Do you support lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling for gas and oil?

The moratorium has been in place since 1981. Please include your state in your answer and why you support or oppose. Thanks!
to clarify: a moratorium on NEW drilling, not existing drill sites
some good answers here. What role should states' rights have in this issue? If a state votes to ban offshore drilling along its coast, should the federal government be able to override the decision of the state?

22 Responses to “Do you support lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling for gas and oil?”

  1. Paola Says:

    No way. Don't fall for McCain's new stance. He doesn't believe so either. He flip-fopped because it became politically expedient to change his mind. For such an environmentalist and maverick in he's party he's really turned out to be a hypocrite and a coward.

    Prices will go down about a nickel over the next decade at the best. It's not going to have huge longterm effects except on the environment. Even if the US drilled all over the country we'd only have 2-3% of the needed national supply. We can't depend on oil we have to find alternative sources of energy.

  2. Lil' Agitator aka Lola Says:

    I oppose it, drilling oil in those areas will disturb the environment-Maryland

  3. gatorw Says:

    Florida, I support it. It is about time we end our dependence on foreign oil. It seem like Democrats like being dependent on foreign oil.

  4. omeg4 Says:


  5. imdebrathegreat Says:

    I support cleaner ways to run this country. OKLAHOMA

  6. midcenturydesigner Says:

    Texas and YES I do. We need to become energy independent. It would help our economy in so many ways, if we don't we will be facing runaway inflation.

  7. red Says:

    Illinois, it would be silly not to lift the moratorium; what are we waiting for?

  8. Jonas Says:

    WA state. No I do not support lifting the moratorium. We will be going backwards if we do lift it. Back to spewing out more pollution into the air. It's unprogressive. Let the high price of gas spur us on to create alternative fuel and strive for a cleaner environment. Let's not take one step back. We must go forward.

  9. findmind29 Says:

    I have lived in both NJ at the shore and in Virginia Beach..currently in MI
    …leaning no, it would take YEARS for this to have any effect at all, and it would be marginal. It's not going to solve anything in the long run…we NEED to start leaning on alternatives to oil and natural gas

  10. twin Says:

    Absolutely support it. There is nothing better then self-reliance.
    Getting sick and tired of the oil despots in the middle east.
    Would love to fill my tank on our gas, and give those arab SOB'S the proverbial middle finger.
    From the Sheepeoples Republic of Taxachusetts.
    Go Celtics!!!

  11. peapod_grrl Says:

    Adamantly and positively yes. But not without supporting new technologies and giving alternative fuel companies tax incentives (and even initiating mandates) to stop the status quo.

  12. pandabearski77 Says:

    I think we need to look for alternatives to oil that are less harsh on our environment rather than just trying to get more oil. California

  13. TruthSeeker Says:

    Florida; and yes, I support it. As our technology continues to improve it is ridiculous that we are not tapping into our own resources. Cuba is now allowing China to drill so close to our American waters in Florida.

    For those people who say drilling our own resources won't help for years; I ask when do you propose we begin? Should we wait until people can no longer afford to drive to work because of the cost of fuel? That is a silly argument; we should be drilling our own resources.

    Further, we should be giving tax benefits to those oil and energy companies who are investing a portion of their profits into developing alternative sources of energy. And for those companies who choose not to invest a portion of their outrageous profits into alternative sources of energy; they should be taxed as a penalty.

  14. wibrwibr Says:

    Yes, let's lift it. But only where you live. The problem is the NIMBY syndrome. Not-In-My-BackYard. Everybody is squawking about drilling for oil in the US, but nobody wants their area drilled full of holes and polluted for the next 50 years.

    Drilling for oil ain't pretty. Even if you drill on the coast line your talking about a huge possibility of contaminating the coast.

    Ask a fishing boat captain what they think of drilling for oil off the coast of the US?

  15. Ihave H Says:

    It is physiological game if we begin to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The oil producing country's will pump it out like there no tomorrow. Our use of their product runs their whole economy. It will take their power over America away and promote jobs at home. It is more environmentally friendly to do so now with all the technology advances.

  16. aurorah Says:

    I oppose. Gas prices are a result of supply and demand. We need to put our effort into reducing our demand, the highest in the world. I don't want to see our coasts destroyed. Oregon

  17. rgr6180 Says:

    You bet,but don't stop there, we should be drilling in ANWR, and anywhere else we can, stop depending so much on other countries when we have more oil reserves right here then in Saudi, Kuwait, Irac, and Venezula combinded.

  18. guanete42 Says:

    Of course, thats what this country is all about, an abundance of resources!! more than any other place on the planet, we just need to get rid of the dam enviromentist's, the EFL people, and anyone else involved in the ruining of using our natural resources, we have the technology to do things right, so for God's sake let it happen, put our nation back to the way it wa, before all these ted kennedy people took it over. He is the reason we do not have more dams, now that we are in a drought its a little late!!!!!! in calif, but boy all those l.a. people want their golf courses watered!!! and all the lakes up in the mtn's are at record lows!!!! whats next, no food!!!! get those dam liberals out of office, before we all fall apart!!!

  19. Ishka B Says:

    Yes I do support it, times have changed. We won't be able to supply enough alternate forms of energy fast enough to support ourselves. China is supposed to begin drilling 50 miles offshore in the gulf of Mexico. What the hell are we waiting for????????? Alabama

  20. danrathersdrunkagain Says:

    I'm for a reasonable alternative and until that happens, drill the hell out of everywhere the oil is. If we don't drill it, others will, so these 'let's keep the oceans pristine' goofballs are just playing with themselves.

  21. sinic Says:

    Get to drillin' ………before the Chinese siphon it off through Cuba…….
    and it will bring a lot of work back to TEXAS ……

  22. love3680 Says:

    NC – Yes drill
    Prices will drop not just gas but all prices (since gas has gone up everything else has to, the suppliers have to carry it on big trucks to get it to your store) I don't see those trucks being ran on water or solar power, they weigh to much. The cars that are ran on water are WEAK! So, water power is not the answer anyway! Have you ever heard of a water shortage, yes it happens. Don't use something we have to have to live, to run a car on. Solar and wind power uses up space which also causes trees to be cut down.

    Oil drilling has come a long way they can drill down and sideways cutting down the least amount of trees as possible.

    Oil is a natural resource also. You can talk to drillers and they will tell you that if a area dries out they can return to it later and it will be up and running again. Why! The core of the earth is hot and it produces oil!

    If Clinton would have aloud drilling in the early 90's we would not be in this shape now. The big ten years is up and we are hurting more now than ever.

    Just drill!

    Yes we may sell some oil to other counties what does this do? Raise the value of the dollar. Yeah I'm for that!

    Bring America back! The land of the free, home of the brave.
    America is getting everything from other counties and since they are seeing that we are so dependent on them, they can raise prices as much as they want. And we pay for it.

    America has went down hill ever since NAFTA.
    Our industries have left to make goods everywhere else. Causing this conutry to be a Yes sir if you say so, because they supply us. These other countries are on the edge of controlling us all together. And they know it.

    Some say no we have a strong military, no one can controll us. Yes we do great military if the goverment would take the chains off and let them do their job. In the war now if our men are being fired on they have to ask promission to fire back. What since does that make.
    It makes us look weak and scared. This war would have been over if we could just do what needs to be done.

    I know I have touched on other matters but it needs to be said and we need to take a stand.

    We need to (DRUM ROLL)
    Become independent from other counties.