Do you like Obama's energy policy?

Obama said yesterday that he would increase prices on oil, natural gas, and coal. Economists say that is the ‘Trifecta of disaster’- the ‘Perfect Storm’ if you will. It will inflte the price of everything that is transported (which means EVERYTHING). You have already seen the effect from that at the grocery store. That policy would be murderous to the poor who are struggling as it is. I guess they don’t teach economics in Law School.

I am not in love with McCain’s stance about not drilling in ANWAR and other places, but I think he will see the light and come off of that due to the current energy situation.
Mike M- Oil was less than half what it is now two years ago when the Dems. took over Congress. Anyone with a pulse knows that congress is MUCH more responsible for the economy than the President.

Dimitri – Unemployment is STILL lower than the best Clinton year. It was at 4.8 before the Dems. took over Congress.

11 Responses to “Do you like Obama's energy policy?”

  1. Paola Says:


    McCain flip-flops whenever it becames politically expedient to change his mind. For such an environmentalist and maverick in he’s party he’s really turned out to be a hypocrite and a coward. It’s not going to have huge longterm effects except on the environment. Even if the US drilled all over the country we’d only have 2-3% of the needed national supply.

    McCain needs to stop pretending to be an environmentalist. McCain has a 0 rating while Obama has a 96 from The Conservation Society. If he was a such an environmentalist he wouldn’t support offshore drilling and the gas tax holiday which would increase carbon emissions.

    Drilling will only cause prices to go down about a nickel over the next decade at the best. It’s not going to have huge longterm effects except on he environment. Even if the US drilled all over the country we’d only have 2-3% of the needed national supply. We can’t depend on oil. We have to find alternative sources of energy.

  2. red Says:

    Depends on what he’s smokin’.

  3. dimitri Says:

    yes and as well the other changes that he proposed.

    When you study both candidate closely, you will learn where each candidate stands from on the key issues that hardworking Americans want help with.

    Changes that American are hungry for , who will bring them?

    the first issue is the economy, the unemployment rate is now 5.5 percent. Price of gas and food had gone up and people who do not make a lot money are suffering.
    * in one city alone there is more than 600 houses in foreclosure because the government doesn’t support the people. Many lobbist in Washington are part of the problem. The lobbist in the the Republican party are in the interest of the elite, people who owns oil companies, pharmaceutical comp. The lobbist do not want to pay a lot tax, so the middle class is suffering because they have to pay more tax than the rich.

    3, college is expensive and the loans companies are making money on the students.
    4. Healthcare and insurance is a problem, many people can’t afford insurance, especially low income familes.

    5, the war, it takes 10 billion per month to stay in Iraq.
    The politics in Washing ton needs to be fixed and the middle class families needs to get a break from paying Higher taxes than the rich. Senator Obama says that these are the problems that the county face. I believe that with the help of senator Clinton and other democrats, the problems such foreclosure, health insurcance, saftety and the costly war will be resolve. but they have to clean up the mess first. I believe the democrats will bring changes because they are in the interest of the people, not in the insterest of the lobbist or the elite or the oil industries. They can bring changes in many people’s life who are now suffering.
    as POW he voted against a bill that will give soldiers more benefits in term of finishing their college for free.
    Lastly, the republicans also vote against a bill that will reduce the price of gas on the hard working Americans because they make profits on the oil industry. They work for lobbyist mostly.

    If you want change I think Obama and Clinton wants to help middle class and hard working Americans.

    I will vote for him for the above reasons.

  4. Mike M Says:

    Oil 40.00 a barrel when Bush took office, now 133.00
    never in the history of the world has their been such a disaster in oil prices, that’s a trifecta

  5. TAT Says:

    How can anyone like a policy that increases the prices of oil, natural gas and coal. Are they not high enough? Isn’t the govt making enough off of energy. This is ridiculous. He could say we were going to start using elephant dung instead of oil and his supporter would think it is a good idea. All they care about is that the govt pay for their needs. They want their health care covered for free. They want college for free. They want low housing costs. They want to be bailed out anytime the overextend themselves and only a Dem would do that.

  6. Emi M Says:

    i afree with red! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. girlygurl23 Says:

    I do not like his energy policy. He talks about windfall profit tax, but that was implemented in the past, and failed.

    Besides talking about taxing, our policy should have both short term and long term plan.

    Short term, we need to increase supplies, which should include ANWAR along with coastal area.

    Long term, we need to give incentives to develop alternatives so that eventually we can get off oil.

    Bashing big oil is not the solution.

    btw- there was a audio clip of him saying "i would not have prefered to see the rates go up this fast." Does this mean that he would have liked to see rates go up though?

  8. Louis S Says:

    I don’t care what kind of policy Obama proposes, he strikes me as the kind of person who is so dis-connected from reality, and so ill-informed about the inner-workings of the U.S., that he has no true definition of the big picture; whether it be the economy, the war in Iraq, foreign policy, the housing crisis, etc. He’s counting on his buddies like Wright, Farrakhan, Ayers, Jackson – to dictate policy, and educate him in how they themselves want policy to be written. And they don’t look at the big picture either.

    Obama is Clueless.

  9. Happy as a Clam Says:

    and he would raise taxes on the retired also…. tapping into retirement savings with his greedy little mitts

  10. catmaninmo Says:

    I havent heard one thing this idiot is proposing that makes any sense. NO Obummer!

  11. unskilled idiot Says:

    Don’t worry,

    Global Poverty Act of 2007
    A bill to require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day.

    Obama’s looking for a "free lunch". he’s gonna give it to those people, but you gonna have to pay for it.

    If the dolla keeps fallin, we ain’t gotta feed em righ?