Do you people realize that McCain himself admitted drilling for oil will not produce immediate results?

He also said it would lower gas by a dollar maybe. Even that was speculation. And no i won’t provide a link! If you don’t keep up with "your candidate" you shouldn’t be voting.
Tom – Yes you DO have "common sense". That ain’t sayin’ much. Get some "Good Sense". And the POW thing. I served my country as well. Not by rotting but through the mission. It has nothing to do with his ability to make policy for MY country.

12 Responses to “Do you people realize that McCain himself admitted drilling for oil will not produce immediate results?”

  1. ugotthat Says:

    Yeah but somehow they have a tendency to overlook the facts. Like a weak dollar, $10 TRILLION in debt and $1.4 BILLION and $283 MILLION bombers that crash isn’t exactly helping gas and oil prices.
    Like a nickle per gallon gas tax elimination will save a 12 gallon gas buy 60 cents or $2.40 per month while our roads and bridges collapse. If supply is such a problem one should wonder why didn’t the oil companies use the hundreds of leases they already have as opposed to drilling in the wildlife preserves? Come to think of it weren’t the oil companies supposed to build refineries or some such with those tax breaks Bush gave them? Isn’t that the Republican line of thinking? Well I think America is waiting. BTW Exxon’s CEO did get a $30 MILLION bonus. I guess that was one use of our tax dollars at work.
    For the social program nitwits out there between the $1.683 BILLION crashed bombers and the $30 million Exxon bonus
    8.565 MILLION Americans could have gotten a $200 physical
    instead of the nothing we got.

  2. darcy m Says:

    They just ignore facts

  3. ACiD Says:

    Coolio, when did you learn how to read and write?

  4. gregory_dittman Says:

    Lowering $1 is better than it raising $2. $5-$7 a gallon is possible.

  5. Janny L Says:

    Um, yeah it’s not a secret that it will not produce immediate results. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t START NOW.

    He’s being realistic, actually optimistic, to say it may lower gas by a dollar.

  6. Jenny Kim Says:

    Did McCain ever say in the first place that drilling WOULD produce "immediate results"?

    I don’t think he ever said that in the first place. So, what’s the problem here?

    Why is McCain being criticized for "admitting" something that was never in opposition to anything he said previously?


  7. Tom Says:

    wow of course its not going to produce immediate results everyone knows that, you dont drill a hole in the ground and bam it goes into gas. safety processions and all that need to be set up. and its nto speculation that the gas will go down by it, its truth if you got the U.S producing oil by this offshore drilling theyll sell for cheaper than foreign countries something called competition with this other countries lower there prices and everyone under cuts each other. Everyone wins from it. Besides are you really gonna vote Obama name one positive thing hes ever done for this country. Mcain gave years of his life rotting in a POW camp while obama sat and did nothing for his country and now he expects to be president? get real.

  8. Bullmastiff Mommy Says:

    Yeah…. well….

    Had we taken steps in the 70s to rectify our oil problems, we wouldn’t be here.

    But NO…

    People said the same thing then… "We won’t get the oil for XXX number of years"

    So here we sit looking stupid while the rest of the world is taking care of their energy problems.

    It’s ok… We can keep depending on the rest of the world to supply us with energy.

  9. unskilled idiot Says:

    Obama’s solution has immediate results. Windfall Profits.

  10. Return of Bite My Shiny Metal... Says:

    So it is better to do nothing because immediate gratification isn’t achievable?

    We should be drilling, pursuing wind, nuclear, solar, tidal, shale, coal, bitumen and any other method to solve the problem. To suggest that one particular source not be used because the results are not immediate is absurd.

    None of the alternative to oil will provide immediate relief either.

  11. joeanimal Says:

    ya, a lot of people on here have given em some hardcore documented straight facts about the oil, and the war, and the economy situation, but they just don’t wanna hear it, they are shutting everything out and swirling around the drain ready to be flushed into the Abyss~!!!

    i guess ignorance is bliss~!!!

  12. Melissa Says:

    Yes, anyone with any sense of time, production, and economics realize that. It’s the people that oppose him that keep on attacking that issue. In the long run America will be better off if we start drilling offshore today.

    I read it somewhere on this site … it’s like saying – starting college tomorrow is not going to get me a job tomorrow so why bother. Neverminding the fact that 4 years from now, you can get a job.