Do you like Obama's policy of banning oil and gas drilling and depend on the Middle East?

In view of the current turmoil in the Middle East, I wonder if this policy of depending on Mexico for gas (even if we have bountiful local reserves) and partially on the Middle East is worth it.

4 Responses to “Do you like Obama's policy of banning oil and gas drilling and depend on the Middle East?”

  1. Mr Miyagi wants a kiss Says:

    Obama has messed-up oil production in the USA for years. There are very few oil platforms in the World. The best oil platforms are used by BP and large companies like them. These companies do not hang around and they have already started to move the oil platforms away from the USA to India, Russia and Africa, America will not see these platforms for another 15 years so the price of oil in the USA is about to go through the roof.

  2. Carol Says:

    Thank you, President Carter. I find it troubling that some people are finally waking up (40 years after Carter) to the ugly and unnecessary truth that America does, indeed, "depend on the Middle East."

    If these same people had listened to President Carter, and we as a nation had been cutting back on our energy usage – even just a little – and had spent the last 40 years RESEARCHING and developing alternative energy….then we would not care one whit about what’s happening in the Middle East today because we would have LONG BEEN energy independent.

    And YES. I support the banning of oil and gas drilling — although that is actually NOT President Obama’s policy.

  3. Dr. Insanity Says:

    Yes because I really doubt he will be elected again, even if he does cheat.. again.

  4. Bulldog Says:

    By doing this,he is forcing the price of oil and gas up,so his favorite coal,will be the best option.What is ironic here,is that if any other industry did this,it would be called price fixing or price manipulation,which is illegal.