Do you think ROH should try to land a deal with a network MOST people have?+YGWA Mayhem results part 3?

I would get to watch it if it went to a big network,but right now im not able to,sad :{

MAIN EVENT{If you are looking for the triple threat ladder match it has been moved to next show}:Rohit{c} vs. Deadman 4 Life for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

This match was by FAR the most anticipated match of the night,D4L,after winning this world title match on GR,and Rohit had won the world title on GR,beating Dark Demon in Demon’s last match in YGWA in a last man standing to win the world title.Both men were fan favorites.But D4L was a bit more popular in this certain match.Rohit got a huge massive pop on his first Mayhem after winning the world title,and D4L got an even bigger pop,it was massive,the crowd couldnt be more into this match,they were screaming their heads off.D4L and Rohit shook hands before the match,showing the respect these men have for each other.Than the bell rings,and this match is under way.Rohit and D4L than locked up.Rohit hit a quick and stealthy dropkick.And then he hit a leg drop.He than got D4L up and hit a german suplex.He tried to go for the quickest title change in history,but D4L kicked out quickly at 1.Rohit didnt loose his cool,and he hit yet another german suplex,and then another,and then to finish it off he hit a release german!He goes for the pin and this time D4L kicked out at 2!Rohit had certainly taken control,but D4L in a wise move,rolled out of the ring to recover.Rohit went to follow him but D4L was waiting for him when he came after him,D4L surprised him with a running clothesline on the outside.And then D4L hits a scoop slam on the outside.He goes to the ring and then quickly goes back out to break the refs 10 count.D4L than goes for a irish whip against the announce table,but Rohit pulls back,and Rohit rocket D4L at the steel post with an irish whip!D4L’s shoulder hits the post.D4L holds his shoulder in pain.Rohit breaks the ref’s 10 count,and then Rohit goes to the top rope with D4L still outside,Rohit goes for a flying axe hammer,but D4L catches him by the throat!He chokelslams him right through the announce table!The fans chant D4L’s name as they watch Rohit replays of the action.D4L goes into the ring,but than quickly back out,he wants to win this match the fair way,by pinning Rohit in the ring,and also,he would not win the title if Rohit was counted out.D4L goes to Rohit and tries to pick him up,but Rohit sees his chance,and starts fighting back against D4L,and he hits some hard hits to D4L’s abdomen,and then Rohit lifts D4L up with a suplex,and suplexes him on the outside.He than goes into the ring and tells the ref to count.The fans are bewildered that Rohit would want to win that way.But D4L makes it in on time at 9.Rohit looks furious.Rohit than clotheslines D4L back outside the ring,and he gets the world title belt,he makes sure the ref is looking,and he NAILS D4L with the title belt,the fans are stunned Rohit would do such a thing.Rohit gets on the mic and says that he is still champ because he cant lose the title by dq.The fans instantly boo Rohit hugely,they start throwing stuff at him and he leaves quickly,but he is stopped by owner SW,he says that he wont take this BS,he says now the match will restart,with no count outs,and if either use a weapon,they automatically lose and dont get a rematch.Rohit looks on in rage,but D4L comes after Rohit,and he tackles Rohit down on the entrance ramp.He than starts beating the shizz out of him.He than threw him and dragged him to the anounce table,D4L tries to chokeslam Rohit through the announce table,but instead Rohit release german suplexes him right through the announce table!The fans boo Rohit.Rohit than throws D4L in the ring.He goes for the pin,BUT ONLY A 2!This will certainly go down for contention in YGWA’s best match.Rohit than goes for a hit u harder,but D4L fights away,and then D4L spears Rohit down.And then D4L tossed Rohit into the turnbuckle,and he clotheslined him against the turnbuckle.And then D4L went to the top,he hit a flying clothesline off the top!He knew Rohit would not be pinned at this point,and D4L hit a side slam for good measure.But when D4L tries to hit a tombstone,Rohit reverses into a reverse ddt,and then Rohit goes for a german,but D4L fights away,and locks in a hell’s gate!Rohit taps out,Rohit taps out,Rohit taps out!!!!!!! WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION!


The fans are going nuts,D4L poses with the world title as the show comes to an end.


4 Responses to “Do you think ROH should try to land a deal with a network MOST people have?+YGWA Mayhem results part 3?”

  1. Deadman 4 Lifeā„¢ World Champion Says:

    It wouldn’t work. ROH doesn’t bother with trying to get a major TV deal, because it doesn’t appeal to the mainstream audience. ROH is mostly wrestling. They are not sports entertainment. They don’t pay much attention to promos, gimmicks, storylines, etc. They focus on the quality of their matches, they try and put on a great wrestling show. This does not appeal to the mainstream audience, who are easily bored with wrestling matches, and wants more skits and promos and entertainment. That’s why the two largest companies call themselves sports entertainment – they could never have gotten to where they are now by just focusing on wrestling. ROH won’t do well in the mainstream, unless it basically changes everything it is. No, I’d rather it stay as it is now, and the people who like it can just search on YouTube or watch HDNet.

    GREAT results in general, but AWESOME main event! And I’m not saying that because I won XD


    Finally. . . after so long – it’s mine. The World Championship is finally MINE. Rohit, your cheap ways couldn’t stop me. You couldn’t stop me from getting this in my possession.

    *Raises title high*

    I made my intentions clear from the minuted I debuted, and after fighting and clawing my way to the top, I have finally achieved my goal. Now, I make myself a new goal. I intend to be the best champion ever in YWGA. The champion that everyone remembers as the best, the champion whose reign is used as the measuring stick for greatness. I will have a long, and definitely memorable reign. I guarantee that.

    Sit tight, and hang on, because I will usher in a new era upon this company. Just wait and see. And be prepared to be amazed.

    (Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

  2. Submission Machine (TNATION) Says:


    Yes i haven’t seen one show of ROH, and i would love to see it.

  3. the dark demon Says:

    They Have it’s on HDNet (ok not as a big Network) and one Millions if not Billions go onto everyday….Youtube.(Yep,you can Watch it on Youtube,fact is,Most People are too lazy to just go on and search ROHBrazil on Youtube and watch ROH)

    Now if they got a Major Network deal (i ain’t naming any,i don’t know any big Networks in America asides from Fox {no way in hell should ROH ever go there} and ABC {No clue if they like Westling on there shows} ),it wouldn’t work,Todays fans don’t give a rat’s @ss about Wrestling,ROH is about Wrestling,Fans today want Storylines and Promo’s and Gimmicks and Pyro’s and huge Enterances and Huge Crowds,ROH asides from the few Gimmicks and Few Promo’s,off none of that,they don’t focus on that,They have and probably never will,Alot of fans won’t watch ROH,because it isn’t full of useless crap like WWE and TNA,they care about Wrestling,so i wouldn’t see the point in ROH getting a Major Deal with some network

  4. Rohit Says:


    "That was a fluke..I was counted out but someone has to show his powers over my title so SW I m demanding to call this match a no contest and give me back my title or else I will show you what I can do in return for you…*drops the mic and leaves with holding neck which really hurts due to Hell Gate*"