Do you think the price of oil and gas will ever come back down?

What are your feelings about gas prices ever returning to .99 a gallon or even .50 a gallon. Or will oil prices ever return to below 0.00 a barrell again anytime in the near future?

25 Responses to “Do you think the price of oil and gas will ever come back down?”

  1. robert f Says:

    Based on the news I’ve read, it’s highly unlikely. By the year 2015, the world will need to produce 200million barrels per day to keep up with the predicted demand. The world will be producing 84million barrels per day.

    There has been a drop in the demand for oil in the USA. Is the drop in demand enough? I don’t know…

    I don’t think the price of gas will come down until gas reaches $7 to $8 per gallon in the USA. I earn $787(after taxes) biweekly and $5.00 per gallon gas would make me ride a bicycle to the grocery store and not drive my car. The average american makes $48,000/year and the price of gas must be higher than $5.00 for the average american to ride a bicycle. The price of gas will not decrease until most americans cut back on their driving significantly.

  2. get_smurfd Says:

    hopefully and yes….

  3. Schmoe Says:

    Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. hay hay hay Says:

    Lol, probably not.

  5. Amber P Says:

    no. they say that by the time 2015 comes around gas would be at $15 a tank.

  6. Jesswonmysliceofdpie Says:

    yes in about 6 years.

  7. The one and only man! Says:

    Your so funny and crazy XD
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  8. Girl2h4u Says:

    After we go through another depression and the economy gets better then the prices will get better.

  9. BrIDGetTe Says:

    oh gosh, do you remember a couple of summers ago when it reached 2.50? people were all like "omfg" you know what people wud do now, "they’d cry they were so happy!!! ahahha

    yep they will ocme down in sept!

  10. Tara Says:

    I dont think it will ever get any lower… it will more than likely keep going up. which is so stupid! i remember when it was like .99 cents for a gallon. I was like 6 or 7 though haha

  11. BOYD H Says:

    I think that in time they will be lower or our wages are going to have to increase. I don’t think that we have seen what this is doing to our economy right now. But we will with in the next six to 12 months. Some thing has to give because anger is slowly beginning to grow. When there is rioting in the streets than the price will come down.

  12. Elizabeth H Says:

    honestly, no i don’t. i think the oil/gas company is very powerful and very greedy and will continue to raise prices, until they completely drain all american wallets. the evening news predicted gas prices to reach $7 A GALLON by the end of this year. scary, i know

    i personally don’t plan on paying more than 5 dollars a gallon. ever. if it gets higher than that, i’ll just sell my car and rely solely on public transportation.

  13. Kyler O Says:

    I don’t no where you are where you can get 3.50 gas but I want to live there. Here (Seattle) the prices are at least 3.90* The minerals in the ground are not going to start popping up all the sudden buddy. Look at the stats. we are running out of fuel and eventually prices will be ten dollars a gallon.

  14. Bob R Says:

    it could, if we had a nuclear war, and most of the cars and the people were destroyed, and the economy were set back 500 years

    but that situation would have problems

  15. Contrarian Says:

    Newton’s law or find another Senate and Congress who have the will to end the Cartel. A good start is urban planning and any type of vehicle using any type of fuel , let’s put American genius back into the equation!

  16. Jonboy37 Says:

    It they do, it will only be temporary. The price of oil will rise to the level of the cost of it’s nearest competitive source of alternative energy and will shadow it from now on. That is, oil will rise to whatever it costs to make an alternative liquid fuel, say bio-diesel, and as the price of bio-diesel comes down, oil will track it.

    The problem here is that there are huge middle-class populations about to come online and start consuming much more energy than ever before, specifically in China and India. The additional consumers will force oil to match the price of it’s next nearest neighbor in energy.

    As an aside, if we every manage to really improve an alternate energy technology, that will force oil down to match it’s cost. Here’s hoping!!!

  17. Robert J Says:

    With the price of oil being at over $100.00 a barrel now, the only way they will bring it down is if one of the countries that are in the United Nations can swallow their pride and admit that they are being really greedy.
    If you think about it, in the countries that they are producing the mass amounts of oil, millions and millions of barrels a day, their workers are probably getting paid less than a tenth of what we make here. The machines called Dereks do all of the main work extracting the oil.
    However, it is not just the other countries that are charging us so much. In the United States we have what are called refineries, where they are processing the oil to make it into a usable auto fuel. The departments in Washington DC have refused to allow the Untied States to edifice more refineries, therefore they are very limited on the amount of gasoline that can be sold. Which makes it a very high demand product.
    The other issue is that the United States has refused to allow our own country to tap into the Domestic oil, which is readily available.
    Gas prices will drop, but only by a margin of a few cents. The Federal Government taxes each gallon of Gas $ 0.18. You figure the entire population of the country uses millions and millions each day, add that up and you will know why they do not want to lower the price.

    I hope this has been an informative answer to your inquire.

  18. Helios Says:

    It was a Bush/Cheney plot from the beginning. Remember the secret meeting Cheney had with the heads of Big Oil when those two stole the 2000 election? What do you suppose were in those secret minutes that us tax payers aren’t allowed to see????

    If we got real leadership we might get these prices down, but this time around it isn’t going to be without stopping this ridiculous stream of gas guzzling cars.

    Stop Voting Republican – Clean up the Mess!

  19. leo s Says:

    the price of gas will continue to increase and if it comes down don,t expect to be under 2.99 a gallon

  20. Barrow-Wight Says:

    Two words:


  21. XLT Bowflex Says:

    This whole deal with gasoline prices as they are robbing everyone blindly gets into such deceit that regular people like you and I and everyone else,that we never hear about the truth. The truth of the matter is; the Bakken Oil Formation is a peice of information that nobody wants to talk about or let anyone know about.
    We have hear in the US have more recoverable oil than Saudi Arabia and Alaska combined. It’s located in Montana,North and South Dakota and part of Canada.
    What do you think that type of recovery would do to gas prices? (500,000,000,000 barrels of oil) I’m sure you can imagine. What we have to do is expose this info to the appropriate people.

  22. jackpi21 Says:

    Sure the moment one of the oil company CEO’s gets shot and the police find a note that says he’s just the first of many! It will go back to the price I paid a long time ago, $.29 cents for a gallon of gasoline! Maybe they should fire bomb a few company gas stations to impress upon them that the public isn’t going to take it anymore!

  23. Juan Fram Says:

    My mom told me that superstar Tom Truong is the real Jesus Christ reincarnation.

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