Do you think Obama should or should not stop Utah drilling for oil and gas?

I don’t know it is hard to say since I don’t live in Utah. I am an environmentalist though and I don’t think drilling is necessarily that bad if it is not cutting down trees or harming much life. How big could some gas and oil pipes be anyhow.

10 Responses to “Do you think Obama should or should not stop Utah drilling for oil and gas?”

  1. janice h Says:

    Obama will be calling himself President of the United States, however, that does not allow him to dictate how each state decides a question such as drilling in that state. That is a states right issue. Neither the President nor Congress should be putting their nose in Utah’s business.

  2. Wounded Duck Says:

    NO to drilling in Utah

  3. Gonzominium Says:

    well i hate to see destruction of wildlife especially in the beautiful state of Utah, but it’s better than cutting down a forest 1000 times the size of an oil derrick to produce only a fraction the amount of fuel in corn based ethanol.

  4. Bill M Says:

    If it’s not on federal land it’s out of his jurisdiction. If it is on federal land, the government should get fair market value if they allow drilling.

  5. ComputerNetworking101 Says:

    i know it sounds like we should have a better solution to this problem but unless we find a major oil field within our border, and im taking MAJOR, we need to keep looking and the only way to do this is to DRILL. Unless you want to keep kissing middle eastern asses all your life and expect them to keep the prices affordable. Right now, at this moment in time, they practically own us. We get 80% of our oil from them and thats why they have 22nd century technology all across their country. How they obtained technology thats 100 years ahead of ours is still a mystery. But anyways, long story short, i want to say no.. but it has to be a yes.

  6. † Coming Soon † SFCU Says:

    Not having our own oil, is one of the problems with the economy. We are not going to completely stop driving or flying, and now we are stuck sending all of our money to the Arabic countries for their oil. If we don´t start drilling that alone will do great damage to our economy..
    We also need to realize that the days of the big cars are over and we need to develop new ways of moving around.
    But if we don´t treat the economy, then it won´t matter what we do as we will soon become a 3rd world country..
    So I say drill, but be cautious and work to develop new types of cars..

  7. PIX-ED Says:

    I’m not familiar with the issue, but my guess is that the low price of crude will delay or eliminate the idea.

  8. mimi Says:

    We do need to worry about our environment but we must also remember that drilling here means jobs here and money giving to other countries will never come back to the people of the USA .So Im for drilling if it bring jobs and money to our economy.And being from Texas and having wells on our land I can tell you we don’t even know that there are drilling pumps on our land and one is only about 1/3 of a mile a way from our home.Plus which one of you are willing to ride a bike to work everyday or not see family members that we are used to seeing often if it gets bad enough that we get gas rations because of lack of gas or oil.

  9. vtsztpu Says:

    Drill, because it provides jobs and will provide fuel in the event OPEC decides to cut us off. Until we have viable affordable alternatives we are going to have to continue to drive our old gas guzzling cars and trucks.
    I am not willing to return to the old stone age for fear of some vague ‘global disaster’ warning from the far left lobby. Let the states that want to drill, drill. They will be winners for it in the long run.

  10. boneshambler Says:

    Its easy to sit on the sidelines and say “no to drilling in Utah”.I live in the Vernal and remember a time not so long ago, when this area was a collection of ghost towns. Now with the drilling, the Oil and gas industry has provided countless jobs,and economic prosperity this area has never seen.With the economy hitting rock bottom, does it make sense to stop drilling in Utah?There will always an environmental impact with any industry.Shouldnt we press on with this prosperity, or should we all sack it up and get on welfare?!