Do you think Jimmy Carter would be do this?

Raise the price on oil, natural gas, AND coal during an energy crisis? That is what Obama proposed a couple of days ago. Economists called it "The trifecta of bad ideas!" Jimmy Carter was by far the worst President of modern times, but even he is smart enough not to do what Obama has proposed. Hello GAS!
And please don’t insult people who know history by trying to say Bush is worse than Carter.
Nicolas – you are 100% correct. Obama couldn’t hold Carter’s jock strap.

13 Responses to “Do you think Jimmy Carter would be do this?”

  1. A nobody Says:

    I agee, as bad as Jimmy Carter was, he did not act as dumb as Obama is doing, but then again Obama is not acting, he’s just a perfect example of affirmative action.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get from Obama supporters, who almost understand economics.
    But then again, you’ll get the Bush bashers, another group of highly intelligent numb nuts.

  2. Usama Hussein Obama B'nLaden Says:

    It’s quite possible Jimmy would do this because Hussein Obama is reading right from the Peanut Farmer’s playbook. Disgraceful.

  3. Obama's Pimp Is Back! Says:

    Let’s not forget the Trifecta of Wright, Ayers and Rezko! WOW Obama ith tho thmart!

  4. YT Says:

    Good point. Obama will be wore than Carver, maybe even worse than Hussein.

  5. southern_lady_anita Says:

    Absolutely not! It is outrageous that Obama would suggest such a thing.

    God Bless America!
    God Bless Our Troops!

    Fear is temporary, regret is forever.
    – Anonymous

  6. angelwith4faces Says:

    Jimmy Carter was a great man, I knew Jimmy Carter and your no Jimmy Carter!

    There is simply no competition between Jimmy and Georgy. George has the highest negative approval rating in the history of the rating. He has one the lower approval ratings. If the Republicans did not hold the filibuster in the senate, he would be impeached.

    Bush’s policies have led to our current crisis – you cannot blame Obama for that. We need to stop those policies. Part of that was deregulating the commodity futures, but sure, cutting taxes on oil companies did absolutely nothing to help our situation. It follows raising taxes to where they were before Bush cold not harm anything.

    Carter kept the price low so there was rationing. Rationing can be better for those unable to afford gas, because people pay by waiting instead of by the pocket book.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to actually get into a serious discussion here – because you guys are simply incapable of it – but you can’t say putting taxes back to where they were under Clinton will do the slightest damage to our economy. Our economy was roaring back then. Small changes in taxes have no effect on an economy as large as are. It is the deregulation and falling dollar and threat of war with Iran that is causing the oil bubble. All these things are Bush;’s fault. And they will be McCain’s fault if he follows through by imping Bush instead of rolling back his policies.

  7. Bob H Says:

    Carter was sabotaged at every turn by Catsup Reagan, even so far as preventing the release of the Iranian hostages. Every turn. And Bush has no competition as far as worst goes. And people said he could never be as bad as Senior. See that.

  8. darren m Says:

    Separate currencies and designs for tradespeople plus people making their own currency makes things better. An electrician Union could use money to finance electric cars if no one has already done so. Of course people mock and wind people up here on these issues on this site. Oh well if still applicable try it.

  9. justgetitright Says:

    Obama says that it will teach American people to conserve fuel, in reality it will line the pockets of the Arab nations. I say we raise the price of wheat to $138 a bushel, if the Arab nations say they can not afford that then they can just eat their oil.

    Jimmy Carter was pretty dumb but we did have an oil crisis and an economic crisis while he was in office. I don’t think that Jimmy would have been quite this dumb though.

  10. Nicolas Says:

    Jimmy Carter was really not suitable to run this country, however, he is an honest and good person. Too honest to be a politician. O’Bama is incompetent AND dishonest. What a difference.

  11. xenypoo Says:

    Yes, if he could, but he wouldn’t be able to. For one, it is not the President who raises gas, and oil prices, and second, Jimmy Carter isn’t the President.
    It is the oil companies in charge of the prices, always has been.
    Oil by the barrel has come down already, but not the gas prices, yet, due to the fact that the oil companies, have already paid high prices for oil from countries like, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc, and want to keep their profits, instead of losing them.
    Unbelievably as a Republican till death, I understand the oil companies desires, although I wish they would give something back to the buyers of gas, like lets say for ONE Day, give everybody free gas? What a mess that would be, LOL!

  12. EZMZ Says:

    Carter was by far the worst president in modern times——-hands down——-

    –no ifs’– no ands’ –no buts’.

    However if Barak Hussein Obama gets in the white house with Michele in tow———-his regime would make Carter look really good by comparison———-the change he talks about is downright frightening—–be very afraid

  13. Donald C Says:

    Further examples of Barry the Idiot failed lawyer’s stupidity. We should all hope that the media stop lying about our "smears" and start listening to us soon. The newspapers and television are still heavily biased towards Idiot Barry, right or wrong.
    Liberal media types, pay attention! We are not "smearing" your candidate!
    His stupid ideas are doing it all by themselves.