Do you support off-shore drilling? Why or why not?

I’m wondering what the general consensus is out there regarding the pursuit of homeland energy sources such as off-shore drilling and domestic oil, gas and shale development? Do you think it will help to bridge us to alternate energy and provide independence from foreign sources sooner?

15 Responses to “Do you support off-shore drilling? Why or why not?”

  1. Adoc Says:

    I do think it is important to do off-shore drilling. Like most people, I think renewable energy would be better and that we should be working on that, but people have to realize that that could take years. Everyone is not going to go out and a buy a new car right away when that type of energy becomes available and who knows when that will be. We have to be realistic, and right now we are dependent on oil. A lot of people say that we would be ruining the pristine area of Alaska if we drill, but if you have ever been to that specific area, or seen it, then you know that it is a desolate wasteland. Engineers have also said that they could safely drill in the area without harming the surrounding environment. Although it will take a few years before that oil would be available to us and make a difference in gas prices, it would most likely be before renewable energy is available.

  2. Ethan Says:

    I think we should focus more on renewable energy sources, rather than more oil.

  3. Voice_of_Reason Says:

    Yes DRILL DRILL DRILL…why shouldn’t we? I mean we need something to sustain us while we search for other alternatives…we can do both.

  4. Maverickā„¢ (Obama 08) Says:

    No. I do not. It’s pointless and harmful to the environment.

    Off-Shore drilling is the WRONG kind of bailout… it won’t help us now.

    It’s more money and power for those oil companies that screwed us in the first place.

  5. Page1344 Says:

    No. It messes up our oceans, big time. Especially when there are hurricanes.

  6. darren m Says:

    100 months from now no action and Global Warmin irreversible.

  7. vanessa Says:

    since the country is in a horrible economic crisis i think we should not be too dependant on foreign oil.

  8. Sekhmet Says:

    No. Oil is not the answer to oil. By the time those options start producing for the US, we could have already had the alternatives it’s supposed to "bridge" to.

    We need to just cut to the chase, and invest the time and money in the future of energy.

  9. lonewady Says:

    yes, the reason we are not drilling is to use up their oil first and save ours, altho i am a driller, and i’m for drilling everywere

  10. jim j Says:

    No. We’ve done enough to the earth. Plus it won’t help anyone but the oil companies.

  11. Fred K Says:

    All the oil from the us is put on the world market so anyone can buy don’t buy in to the mccain line that it will help that much and it takes about 10 years to get to market Palin is all about Alaskan because Alaska gets royalty’s from it thats why theres no state tax

  12. testpattern(raster effect) Says:

    Do you really think if there were huge reserves off the coasts the companies would not have been drilling on them years ago?

    Believe this.
    Corporations are stupid and greedy, but if they could see a rich profit just offshore they would have spent enough on propaganda to get the right to drill.
    At the moment they are not even interested in acquiring leases.

    To actually explain what is going on would take a book length answer.

    But if you look for the perks that are included in every one of the drill bills proposed you will find they want to be paid all the costs of exploration and development drilling whether there is anything there or not.

  13. caliguy_30 Says:

    Right now? Yes absolutely. One of our major burden at the pump, in our manufactures and our economy in general is the amount of money we pay for crude oil. It impacts everything we touch, do, produce and consume. Oil like construction and banks is one of the foundation of our entire economy. So no it is not the long term solution, alternative source of energy will have to be majorly focused onto, but at this point in time we cannot ignore the gangrene and watch it progress hoping for a cure. We need to take action now even if it means cutting off the infected toe.
    I am very skeptical about the alternative source however. Anybody crying out loud about solar and wind energy is just out of his/her mind. Do we not realize the size of this nation and the demand in energy? how many million acres of that stuff will we need to build? and where? and how far from where the energy is needed?
    i think as much as we need an alternative source of energy we also need to be realistic and stop barking the cra we hear on TV and the Radio. It is not because some expert said it is the solution that it has to be that or nothing.

  14. spock69 Says:

    People who think oil drilling is bad for the environment, don’t know what they are talking about. My Great Grandpa had at least 2 dozen oil rigs on his property since the late 20’s, and the environment around them is teeming with wildlife. But ya’ll go ahead and believe shipping the stuff thousands of miles in rusty tankers, is better than piping it from 50 miles. You keep trusting those foreigners not to shut off the flow, and put yourself way out on a limb! I think those who are against drilling just want to see the United States come to a screeching halt.
    And that’s pure un-American!

  15. Beaded Trim Says:

    Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside just wondering about it :)