Do you think I am wrong or right on my thoughts?

I believe we need to get off of oil not only because of the environment but also because of nation security. We are financing our enemies. I have no problem with increasing tax on gasoline but it must be done slowly in order to allow people time to adjust and it must apply to everyone not just the upper income people. The best way to get people to change is by creating economic pain.

Most alternative plans now being worked on are not yet practical therefore we must drill for oil & natural gas wherever we can find it in order to keep the price down as much as possible until we able to use alternatives. Nuclear energy has to be part of the solution, we have no choice. Drilling more oil wells will not make us independent but will help keep the price of oil from going out of sight. If Obama is not careful about his clean energy program, he will the economic crisis a lot worse.

2 Responses to “Do you think I am wrong or right on my thoughts?”

  1. Neandrathal Says:

    You state the dilemma very suscinctly; you seem to have studied out the facts for yourself to some extent. You are correct about nuclear power. It is quite well regulated since the 1980s and is the cleanest cheapest form of energy on earth. In fact, a mega-watt of nuclear energy can be produced wholesale for about $37 as opposed to nearly $70 that it cost to produce the same with coal. Also with coal, there is the smoke/emmissions and nearly 20 tons of ash/waste product per mega-watt. Those are costs put on society that are not paid by the electric utility.

  2. Blazer Says:

    Yes, your right although I don’t ever see us being totally off oil but maybe we will be able to drill all of the oil that we use once we have competitive alternative energy. I think that Obama will see things through and come up with a good balanced plan that will keep us in oil and accelerate the availability of alternative energy. I don’t think that now is a very good time for any kind of gas tax. It would be to stressful on our economy.