan rates or approve or disapprove loans ,he does not tell people to invest in any certain stock or to sell any certain stock,he does not tell anyone to go to school or to drop out ,he does not tell people to buy houses they know they can not afford,or to run up credit cards they can not pay back,Americans control the economy if you have confidence in the economy you will buy and spend if you feel uncertain you will save or tighten your spending habits these more than anything determine the fate and state of the U.S. economy

  38. FatPizza Says:

    A recession looms. The economy did rock for a while and recovered well after 911. The crackdown on illegals, incredibly inflated housing market, creative financing on mortgages, and ever increasing imports from China, as well as the $5 a gallon that gas will soon cost, all add up to some dark days ahead.

  39. Daniel M Says:

    You know it’s funny… Many people don’t realize the president isn’t the one calling the shots. Congress and the senate have most of the power. If you really want to point fingers for issues look at yourselves. "gas is so high!" How many of you drive a car that gets 25+mpg on average? "The housing market has plunged" Greed has over-inflated the housing market but the biggest reason is the mortgage companies doing un-ethical business and look at all the foreclosures!!! We have no one to blame but ourselves. The presidential office has little to do with the economy. The global economy is what is effecting our economy, which in reality isn’t to bad. The Clinton administration allowed China to dictate our economy. "we want to have good products but don’t want to pay for them" Hello China!!! "Let’s outsource everything because we can make more profits" There goes the jobs… People, people, people!!! Wake up!!! These problems we’ve caused ourselves! No one president can screw up or fix the US!!
    Start taking some accountability for your actions and stop believing everything the media is telling you.
    By the way, if you want things to get better in our country you better not vote for Hillary!

  40. JustAskin Says:

    It’s not a matter of how any of us feel. The facts speak for themselves. The Dow has reached record highs recently, unemployment is down in all but one state (Michigan), GDP is high. All the indicators of a strong economy are there. My personal economic outlook is better than ever, in spite of living in Michgan. It’s not a feeling, it’s a fact.

    If you want to bash Bush, do it with something with some teeth: amnesty for illegals, the prescription drug entitlement bill, the lack of movement on solving the social security mess. You just aren’t going to gain traction on the economy. Just the way it is.

  41. Jose R Says:

    The economy is as strong a you are before you drown if you are below middle class and as strong as you are when drowning someone if you are above middle class.

  42. Ahcho N Says:

    Housing market crash? Girl what planet do you live on? I just bought a house that I never cold have in the previous 8 years. The economy is the highest it’s been in history. You’re just another lying liberal trying to spin BS and false assumptions.

  43. tompink Says:

    It looks like stockholders are doing all right,
    but the "record low unemployment and creation of new jobs"
    is misleading since so many new jobs are part-time/no benefits. The stockholders want companies to cut costs, so often companies will lay off full timers, cut employee benefits, outsource, offshore, hire illegals, all kinds of dirty tricks that only help the investors.

  44. Thomas B Says:

    It is ironic that those who have now have more. I’ve never done better, while those who have not have even less. The irony rests in how the Republicans in the early years of the Bush Administration through mouthpieces such as Rush Limbaugh promulgated support from poor red state blue collar people to support the Republican party. The Republican party of course continued and continues to support big biz and investors.

    I really feel sorry for the poor working class slobs who support the Republicans because of insignificant wedge issues such as gay marriage while the Repubs stick it in the working class slobs’ back pocket. I guess we will never cure stupid.

  45. Sageandscholar Says:

    Unemployment is low and growth has been solid.
    There are however some concerns.
    First and foremost the source of the positives. Bush fans will swear that it is due to the tax cuts. But some problems arise with this. The tax cuts it is argued would promote investment. These would lead to job growth. But the job growth we have seen in Bush’s second term (there was none in his first) have been limited to certain sectors of the economy – largely ones that have benefitted for Bush’s deficit spending (eg energy, military contractors). On top of this we have not seen the increase in savings and greenfield investment that Supply Side theory would argue is necessary.
    So it would seem that the growth has been largely due to Keynsian factors driven by this administration’s increased spending.
    The second major issue is the sustainability. Whether of not the spending is the source of the growth it is amassing significant deficits (talk of cutting these deficits mean we borrow less each year – not start paying it back). This money needs to be borrowed and hence incurs interest. This has two negative effects. The government’s borrowing creates and extra demand for money, pushing up interest rates and crowding out private sector investment. It also incurs interest which reduces the amount of benefit we can get from our tax dollars going forward.
    There are issues with the US economy at present but the real dangers await in the near future without a significant change in policy to debt and spending.

  46. Neil R Says:

    It`s so hard to say because accounts are trained to make their reports make things look a certain way. Those of the top echelon anyway. I think that the strength of the dollar against all foreign currencies is the best indicator. I might be wrong but I think that it`s slipping. We don`t hear much about the inflation rate anymore, but that is very important.