Do you support increasing the American supply of crude oil and natural gas to lower energy prices?

4 Responses to “Do you support increasing the American supply of crude oil and natural gas to lower energy prices?”

  1. Alby Says:

    Yes. Because its "NOT" about lowering gas prices, but about consuming a "Domestic" source of energy for National Security. Otherwise we get embroiled in Middle East Conflicts or have to deal with Chavez running off at the mouth. Or Nigerian shutdowns because some AK-47 wielding mob attacked a rig.

    But besides those issues, we will also lower our Trade Deficit and keep American Dollars in American Hands. I rather buy oil/gas that was pumped from an American Well by Americans than give my money to the Saudis.

    So I say, start the drilling, and start it now. For Americas Economic and National Security interest. To hell with the hippies, we need Oil to run a 21st century economy. Else somebody get me a horse and a box of candles. We are going back 100/yrs.

  2. chris n Says:

    Not really. I think it’s a waste of time and resources. Alternatives are the answer, not more drilling.

  3. throwawaybob Says:

    I agree with the previous answer; increasing the oil supply just means we’ll burn through it faster. We need to focus on developing real, marketable alternatives to fossil fuels, such as biofuel, wind power, solar thermal power, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.

  4. image_taker Says:


    The price of oil and gas is ultimately decided by supply and demand. Demand is rising as the population of the world increases and as emerging markets such as China develop the ability to buy more of the world’s oil, demand will continue to rise. If we do not increase the supply to meet this demand then the price of gas and oil will get higher and probably a LOT higher.

    Make no mistake about this: the hard cold reality is that there is no other viable method of getting us to work and school right now other than oil. So the more expensive it gets, the poorer you get. Its that simple and its not going to change in the near future.

    You can talk all you want about wind and solar. It might work someday but right now, it will not get you to work or school. I’ve heard it argued that European countries are "ahead" of us in solar and wind, but they have higher gas prices, higher taxes, and higher unemployment. If that’s what you want, move to California and leave the rest of us alone. When people are talking about wind and solar, what they are really talking about is subsidies which is a nice way of saying that the government forces you to buy something that if it was actually better than they wouldn’t have to force you to buy it.

    Now I don’t know exactly how much drilling the US will help. But I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. IT WILL HELP. Whether it helps just a little bit or a whole lot, it doesn’t matter because there IS NO REASON NOT TO DO IT. No enviromental reason because in anwar they can do horizontal drilling meaning that only a very, very small percentage of the land will be affected and its a frozen tundra anyway. In the gulf, there are already other countries drilling. They are already doing it but we get none of the benefit!

    So long story short… YES!!!!