do you support oil drilling off the coasts, including florida and calif.?

do you think these states will allow drilling. i doubt it. they want others to do the work of providing energy, but don’t want to do their part.maybe we should just let them do with out gas and walk for a while, maybe that would change their minds.

11 Responses to “do you support oil drilling off the coasts, including florida and calif.?”

  1. Jules Says:


  2. Thor R Says:

    Yes, we need to drill here, drill now in order to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

  3. Dustin Says:

    I absolutely support drilling off the coasts…Bush just called on congress to lift the offshore drilling ban….Hopefully, we’ll be drilling soon and get our own oil so we don’t have to depend on terrorist countries to fuel our vehicles.

  4. Brian H Says:

    I agree with you, I think that we should be drilling in our backyard (Gulf of Mexico, etc.) or before long others will be doing so! (CHINA)…But I also am one for bringing back the EV-1 type electric car…though it will be years if it is ever re-introduced…what a great idea that was….such a crime to destroy them all!!!

  5. phogh Says:

    Yes, absolutely! The rigs will be far enough out that you will not be able to see the rigs from shore.

    The US is the only country in the world that has HUGE oil reserves (many times larger than Saudi Arabia) and refuses to devolope them due to regulations.

  6. Mr. Taco Says:

    I support it temporarily… but ONLY if we FINALLY get SERIOUS about alternative energy. Honda just put out a hydrogen cell car. It is expensive, but if everyone started to buy into the concept, we wouldn’t need oil anymore and it wouldn’t matter. We’d be helping the economy AND the environment. Oil is antequated and on its way out. Best kick it to the curb before it drags us all down with it.

  7. pink1957girl Says:

    YES! if it makes us less dependent on foreign oil!

    Besides, it’s there – what are we suppose to do with it? Are we suppose to just look at it and say, "how ya doing today?"

  8. TomT Says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! My understanding is that the governor of Florida has stated that he favors drilling off the coast of his state (after all, China drills 60 miles off Florida). I seriously doubt, though, that California will ever allow it. Personally, they can drill in my back yard if it will eventually mean lower gas prices.

  9. sweetface Says:

    Politicians are listening to people who don’t want to see oil drilling obstructing their view of ocean. In the mean time Cuba will let China come in and drill and get oil off Fl shore where it will be sold to Iran for processing and then sold back to USA at inflated prices. What was in our back yard, ripped off, and handed back to us at outrageous prices. Brilliant American politics at its best 😉

  10. Maggie Says:

    We must use our resources! Drill!!!!

  11. Regina Says:

    Yes, I support it, and most Americans also support it. In actuality, this ought to have been started years ago. The environmentalists have a stranglehold………..their dominance needs to be broken !!