Do you think that the Israeli's have a right to occupy the plot of sand in which they do?

Palestine was already well established and had been since the time when Christianity had declared thier Crusades. Is it truly justified for the Jewish people to occupy a plot of dessert in which was not thiers to began with, and how can they logically justify doing so when the land was in the hands of its rightful owners under Islamic rule?

The Israeli’s are a termite on the world’s agenda and will be most likely to be the cause of World War III, giving the fact that they keep attacking the poor Moslems over in the Middle East.

If you can think of a solution to this overwhelming crisis, please, by all means post it.

Personally, my solution would be for all of the Middle Eastern Countries to gang up on those militant Israeli’s, and extrodite each, and every Israeli to France, for no one likes the French either.
After the extradition is complete, the World should then declare Nuclear War on France, nuke it to the point, where human life is a physical impossability.

Problem solved
And please, as a footnote, do not say Israel was there first, because the Bible says so. You have to remember that the first five books of the Bible/Torah were an oral tradition for over 5,000 years. You cannot say honestly, and atleast back it up with factual evidence that the Bible is not filled with factual fallacies.

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  1. dark_blue_prince Says:

    Good question but most countries are a by product of some revolutionary war of some sorts or taking land from others. So I say they have every right to stay where they are because If we "Americans and a few other countries" have a problem with them occupying "the plot of the sand" then we must also view our own occupancy as the same problem.

    Native Americans were here far before we came over. Plus we were British before we became Americans. So to add to a more dramatic scale….. Every body attacking israel is like everybody ralling behind the british to come beat our asses for america.

    (Can’t think of a solution because it would be hipocritical)

  2. don45123 Says:

    i don’t think you can get an unbiased answwer from americans since they have issues with how they occupy this land

  3. Ballzy Says:

    Dang, you just typed that all out for nothing since you do not even know who was there first.

  4. SVern Says:


    Muslim animals have no right to occupy any territory anywhere on Earth.

  5. kool_rock_ski_stickem Says:

    "Palestine was already well established and had been since the time when Christianity had declared thier Crusades"….

    What about before that?

    And "Palestinians" dont exist anymore…

    … Additionally, do you think that loosers of wars should magically recieve lost land back? Since when have you adopted this view and who else do you hold to this standard…

  6. mulligan's 1st mate Says:

    War often changes the hands of land. This is no different other than Israel gave back land they took. Most of us live on land taken from someone else.
    Bigotry is obvious in question.

  7. Marty K Says:

    Yes, Israel has EVERY right. It was given to them by God and is one tiny, tiny space that they culitvated into a flourishing civilization. Those bums that were there for centuries need to take the down elevator at the apprenctice (Donald Trump’s)headquarters or sign up for the next Revenge of the Nerds filming – maybe they could make some extra bucks.

    The Arabs have 100 times as much land over there and there’s plenty of room for them to settle. Let them go there. This is all an excuse to drive the Jews into the sea because the Jews worked harder than anyone else – they’re jealous of them and they hate them. I hope wish that Israel would get some of the leaders the type that they once had and get their military back into full force. Thanks a bunch.

  8. curius in jersey Says:

    Another stupid hatters, Thank GOD you are nobody, and has any power, otherwise you would be the next Hittler…

  9. suspendor Says:

    Definitely. And if you knew any real history, you would think so, too.

    Here is the truth:

    From 1517-1917 Turkey’s Ottoman Empire controlled a vast Arab empire, a portion of which is today Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. During World War I (1914-1918), Turkey supported Germany. When Germany was defeated, so were the Turks. In 1916 control of the southern portion of their Ottoman Empire was "mandated" to France and Britain under the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which divided the Arab region into zones of influence. Lebanon and Syria were assigned (mandated) to France… and "Palestine" (today’s Jordan, Israel and "West Bank") was mandated to Great Britain.
    Because no other peoples had ever established a national homeland in "Palestine" since the Jews had done it 2,000 years before, the British "looked favorably" upon the creation of a Jewish National Homeland throughout ALL of Palestine. The Jews had already begun mass immigration into Palestine in the 1880’s in an effort to rid the land of swamps and malaria and prepare for the rebirth of Israel. This Jewish effort to revitalize the land attracted an equally large immigration of Arabs from neighboring areas who were drawn by employment opportunities and healthier living conditions. There was never any attempt to "rid" the area of what few Arabs there or those Arab masses that immigrated into this area along with the Jews!

    In 1923, the British divided the "Palestine" portion of the Ottoman Empire into two administrative districts. Jews would be permitted only west of the Jordan river. In effect, the British had "chopped off" 75% of the originally proposed Jewish Palestinian homeland to form an Arab Palestinian nation called Trans-Jordan (meaning "across the Jordan River"). This territory east of the Jordan River was given to Emir Abdullah (from Hejaz, now Saudi Arabia) who was not even an Arab-"Palestinian!" This portion of Palestine was renamed Trans-Jordan. Trans-Jordan and would again be renamed "Jordan" in 1946. In other words, the eastern 3/4 of Palestine would be renamed TWICE, in effect, erasing all connection to the name "Palestine!" However, the bottom line is that the Palestinian Arabs had THEIR "Arab Palestinian" homeland. The remaining 25% of Palestine (now WEST of the Jordan River) was to be the Jewish Palestinian homeland. However, sharing was not part of the Arab psychological makeup then nor now.

    Encouraged and incited by growing Arab nationalism throughout the Middle East, the Arabs of that small remaining Palestinian territory west of the Jordan River launched never-ending murderous attacks upon the Jewish Palestinians in an effort to drive them out. Most terrifying were the Hebron massacres of 1929 and later during the 1936-39 "Arab Revolt." The British at first tried to maintain order but soon (due to the large oil deposits being discovered throughout the Arab Middle East) turned a blind eye. It became painfully clear to the Palestinian Jews that they must fight the Arabs AND drive out the British.

    The Palestinian Jews were forced to form an organized defense against the Arabs Palestinians… thus was formed the Hagana, the beginnings of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. There was also a Jewish underground called the Irgun led by Menachem Begin (who later became Prime Minister of Israel). Besides fighting the Arabs, the Irgun was instrumental in driving out the pro-Arab British. Finally in 1947 the British had enough and turned the Palestine matter over to the United Nations.

    The 1947 U.N. Resolution 181 partition plan was to divide the remaining 25% of Palestine into a Jewish Palestinian State and a SECOND Arab Palestinian State (Trans-Jordan being the first) based upon population concentrations. The Jewish Palestinians accepted… the Arab Palestinians rejected. The Arabs still wanted ALL of Palestine… both east AND west of the Jordan River.

    Our Palestinian Cousins started the ’48 war, and in so doing released the warlike appetites of a nation of survivors, a people with no place to run, who had repressed their rage for millennia, and had now earned full title to it!

    On May 14, 1948 the "Palestinian" Jews finally declared their own State of Israel and became "Israelis." On the next day, seven neighboring Arab armies… Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen… invaded Israel. Most of the Arabs living within the boundaries of the newly declared "ISRAEL" were encouraged to leave by the invading Arab armies to facilitate the slaughter of the Jews and were promised to be given all Jewish property after the victorious Arab armies won the war.
    The truth is that 70% of the Arab Palestinians who left in 1948 — perhaps 300,000 to 400,000 of them — never saw an Israeli soldier! They did not flee because they feared Jewish thugs, but because of a rational and reasonable calculus: the Jews will be exterminated; we will get out of the way while that messy and dangerous business goes forward, and we will return afterwards to reclaim our homes, and to inherit those nice Jewish properties as well. They guessed wrong; and the Arab Palestinians are still tortured by the residual shame of their flight. Their shame is so great because in their eyes running from Jews was like running from women.
    So much for the blatant lie about Jews throwing out all the [Palestinian] Arabs!

    The remaining 30% either (1) saw for themselves that these Jews would fight and die for their new nation and decided to pack up and leave or (2) were driven off the land as a normal consequence of war.

    When the 19 month war ended, Israel survived despite a 1% loss of its entire population! Those Arabs who did not flee became today’s Israeli-Arab citizens. Those who fled became the seeds of the first wave of "Palestinian Arab refugees."

    The Arab propagandists and apologists almost never mentioned that in 1948, Arab armies launched a war against a one-day-old Israel. Instead he focused on the main consequence of that war: the creation of Arab refugees, stating that Israel "short of genocide" expelled 800,000 of them. This not only disagrees with UN estimates of a bit over 400,000 refugees but also ignores the fact that most of the Arabs/Palestinians were encouraged to leave by the Arab World itself!

  10. 43 Says:

    Since Abraham (the father of the Hebrew people) came from Hebron located in present day Iran. Should we give Iran to the Jews?

    Also Palestine was first mentioned in history 4000 years ago. It is the coast between the Nile river and Tyre. Egypt claimed it for at least 5000 years and occupied it for at least 4000 years. Arafat was Egyptian. Should we give Palestine back to Egypt?

    Now in the world of giving, what do we do with the Arabian peninsula. Ishmael (the father of all Arabs) was the son of Abraham as was Median and Medan It would only be right to give all of the Arabian peninsula to the Jews. And Turkey and Southern Iraq becaust of the sons of Katarha Abrahams mistress. But the Jews would have to leave the Egyptian beach of Palestine.


    Go big Red Go

  11. 8829 Says:

    Its just plain and simple wrong to drive the palestinians out of thier home. It doesnt matter whos land it is according to history, the palenstinians made a home there and were willing to let the Jews in, but no they had to be selfish and want to drive them out when they could both peacefully co-exist, this is where the Jews went wrong. Now no one can blame the palestinans for what they do.

    How can any sane humane person thing that driving a whole population out is ok? If any one should understand what its like to be opressed its the jews that came to palestine after the war and started this off but they go and be just as bad as the people that opressed them.