Do you think that conservatives are SO honest and law bidding that they have a right to slur immigrates?

If I remember my America history correctly, Americas did not orginally own a part of the North America. We kind of exproperated in from its rightful owners. So, that seems to me to be stealling. I think compensation should be paid to all Native Americans for past failings of immigrates to what became the United States from Europe including France and all the other folks that came from Africa and the rest of the world to live on the land of the American Indian. What do you all think?
How about 100,000.00 dollars from every crying conservatives in the Country.
Furthermore, this screaming about the borders makes conservatives red in the face to change the subject from the economy and the Iraq War which they have lost.
You see it don’t you fellow liberals, the repubs all in row yelling "immigrates are no good!!!!!" Yeah, but better than conservatives.

14 Responses to “Do you think that conservatives are SO honest and law bidding that they have a right to slur immigrates?”

  1. Jim W Says:


    And now they’re so desperate they’re slurring everybody.

    And their hateful,igorant questions,to gloss over Republican corruption.

    Stinks being them!

  2. rustyshackleford001 Says:

    No, but they do have to spell "immigrants" correctly.

    And how exactly does one "bid" the law, anyway?

  3. THE LONER Says:

    NO! They have NO right to do that.

  4. as400_guru Says:

    I think we should make reparations as well to any of the ORIGINAL peoples. My guess is that they they are all dead now, some 500+ years later. But if any are alive, I think $100,000,000 for each one. Same with reparations for slavery. $100,000,000 to any former slave of the U.S. who is still alive.

  5. Mad Jack Says:

    If you can find anyone alive who has actually done this, they should be held responsible. And they should only pay to someone who was alive at the time.
    I don’t feel I should be held responsible for anything that happened generations ago. I don’t feel anyone deserves payment for something that happened generations ago.
    How many generations should get a free ride for something that happened generations ago?

  6. saddlesore Says:

    Excellent thinking! And now that the whites are the minority, I think they should get government subsidies and special treatment when applying at colleges, etc.!

  7. Bryrose Says:

    Your contentions are ridiculous and incorrect.
    1) Most conservatives are not slurring immigrants, not even illegals aliens. What they are demanding is that the law of the land be upheld.
    2) The economy is great in the minds of most people, with the exception of disenchanted liberals desperately searching for an issue people might actually vote for.
    3) We are not losing the war.
    4) Conservatives believe the economy is good, and that we are winning the war. So why would we want to change the subject?
    5) Border security is primary issue that should concern all thinking people. Unless of course you sleep well at night knowing that terrorists can enter the country at will.
    6) While I would agree with you that what happened to the indians was shameful, this was not a conservative or liberal thing. All Americans of that day can share in that blame equally.

  8. Antony R Says:

    Wake Up — Non of them are "So Honest and Law Abiding" they just alter things to suit themselves on a daily basis and feed everyone with Bullshit , Oh, and by the way think up more and more ways to Tax you , hoping you don,t notice == Lovely People — Honest and Law Abiding ???? No Chance

  9. desotobrave Says:

    That’s ridiculous. The tribes that were settled here when Europeans arrived had pushed other tribes out of the way. That was the way of the world at that time.

  10. turboweegie Says:

    What does the fact that the Europeans forced the Indians from their lands have to do with anything? If you understood the least bit of history, you’d know that history is all about the movement of peoples and the movement of populations, cultures, technology and beliefs.

    Stronger, more populous tribes have always pushed weaker peoples from their lands. And the Indians had no special claim to this continent. They no more owned it than anybody else. Let’s face it – they had no concept of what a nation-state was, no concept of land ownership, national boundaries, etc.

    They were pushed off their land by a stronger, more advanced, superior culture. Tough cookies for them. If you cannot create, claim, maintain and protect a nation, then you have no right to be angry or demand reparations when others take it from you.

    Oh, and the word is ‘immigrant’, fool.

  11. Common Sense Says:

    No one is slurring legal immigrants..
    It is the Illegal ( crimminal ) immigrants that the
    American public in general wants out of the country.
    Why are you so upset ?
    Are you about to get thrown out of the country ?
    Every US company caught hiring illegal immigrants should be charged with a misdemeanor for first offense and a felony second offense with mandatory jail time for the company owner.
    Illegals should we sent back to country of origin and all their assets seized and confiscated….

  12. EW Says:

    Compensation for Native Americans, nah I don’t think so. We already enslaved many of them to alcohol and drugs. Throwing money as a reparation at this stage of the game would not be good government.

  13. dallas Says:

    next time you have you opinion fed to you, learn to spell it right when you regurgitate it. we did take part of this country through colonization of Indian land, and reparations have been made. we bought the rest you moron. now that we have laws, we have to enforce them. its that simple.

    how about if i break into your house, then when you ask me to leave, i say that i have done the laundry, the dishes, and the floors, so i get to stay because i do the jobs you don’t want tot do. i am hard working and honest, except for the breaking in part. your house is better that mine, you know, i just want to improve my situation. you should give my kids free health care and education also. we are hard working, law abiding(except for the breaking in part) people and we just want a better place to live, you should let us live in your house and see how you feel

  14. S H I R A Z - S Y R A H Says:

    are you referring to legal immigrants or are you using that as a code word for people who are here illegally?

    i don’t know of any conservative that is against legal immigration. but i do know many democrats that use the words "niger, wetbak and spik"