Do you think the price of Natural Gas will fall further?

3 Responses to “Do you think the price of Natural Gas will fall further?”

  1. Jason V Says:

    It may a little bit but I think its near a low. I’ve heard talks about the formation of a gas cartel like OPEC is for oil. That may rocket prices. Below a couple articles about this.

  2. jeff410 Says:

    Yes. Power consumption is falling across the board from industrial users to retail. We have enormous supplies of natural gas in storage, so much so that storage space is running out. The Beige Book makes a note that the natural gas industry doesnt look promising in the near future. And unemployment is expected to rise further. Demand will fall further and supplies may continue to rise.

  3. Says:

    No, it is ready to increase in price. The reasons being demand. Winter weather and the world economies starting to slowly get back to production again.