do you think america should start drilling here for oil?

i think they should start drilling otherwise they will be a revolution to make a solution here in usa if the price of gas going to the roof alots of american are under pay,america should not depand on the arabs for oil,all trucks and cars must be air and electric ,tech is here.for any reason the price of oil goes up.soon the american will ask the president to leave too if he dint act.

7 Responses to “do you think america should start drilling here for oil?”

  1. Ⅿ❂✖ⅈ℮ Says:

    The US is the third largest producer of oil. Problem is it is the #1 consumer of oil.

  2. Armando Says:

    USA would never be able to satisfy its oil need if it drilled here. Most of its oil was spent in the 20th century and for today’s need it wouldn’t be able to supply enough of it. The country will have to look for other renewable sources to replace oil.

  3. mattapan26 Says:

    There are vast proven reserves both in federal lands in the West and offshore on the coastal shelves of both oceans. The US would be nearly self-sufficient if it were to exploit its own reserves. The Democrats’ platform calls for a ban on offshore drilling so it will take another revolution at the ballot box in 2012 to make it happen. If people are paying 5 bucks a gallon, you can count on a republican landslide in 2012.

  4. PAULH Says:

    In 1970 the USA hit peak oil production, since then domestic oil production has been declining in spite of deep water drilling in the Gulf. New fields like the North Slope won’t really fill the need. Our problem is we just are running out of oil in our country. Actually it has been estimated the worlds oil production is at near peak or possibly just past it. This means that while there still is lots of oil, it gets harder and more expensive to get out of the ground. The United States has vast amounts of oil in Shale deposits, but it is very expensive and environmentally destructive to get. Possibly gasoline prices might have to hit $10 a gallon to make it worthwhile to get. Buying oil from foreign countries is a tremendous drain on the American economy. We need to have a serious program of conservation. wind, solar and even though I hate it, nuclear power. The biggest problem with nukes is no one knows what to do with the waste, and if one reactor has an accident with resulting radiation release an area might not be habitable for hundreds of years.

  5. Will Says:

    maybe get some help from the middle east since that’s where the oil comes from any way

  6. My Grain Says:

    You STILL have the cheapest oil in the Western world so stop complaining. In the UK we are paying treble that already and Scandanavian countries quadruple! …..and no we are not on treble or quadruple your wages,in the UK we’re only ‘just’ a bit more but our cost of living is FAR higher. You don’t know how lucky u all are.

  7. Vince Says:

    Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859. Since then, we’ve been pulling as much as we can out of the ground. And there’s still plenty of oil in the ground. But it’s not cheap oil. The price of oil will have to go up before pumping the oil that remains in the ground here economically feasible.

    We don’t control the price of oil. The Saudis do that.